Ensoniq SQ1 Plus

“All keys, buttons, sliders, pitch bend, mod wheel, display, etc working perfectly.

Battery changed 3 April 2021. The 2032 battery has a holder so no soldering required, just an easy swap.

No original manual, but I include a printed PDF version in a binder.

There is minor cosmetic damage, the worst of which is a gouge on the front panel and some other minor scratches here and there, including one of the keys (so minor it was not possible to make it visible in the photos) and a very tiny crack on the display (see pics), but overall very good condition for the age.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq SQ1

“Hi guys. I’m selling my Ensoniq SQ1 Synthesizer. One of the great vintage synths of from 90s in great condition. The display is a bit dim, and the keys have a slight yellow tint due to it sage, but works fine. Ensoniq are well known for producing top quality products, and this model is no exception.”
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Ensoniq SQ1

“You are viewing an Ensoniq SQ-1 synthesizer in mostly working order!

This is an awesome keyboard which really I want to keep and play with, but alas, I can’t keep everything!

I’ve tested this with the headphone jack and everything sounds brilliant. I’ll try and get round to trying the other outputs in the next few days, but if you need to check the midi you’ll need to bring your own equipment as I’m only a novice.

Screen display has a decent brightness to it and overall cosmetic condition is good minus the two snapped keys.

Cons – bottom key is dead and there are two buttons which have been pushed in which don’t function.

Otherwise, you have yourself a great working synthesizer on your hands at a bargain price. I can recommend a fantastic affordable repair guy if you want the bottom key and stuck buttons looked at.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq SQ1 Plus

“Cosmetically – looking good for it’s vintage status age. Has a slight chip under one key (see pic 2 above) and a few front panel blemishes – nothing that takes away from the overall look and feel or usability of the machine. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Ensoniq SQ1

“Though this SQ1 has some duct tape residue from the stationary setup it was used in it works flawlessly. All of the keys, sliders, pitch/mod wheels, buttons, connections, and LCD screen function perfectly. All of the outputs sound great. It comes with the power cord and full manual, also in great shape. You will not be disappointed with this keyboard. There is normal wear for a keyboard of its age but again everything on it is working properly.”
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