Acidlab, Doepfer, Malekko, Modular, Tiptop @ 24 March 2015, Comments Off on Lot of Eurorack Modular Modules

Eurorack “Here is a lot of synth modules for sale.

All of them work great, and sound great.

Tiptop Audio Z8000
Tiptop Audio Z3000 (2)
Tiptop Audio Z2040 LP-VCF (2)
Malekko Richter Megawave (comes with original box)
Doepfer A-143-2 Quad ADSR
Acidlab Autobot NU70307” Link

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eurocak“Trenne mich schweren Herzens von meinem Doepfer ANALOG MODULAR SYSTEM A-100 mit zahlreichen Modulen. Direkt startbereit!

Im Einzelnen:

Koffer A-100 P6, inkl. Netzteil


Modul A-138 Mixer

Modul A-106-6 XP VCF (16-fold VC XPander Filter)

Modul A-111-1 VCO 2 (High End Voltage Contr. Oscillator)

Modul A-110 VCO (Standard VCO)

Modul A-140 ADSR (Envelope Gen.)

Modul A-118 Noise (+ Random Volt.)

Modul A-148 (Dual S&H)

Modul A-180 (Multiples)

Modul A-187-1 VCDSP (Voltage Controlled DSP Effects Module)

Modul A-198 TRC (Trautonium / Ribbon Ctr.), inkl. Ribbon Controller, USB-Kabel fehlt

Modul A-178 THER (Theremin Volt. Source), inkl. Antenne

Weiteres Modul:

ACIDLAB AUTOBOT (Sequencer)” Link

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“I bought this module from Analogue Haven in mid-2012 and I am now selling it to invest in some other synth gear. Has seen light to moderate use in a smoke-free studio, and is in perfect cosmetic/working condition aside from the usual rack screw-rash. Very fat, characterful 303 sound, with plenty of modulation options and an onboard filter, envelope and VCA.” Link

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“Ich denke das man zu diesem Gerät nicht viele Worte verlieren muss 🙂

Leider wird sie von mir zu wenig benutzt so das ich mich dazu entschlossen habe sie zu verkaufen.” Link

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…viele sagen, die Acidlab Bassline ist der beste 303 Clone. Ich finde, im Bassbereich ist sie sogar noch druckvoller und knarzen tut sie erst … 🙂

Die Bassline befindet sich technisch und optisch in einem TOP-zustand und kommt mit Netzteil und bedienungsanleitung.

Privatverkauf ohne Rücknahme und Garantiezeit


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“This Bassline 2 by Acidlab is in mint condition, it is completely functional, it has only been used several times, and has been stored in a temperature controlled smoke free studio.

Comes with Manual and power supply. ” Link

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“Up for sale is an Acidlab Miami (M1AM1). It is in great physical condition and everything on it functions great. Midi works perfectly. All buttons and pots work perfectly, no scratchiness or sticky buttons. Pictures show everything, comes with power cord.” Link

Acidlab, Modular @ 19 June 2012, Comments Off on Acidlab Autobot

‘This is basically the same sequencer circuit from the TB-303 plus some added features, fits in a eurorack. Has both MIDI and cv/gate. I used this for less than an hour total.” Link

Acidlab @ 22 May 2012, Comments Off on Acidlab Miami

” There has been a bit written about this great little unit on the internet already so do a quick search or contact me if you would like to know more information. It’s basically an 808 clone with an awesome sequencer and some sound extensions. It’s definitely a better deal than an original 808 that’s for sure.

This particular unit is perfect condition cosmetically and functionally. However, I need to let go of this and some other stuff too in the coming weeks as I am relocating overseas. It’s a bad situation for me as I love synths especially good analog ones but it’s just practical for me logistically and financially. So exploit my situation!

The unit will be carefully shipped with a power supply and manual.” Link

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“Custom Acidlab Bassline 2 that Klaus built for me with silver knobs. This is the synth used on his AC Records label AC04 release.
It is signed on the bottom “Only for Acid Misfits -Klaus” This is one of the hardest pieces I am letting go of in order to save for a house down payment. I sincerely hope it goes to a well deserving studio!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Acidlab @ 20 September 2011, Comments Off on AcidLab Bassline

“Eine der Ersten AcidLab Basslines – der fehlende Tuningschalter auf der Frontplatte ( kein Loch ) ist hier hinten der kleine Kippschalter!
Mängel: Einige, wenige Gebrauchsspuren! Volumepoti kratzt leicht – Feststellschraube des Temporeglerknopfes ist abgebrochen, ansonsten technisch ok! Wer Tempo über MIDI steuert und Volumen mit dem Mischpult, oder gar Bastler ist, ist fein raus – alle anderen bitte nur mitbieten, wenn ihr mit dem beschriebenem leben könnt!!!
Inkl. Netzgerät!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Acidlab @ 28 June 2011, Comments Off on Acidlab Miami

“This auction is for an Acidlab Miami analog drum machine. It’s a clone of the Roland TR-808 but has some added features like shuffle and Midi. The unit is in mint condition and only has been used in the studio. Works fine with no issues, sounds amazing as it is an exact clone and all analog. Included are the power supply and manual.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.