SY-2, Yamaha @ 25 May 2018, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

” Offered for sale is a fine vintage Yamaha SY-2 synthesizer. Instrument is in very good condition. Outer case displays several surface scratches from age and usage. Face of keyboard presents light wear and light scratches from normal use. Power cord is fine with no rips or tears. Interface and keys are great with no missing knob or keys. Keys are not loose or chipped (as shown in photos). Unit powers on well, with all the knob, switches, and keys working perfectly. Plugs on back are working as well with no signs of rust. When plugged into a speaker or with headphones, the sound is clean with no static or scratchy sounds. This unit is in full working condition and is basically gig ready. Top case closes as intended and locks, removes with ease. Case also comes with its four leg stands (they screw on fine). Synthesizer has been fully tested in all aspects and performs excellently. KEY TO LOCKING CASE IS NOT AVAILABLE. Photos shown are of the actual item for sale.”
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SY-2, Yamaha @ 16 March 2018, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“Relisting due to non-pay buyer. The buy now price is the second highest bid from the auction. I’d like to sell this quickly and not go through the seven-day bidding process again. These are rare and do not come up often
It is Well boxed and ready to ship today.

Keyboard works but has some issues. One key doesnt work too well. Theres a switch on the back that needs replacing. Most of the sounds work except guitar. See full video of demo. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 02 March 2018, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“Keyboard works but has some issues. One key doesnt work too well. Theres a switch on the back that needs replacing. Most of the sounds work except guitar. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 06 October 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“A real vintage classic, one of Yamaha’s first ever synths, a competitor to the Arp Pro soloist if I remember correctly.​​​ Lots of great original sounds, and huge amounts of performance options (aftertouch and lots more), more than the Pro Soloist I believe.

In fair/ good condition, some bits of rust, surface pitting and faded lettering, ​please check the photos. Everything works as far as I can tell, but a couple of the sliders are very stiff, and I am sure it could do with a service. Comes with ultra-rare chrome legs.​ Case in good exterior condition, some interior wear.​”
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SY-2, Yamaha @ 09 June 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“I have owned this unit for over 15 years. I have not gigged with it. It has not had any issues since I purchased it.

All keys, knobs, sliders and switches work as they should with no scratchiness. The aftertouch works with no problems.

For cosmetic condition, please see photos. Legs are not included.

There is 4 inches of duck tape on cord (I acquired the unit that way and have not experienced any electrical issues)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Here is a Yamaha SY-2 monophonic synthesizer from the late 1970’s made in Japan.

Yamaha was making high quality instruments during this period and the SY-2 is no exception. The default instrument pads are similar to the famous CS-80 but it’s the various controls and effects that make this synth truly unique. It is super fun to play and there are a wide variety of sounds you can achieve.

This keyboard is in good working condition, everything seems to be functioning correctly. However the previous owner’s home was dusty so the key contacts, pots and sliders could use a good cleaning. As you can see from the photos someone has written in marker on the keys. You might be able to remove the marks with some cleaning fluid. The case is in good condition and the original power cord and four chrome legs are included. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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sy2 “An original, vintage Yamaha SY-2 Synthesizer with attachable legs, in good condition. A bit scratched, one broken button, but otherwise great! A true collector’s item” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Here we have a very nice synth. Tested. Works great. Photos show all. Missing a couple of the colored switch tops, but this of course does not affect functionality… +++Missing are the legs and volume pedal.+++ ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 14 February 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“Biete hier einen alten Syntheiszer von Yamaha an. Der SY-2 ist einer der ersten Synthies, die Yamaha hergestellt hat. Der SY-2 klingt schön analog, hat für einen Preset Synth viele Eingriffsmöglichkeiten. Die Verarbeitungsqualität ist über jeden Zweifel erhaben, nicht zu vergleichen mit den Ami-Klapperkistenkisten ala Moog oder Arp.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 08 November 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“Here we have a wonderful Yamaha SY2 in great working order (low pass resonance is temperamental).

Given that this was built it the 1970s it really is in great condition. I don’t have the legs for the unit (I bought it without them but it’s not an issue as I have it on a stand).

The SY2 was the second Synth that Yamaha produced and takes its filter from the mighty GX 1 which itself was the forerunner of the amazing CS series.

The aftertouch works perfectly (it’s mechanical not electronic) and is so expressive; the slightest extra touch opens the filter up beautifully.

I’ve enjoyed my time with it but now that I’ve sampled it I’m happy to move it on (please note the Fantom G6 in the photo is not included in the sale).

The SY2 comes in its own case and I have printed out a PDF version of the manual which will be included in the sale.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 11 October 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

” This is a perfect condition Yamaha SY-2 analog Synthesizer. It is the grand brother of the first synthesizer to be built by Yamaha, the SY-1 (1974). It is the same with these upgrades: Built-in hard case, legs that can be stored in the case’s lid, resonant high pass filter added alongside the resonant low pass, VCA envelope controls expanded to full ADSR. The aftertouch works fully which is rare on these synth.

It has a couple of scratches on the case but really not that bad. The inside is MINT!! Unbelievable for a synth this old.

Every knobs, sliders, switches, keys works perfectly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 12 July 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

It comes in the original case with stand (legs)
1 cable and powercord included
Some keys have a dots of black marker
And 1 key was glued, but works fine, see pic 6
Have a normal signs of an old musical instrument
Dust, smell and normal wear
Manual is not included
Comes as is photographed, see 12 photos” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 03 May 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“A stunning example of an extremely rare mid 1970’s analogue synth from Yamaha. The SY-2 has preset sounds which can be modified extensively. The filters are the same as those from the GX-1 which was a precursor to the mighty CS-80. The SY-2 has aftertouch that can be assigned to the VCO, VCA and VCF making for a very expressive instrument. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 22 March 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

” Outside of case has some minor scuffing, which I suppose is to be expected. If you are considering this synth then you probably probably know more about it than I do. What I do know is that once you open the case it looks brand new and was only used a couple of times. You will not find one that is 100% original in better condition. I took it to a music store and asked them to test it and the only this they said was wrong was that there are a couple of keys with contact issues. They just need a good cleaning since they have been sitting around for so many years not getting played.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 18 January 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“Great condition analogue monophonic synthesiser with preset sounds and controls
for ADSR, Low pass filter with resonance, High pass filter with resonance, Pulse width, Aftertouch control
Vib depth, wah wah and transposition + many more controls.
The knob to the left of the volume knob in the fourth picture is the noise volume.

Filters sound great.

Has been kept in a smoke free studio for the last ten years.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 04 January 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

” This auction is for one 1970s vintage Yamaha SY-2 monophonic analog synthesizer in very good cosmetic and excellent functional condition. It is a 120V North American power model and will ship with the original case lid, stand legs and music stand. This unit has been modified to have CV (Hz), Gate (S-trig) and VCF CV inputs on 1/8″/3.5mm jacks.

This is often called a “Preset” synth, but that is deceiving as pretty much every function (Filter, Envelope, etc) can be overridden and set however you want. It shares the same gnarly diode-based dual VCF (and a lot more, I think) with the legendary mega-expensive GX-1 solo synth section and has Highpass and Lowpass filters, both with resonance. It also has the smoothest, most expressive optical aftertouch I’ve ever used. This is really one of the best sounding monosynths I’ve ever heard, and also one of the most characteristic. I’m probably crazy for getting rid of it but am desperate for some cash to fund other projects.

Cosmetically it’s in nice, very clean condition with some minor scuffs and wear. One switch shaft (Vibrato Preset/Control) is slightly bent askew but functions 100% properly. The lid is missing one clasp and some of the tolex is starting to come unglued from the lid trim.
Functionally it’s perfect, everything works as it should and the CV/Gate mod allows it to be played from a midi-CV converter or analog sequencer. I’m not too into acid, but the filter architecture on this makes it a really unique acid machine when sequenced.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 07 December 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“Top rare vintage analog synthesizer: Yamaha SY-2.

Good, fully functional condition. Comes with the rare chrome legs and the cover. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” Good, fully functional condition. Comes with the rare chrome legs and the cover. Issues: one slider-cap is missing, one is a little broken.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“For your consideration we have a very special instrument – The Yamaha SY-2 synthesizer. This machine is rare, all analog, and is in perfect working condition. This specimen is in such great shape, and there is a very good chance this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get this machine in this condition at a REAL auction! The bidding starts at .99 cents!

