Octave Plateau Catstick

“Immaculate original beautiful condition and Working perfectly.

110V US plug.

Collectors Item. Super rare Vintage.

Original and very detailed owners Manual.

Originally bought to run a Moog system 55 although ended up running a Voyager and its expanders with a cp-251, truely sounds unreal.

Modified a 2RU for it to sit and near new step down transformer.

10ft snake cable.”
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Octave-Plateau Catstick

“Octave-Plateau Cat Stick in good condition for its age. This is almost a modular synthesizer in itself, yet is for use with modular or CV synths to add expressive control and sort of patch in VCO and XY signals in new configurations. It creates beautiful, complex, and really unusual modulations as would be appreciated by a performing musician or sound designer or an odd noise collector. This one works yet shows expected signs of moderate use and slightly discolored plastic. These are extremely rare.” Click here to search for synths on eBay