Electrocomp 400, EML @ 17 July 2012, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 400/401 Project Machine

“We have had this synth for a number of years and recently took it out of storage. It was working when we put it into storage but now it no longer turns on, we suspect the power supply is at fault as typically is the case. The system comprises electronics and a complex sequencer. The sequencer (often mis-identified as a 401) fits like a lid over the electronics. The hinges are there but the clasps are not. We never bundled it up like that anyway. Although not necessary because you can use the 1/4” jacks we no longer can locate the multi-pin connector cable tying the sequencer to the electronics and we do not have a pin-out for it. The amphenol connectors on both units look like they should be replaced anyway. Cosmetically the synth is in G condition as depicted with some light scratching on the cabinet, facia smudging and jack tarnish. The main cosmetic issue is a deficit of caps for the sliders, what I probably would do is change cap styles completely to something more obtainable if a source of supply cannot be located for the original caps. On opening the synth up the guts look to be in great condition with no obvious issues. This synth has not been “restored” and due to these issues regretfully is being sold in “as is” condition. It is not “plug-and-play.” It will require expertise (which I lack) to get it performing up to specifications. There may be other technical issues which I have been unable to disclose because I am unaware of them or can’t evaluate them properly due to the power supply issue (I would disclose them if I could!). Having said this, not that many were made and it comes up for sale infrequently, if you can fix it up you will have a desirable instrument.” Click here to visit listing on eBay