Rheem Kee Bass

“This listing is for a mid-late 60s Rheem Kee Bass keyboard. These are relatively uncommon little bass synths/combo organs. There is corrosion on the outside hardware, a couple cracks in the red plastic faceplate and some normal surface wear. The tolex is in good shape. This has just been serviced, which included replacing the electrolytic capacitors, cleaning the key contacts and pots, tuning, adjusting key action, and resoldering some iffy connections. The power switch has been hard-wired to the “ON” setting. Failed power switches are a fairly common problem with Rheem keyboards, and this was no exception unfortunately. Instead of replacing the switch with something that didn’t match I decided to keep it in and bypass the switch so the keyboard is on as long as it’s plugged in.

Everything works and sounds great. The key contacts were doused in contact cleaner but as any collector of vintage keyboards knows, if you don’t play it for a while some keys can get a little finicky. The issue will clear up once those keys are played for a bit. Includes lid and power cable. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay