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“Octave-Plateau Cat Stick in good condition for its age. This is almost a modular synthesizer in itself, yet is for use with modular or CV synths to add expressive control and sort of patch in VCO and XY signals in new configurations. It creates beautiful, complex, and really unusual modulations as would be appreciated by a performing musician or sound designer or an odd noise collector. This one works yet shows expected signs of moderate use and slightly discolored plastic. These are extremely rare.” Link

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catstrik “Octave CATstick joystick/vector controller up for sale. This one is in incredible condition, and has seen minimal use. Comes with what I think is its original (though non-descript) box, and instruction manual.

This controller has a very nice, stiff feeling, spring-loaded joystick. Voltage outputs based on the joystick’s position are available, as well as a mixed output of 4 VCAs, controlled by the joystick, which are fed either 2 LFOs or an external, patchable, signal. Very expressive and fun controller.

There is one tiny blemish (pictured) on the top right corner of the face plate, where the face meets the wall, a small paint chip.

The only other thing of note is that some of the potentiometers are a little stiffer than others. They get smoother through some use, but they don’t all have identical feels. They all work as they should, however. ” Link

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Octave-Plateau Cat Stick “This one is in great shape and looks almost new. The Cat-Stick is not just for the Octave Cat, but for any analog synthesizer with CV Inputs.” Link

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Analog Joystick Controller, mint condition

Unit has been tested and is wotking properly” Link

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” Selling my vintage ultra-rare Octave-Plateau Catstick Controller-Modulater. Bought this brand new with a Cat SRM II synth in the 80s, used it a few times then put it away,

Just found it in its original box, works great,” Link

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“Selling my ULTRA-RARE and fully working Octave-Plateau CATSTICK synth controller in amazing condition !
The original ad described it simply as :
“The better alternative to wheels, ribbons, pressure pads, knobs, sliders and pedals for any patchable synthesizer”
Built by OCTAVE-PLATEAU Electronics Inc. in New York City.
The unit runs on 110 volts and comes with an adaptor to make it work with European 220 voltage.” Link