Tama Techstar TS204

” This listing is for a TAMA TECHSTAR TS204.
This unit is 100% perfect working.
All Knobs Included There Isn’t Anything Missing.
TS204 has 2 voice analog drum synthesizer section.
1ch is Analaog Drum Synthesizer ch and 2ch is Analog Hand Clap ch.
Great Analog Drum Synthesizer. A Really Cool Box That Has Stayed In A Rack.
All Sorts Of Famous Producers Have Hands-On Used This Particular
Module Throughout The Years.
Vintage.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Tama DS200

“Submitted for your approval is the Tama Model DS200 vintage analog tube based Drum Synthesizer. This baby has all the nice disco toms and beeps and boops you might want. It is basic and very versatile and intuitive. This unit works great when clocked through a drum machine / sequencer, I bought it to replace my syncussion while I was building a syncussion clone, now that I’ve built my clone it’s time for this beauty to be on to better uses.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Tama Snyper DS-2000

tama “I bought these years ago from somebody who claimed these belonged to Billy Cobham. It makes sense as he is a Tama endorser. When I asked Billy about these units, he had no recollection of them.

It appears intended to use with drum-mounted pickups. However i was able to experiment & clock it with a Doepfer Shaltwerk, Roland TR-606 & new Roland TB-03. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Techstar Tama

tama “Selling this Tama Techstar Vintage Analog Drum Synth/Synthesizer and Including Two(2) Velocity Sensative Drum Pads with it.

It is actually TWO Drum Synthesizers in One-Eacb with its own in(trigger/sequencer), out, and controls.
As you can see in the video (where we’re only really altering one parameter) and pics, there are a TON of knobs on both synths that each control one parameter.
For example, there are knobs for Pitch (Tune), Bend, Noise, Attack, Decay, etc similar to most analog synthesizers. So if you are familiar with other analog synths, you’ll find this one easy to operate. If you are not, you should still have very few problems as its essentially intuitive with things like “Bend” controlling the pitch bend of the sound/note played.
Since both synths have “noise” as well as a wide breadth controlled by the “tune”-either can easily be set to emulate standard Toms, Snares, or Bass/Kick Drums as well as Electro/Synth Toms, Claps, and Booms/Thuds.
The synths can both be INDIVIDUALLY respond to either manual trigger via the included pads (or other means) or to a CV type sequencer-then controlled manually via the knobs, etc
Very Very Cool.
If you have a standard drum set or digital/sampled/looped drum sounds you are using, this is a GREAT way to acquire Legit True Analog Drum Synthesizer sounds like the Roland Analog Drum Synths TR-808 and TR-909 that are so ubiquitous in electronic and HipHop music today.
In short, you can make a LOT of killer Vintage Analog Drum Beats with this synth and tweak the knobs to vary the sound for hours and hours.
Just a great Vintage Analog Synth with LOTS of possibility.

Condition: The Synth works PERFECTLY and is in GOOD condition. There is some minor rack rash and a few very small cosmetic scratches on the metal case, but every knob is functional 100%, as are all switches, power cable, jacks, and LEDS, etc

Pads: These are the typical professional Electronic Drum (vDrum) type pads. They use piezo crystals as sensors. They are NOT the “net” head ones which are undependable, inexpensive, and easily damaged. These are the ones with the thick rubber heads instead and are hard to damage and are quite good. Each pad has a 1/4″ trigger out, and has fittings allowing it (visible in pic showing pad underside) to be mounted using standard drum cage or Electronic drum/stand hardware.” Click here to visit listing on eBay