ARP Omni 2

“ARP Omni 2. Vintage keyboard. For repair or parts only. Condition is “For parts or not working”. Shipped with UPS Ground.

Unit powers up and produces sound. The synth side sounds fine, but the strings side has problems. Will need work.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Omni 2

“ARP Omni-2 Vintage Analog String Machine Synthesizer With Manual. All keys are working in Violin and Viola setting, Only the 4 lowest notes will play in the bass setting. It has been partially restored (Capacitors checked and the bad ones replaced) Ready for the next owner to complete restoration. Condition is Used.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

ARP Omni 2

“1979 ARP Omni-2 Vintage Analog String Synthesizer + Hard Case Omni

The top, Fast/Slow Release slider doesn’t effect sound as much as I would expect. But, maybe it’s supposed to work like that. Top key is a little higher than the rest.

Includes Hybrid hard case.”
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ARP Omni 2

“This keyboard has been recently serviced.

The String and Synthesizer sections work on all 49 notes. Phase Shifter is also working.

However, the Bass section does not work.

All tantalum capacitors have been replaced with aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

(The old tantalum capacitors are a common failure for these Keyboards.)” Click here to search for synths on eBay

ARP Omni 2 Project Machine

“So I bought this about 6 months ago and am not using it. It’s working pretty well for a synth from the late 1970’s. As you can see from the invoice picture it was gone over and updated quite a bit by Synthchaser in California. This was before I purchased it. there are still a few issues I’ve noticed. There is sometimes a light click when keys are depressed coming through the amp. The string section seems just a little noisy, but this could be the era in which it was made? Not sure. Also the string section will occasionally cut out, but I’ve tracked this down to a wiring harness which I will mark. Not sure if it’s a wire or the plug. So it needs a little attention and it does have some cosmetic rust and wear, but overall it’s a pretty cool vintage board. I just don’t have the time for it. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

ARP Omni 2

“Vintage ARP OMNI-2 Analog Keyboard Synthesizer
We plugged it up to a speaker and everything seems to work, there is some static, maybe a loose connection somewhere but it does work, it may need some work done to it, possibly something needs to be replaced. We do not know enough about it to say there are no issues with it but everything on it seems to be in working condition. Most of all the knobs are missing!”
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ARP Omni 2

“I’m selling my 1970’s vintage analog string/polyphonic synthesizer – the ARP OMNI II. If you are familiar with The Cars “Good Times Roll” or Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart” you know the legendary sounds the OMNI II is capable of.

This unit was fully serviced and electronically restored by Synth Chaser in San Diego, CA. Nathan is one of America’s foremost experts on ARP OMNI repair (as well as other vintage synths) – and posts videos of his repair and restoration work (including this one) on Youtube.

Besides all the work done to bring this synth back to original ARP 100% glory I also had the optional 4075 filter upgrade done, as well as the SynthChaser Orange LED slider kit installed. Very helpful seeing all the slider settings onstage, having the sliders move easily. Plus having light-up LEDs that match the ARP color scheme looks cool.

As you can imagine, this unit sounds amazing – haunting and period correct.

Here is the rundown of this Omni II and what was done:

ARP OMNI 2 S/N #24734115 (OMNI II)

All polarized capacitors recapped – 106 caps total.

SynthChaser Orange LED precision slider kit upgrade.

Key bed refurbished: buss bar cleaned, key contacts adjusted, key bed leveled, bushing kit installed.

Switch board troubleshooting and repair. XLR jacks replaced.

Optional 4075 Voltage Controlled Filter Enhancement & recap performed

Two switches replaced.

All LED’s replaced to provide uniform brightness.

Keys removed, cleaned and leveled.

Synthesizer calibrated to factory specification.

Comes with vintage road case.” Click here to search for synths on eBay