This is a preset synthesizer, but this filter is no joke, and within minutes of playing this synth you will quickly understand it’s features allow it to do a lot more than your typical preset machines. It is very musical and is capable of providing a lot of Wendy Carlos-esque tambres as well as many modern leads and basses. Layering this on a modern track could really liven up your sound. Not to mention the voice of this particular machine is much more stable and less ‘drifty’ than other more highly touted monophonic machines. While this board isn’t the modular monster with infinite routing options everybody thinks they want, it is by its own limitations very much like other musical instruments. It has its place and it fulfills its role awesomely! Do not hesitate – this could be the one. We’ve had the synthorchestra, SH-1000 and 2000, and the ARP pro-soloist. This one takes the cake! This is a no reserve auction. Good luck!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 10 August 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“A vintage yamaha synthesizer, I bought this synth back in 1976 & never thought I would sell it. But I am in need of funds and I am willing to part with it. Everything works, has very cool sounds, Back in the day I used a couple of sounds all the time. It is mono. but I set it up on certain sounds and modified it with the envelope,sustain and filter and could come up with some killer lead sounds. Almost like a wah wah by moving the slide controls a certain way. I can give you my favorite settings. I actually thought I had bought this in 1972 but owners manual reads 4/75. I bought this when it was one year old off of a professional keyboard player in my area ( Rox Bucklin) He bought it brand new at Dons Musicland Peoria Il. Rox Bucklin bought it new and used it for the special effects when he was playing organ at all the Bradley University mens basketball games at Robertson Memorial Fieldhouse. He was more of an old school keyboard player and did not use it much, just once in a while for the real crazy effects, Got bored with it and sold it to me. I was playing in rock bands back then and used it for the very authentic flute sounds for marshall Tucker tunes, synth sounds on all the cars tunes we did, and my favorite lead sounds where I could compete and play with our lead guitar player. I have the owners manual, I never had the foot pedal, The only thing broken is the place where the power cord is stored and the little lever is broke, you can still lock it and and use a little screw driver to open easily. One of the hard plastic pads on the bottom is missing and one is loose, I will tighten up. The only other thing missing is years ago I accidently threw away the wire music stand that fits into two holes on top back side of synth. I thought it was from another synth I had and did not realize I had thrown it away until it was too late. It has all four chrome legs that scew into the bottom. All of the buttons are working and all of the knobs are intact. Ask me if you have any other questions,and I will do my best to answer. There is another one of these listed right now, but I dont think it is working? I have never had any problems with this keyboard and I really wanted to keep it and use on a project I am currently working on. but the project is moving slowly and I need the funds more.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 13 July 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“or sale is (1) one WORKING Yamaha SY-2 analog Monosynth keyboard. I will try and describe it the best i can.

Includes the legs and the lid. Case is dirty and scuffed with some minor tolex damage (few small rips, could possibly be repaired) To my knowledge, everything functions properly although I’m sure some of the internal contacts could use some cleaning, as well as the output jacks, but they DO WORK. The slot on the bottom where the power cable is stored is damaged. it still opens and closes, but appears to be slightly bent. I will update with additional pictures.

One of the switches is broken in half (see pic) but works fine, another is slightly bent (still works too) and could probably, carefully be bent back into place (i’m not going to attempt).

All the faders and knobs work, everything appears to be functional, internals all look good with no corrosion visible at a glance. Sold AS-IS with no warranty expressed or implied but I do guarantee that each preset works and triggers as it should. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 22 June 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“ere we have a very good condition Yamaha SY-2, Yamaha’s second venture into the mono synth market. It is a true classic and in great condition.
It is in a built in case, however the lid (and the screw on legs that it contained) aren’t with it anymore, which is a shame but the synth,
with handle and lead are all still there!
The main info — Everything is in the pictures, there is slight marking on the chromed parts and one of the keys has a small crack.
It doesn’t effect the playability of the synth. The plastic has come off the volume knob, however the mount is still there so it works perfectly.
Last time it was played it was in full working order, this was about a 3 months ago and it has been stored in a warm, dry room since.
I have fully cleaned and polished it all (I’m a super clean freak so this has been done well!)
The mounts for the legs are still there (see photos) so could easily be screwed on if you could track some down.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 15 June 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“his is a Yamaha SY2 Analog Mono Synthesiser Keyboard.

It was the 2nd Synth which Yamaha produced in the early 70’s.

It features 28 preset patches (see photo) which can modified with a ADSR (attack, decay, sustain & release) envelope, a low & high pass filter with low and high resonance controls, vibrato (speed & depth), pulse width (alters ration of pulse height to width), portamento, tone blend and pitch blend. Using these controls you can get a massive amount of different sounds.

The SY-2 also features aftertouch where vibrato, wah wah and volume can be altered by pressing the key with varying pressure. The sensitivity of aftertouch can also be altered.

There are also a foot controls where if you connect a foot controller (no included) you can alter volume and wah wah.

On the back it features 2 output connectors RCA phono and 1/4 inch audio with low and high level switch.

This is a fantastic synth that produces great analog sounds that would be great for the studio or live on stage. It is also a great chance to get one of these hard to find synths. It also featured in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

The synth is fully working ( I haven’t got a foot controller so I can’t test this function). It is in good condition for a instrument of its age.

