Triadex Muse

“Triadex Muse Model 1 1970s Early Sequencer-Based Synthesizer.
Very good condition, but the back panel doesn’t stay in place due damage of the bottom panel (pictured).
Also the internal speaker is loose.
I do not know if the item works the way it should, but it does make sounds and responds to the controls.
SOLD AS IS.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Triadex Muse

“Vintage 1970s Early Synthesizer Triadex Muse External Speaker Amplifier and Box!

You’re bidding on:

A vintage 1970’s speaker amplifier that is an accessory to the rare and famous Triadex Muse Synthesizer.
The Muse was designed by two famed MIT professors, Marvin Minsky and Edward Fredkin.
Although the synthesizer had its own built-in speaker, this amp was available as an external.
The Mid-Century Modern Triangle shape measures 13-1/2″ wide x 11-1/2″ high x 11-1/4″ deep.
The case is made of wood and brushed aluminum.
The speaker cover is made of worsted woven wool in turquoise and black.
Please note that the connecting cord is an RCA style.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Triadex Muse

“Vintage 1972 Triadex Muse Analog Sequencer Synthesizer (Model MUSE-1) 01081-118. Condition is Used.
Origional price tag with it. $300 in 1972. – That’s $1750 bucks in todays dollar. Pricey!

Doesn’t have the optional amp, light box or paperwork. Please research for yourself, but anyone who knows what this is and has been looking for one, you already know.

Everything works. Normal and minimal out of box wear. Beautiful machine!

All buttons are present.

Works perfectly.

Smooth “action” on all slides.

Only flaw i can see is a cleaning scuff on the wood box from tape or something.”
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Triadex Muse

“1972 TRIADEX MUSE 1st Digital Synthesizer MIT 100% OPERATIONAL W/ Speaker(RARE). A music industry relic and collectible. Museum worthy. A music collectors must have!


Comes in original box with original literature, operating Manuel, much more!! Tags still on it. I don’t think this unit was ever really used, just turned on. It’s believed that less than 300 were made worldwide in 1972. Over 46 years ago. This might be the last in perfect condition MUSE left in existence! Own it today before it’s too late!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Triadex Muse

“The Muse (synthesizer ONLY) by Triadex Inc., 1972
I am the original owner of this Muse model -1. My Dad worked with Ed Fredkin on the rollout of The Muse back in the early 70’s. When he brought a set home I made sure it lived in my room – as one of 4 kids that wasn’t easy. The other two components, the light show and the external amp are now in the collection of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. If you haven’t been there definitely go -it’s an amazing place. The last picture is of the CHM music exhibit, the day we dropped off the other components. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay