Lemur @ 08 July 2014, Comments Off on Jazzmutant Lemur

” This unit is in perfect working order. Very light use. Never left my studio & I’m the original owner.

Comes w/ original box w/ power supply, Cat5e cable & original disc.

Dexter version 1.0.3 and Lemur version 2.0.3″ Link

Lemur @ 10 December 2013, Comments Off on Jazzmutant Lemur

“Jazz Mutant Lemur – Control Surface in excellent condition. Includes original box, manual on CD, power supply and ethernet cable.” Link

Lemur @ 05 July 2011, Comments Off on Jazzmutant Lemur V2

“GREAT PAD, MINIMAL USE, GREAT BUY!!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Lemur @ 14 June 2011, Comments Off on Jazzmutant Lemur V.2

“You are bidding for a new, fresh out-of-the-box, Jazzmutant Lemur. This lemur was bought as a gift for myself but unfortunately, because of hard economic times, I have to wave it goodbye. Hopefully, one of you will be able to enjoy this rare touchscreen controller. These are getting harder and harder to get a hold of since they went out of production earlier this year. However, for lemur-owners, there isn’t much to worry about since the software is openly programmable and you create your own interfaces with the software Jazzmutant provides. The most recent advancement has been addition of the MU software, that fully bridged the gap between the Lemur’s programmable interfaces and touchscreen capabilities and Ableton Live and Max for Live’s expanded creative virtual devices.

Again, you’re bidding on the most recent versions of the Lemur software and hardware. Hope you enjoy!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.