It comes with an integrated case with a removable lid. It does not come with the detachable legs which were stored in the lid and the attachments on the bottom of the synth that the legs would have screwed into have been removed and covered over with tape. The power cable folds up and is stored in a compartment in the bottom of the synth!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY-2, Yamaha @ 28 October 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“or sale this rare and really nice Yamaha SY-2 synthesizer in great condition!

The SY-2 is a classic Yamaha synth with presets and many user programmable synth parameters.

It is said to be a single voice GX-1 and judging by its great sound it sure lives up to its myth!

This is not your average preset synth, its sound will blow away many other analogs.

It has a great sounding low and high pass filter with resonance that cuts through a mix like a hot knife.

Faceplate is super smooth, all original colored switch caps and knobs, keys are straight,.

The SY-2 comes equipped with a delicate aftertouch system to control its parameters.

This synth is constructed in a flightcase and comes with its 4 original slender chrome legs and cover.

Its price is on the high end of the market but its quality matches this. This machine is in crisp condition..

This item is big and heavy, shipping cost higher then average.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

SY-2, Yamaha @ 23 September 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2 Project Machine

“I am in the process of clearing out a repairmans warehouse.I am pretty sure that nothing works.Pretty much everything that I will be selling was never repaired or was sitting around for parts,unless mentioned.I probably will not be able to answer any questions about anything.Get ready for lots of circut boards,keyboard parts and more.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

SY-2, Yamaha @ 08 July 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“Analoger, monophoner Kult-Sythesizer von Yamaha aus den 70ern!

Klang: UNGLAUBLICH ! Klangwunder ! Auf youtube sind Beispiele zu finden!

Die vielen Drehknöpfe und Filterklappen machen hörbaren Sinn!

Handling: Jeder Ton kann manigfaltig moduliert werden. Endlose Möglichkeiten tun sich da auf!

Zustand (siehe Bilder, Teil der Auktion!):

Der Synth kommt in einem Case. Klappe auf, anstromen, einstöbseln und los.

Das Case hat Gebrauchsspuren (bei dem Alter) ist aber ganz und funktioniert! Die vier Schraubfüße fehlen.

Der Synth selbst ist in einem erstaunlich gutem Zustand. Jeder Knopf funktioniert einwandfrei. Kein Knacksen & Kratzen.

Der ehemalige Besitzer hat die Tasten mit Zahlen und Nummern beklebt (siehe Foto). Wollte wohl nach Noten spielen.

Insgesamt ein gut erhaltener und voll funktionsfähiger Kult-Synth aus den 70ern.

Ein Klang-und Schmuckstück für JEDEN der von Krautrock, Experimental bis Nu-Sound spielen will.

Absolut bühnentauglich, leicht zu transportieren und immer eine riesen Show.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

SY-2, Yamaha @ 29 April 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“Offered for sale is this MINT condition late 1970’s Yamaha SY-2 Synthesiser. A rare item and a classic piece of kit, Yamaha’s second model ever produced in the glory years of 1975-1979.

This synth has sat peacefully in my loft for over a decade, but resurrected I find it’s still in shop condition (I do mean that) and still working 33 years on. Now I feel it’s time to see if any music lovers, composers or producers may find some value in owning it.

All elements are present and correct and the unit is in perfect working order. Original plug still attached, flight case and legs (with original wing nuts), the legs are totally rust/speckle free and shining like the day they were produced.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

SY-2, Yamaha @ 22 October 2010, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“YAMAHA SY-2 was the company’s second venture into the blossoming synth market (no prizes what the first one was, then….). Its major claim to fame was the movie useage in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, when played by Francois Trufflemanger (or whatever his name was…) whilst waiting for the aliens to come out to play and give back the fighter planes etc they nicked (thieving gits…). He wasn’t a great all..only five notes in his portfolio. Its surprising that a Japanese synth was used at all. This was the era of synths when Moog & Sequential & ARP were champions of the the terrestial world….hey, thats the crazy world we and the aliens live in………..doo dee doo de dooooooo!

This over-engineered little beauty is a cool little article. Switch her on, pick a preset ~ which by today’s standards is nowhere near the sound it says on the tin (and so what) ~ then fiddle about with the filter & rez>>> before you can beam up a scottie, you have your own new sound!!! Then comes more fun >>bring on the after-touch silly growls and other daft things and you can really have fun! We suppose that this is subtractive synthesis…… Its monophonic. And? There are no memory facilities either……just like the Moog Prodigy & ARP Axxe & SCi Pro-One (all of which had NO velocity & pressure keyboards…). There is a matching lid which protects the delicate switches and keys (again, unlike all the US monos).

Everything works. Everything is present except for two tab-ends on two switches. There is a fixed mains lead which tucks into the case (its 220/240V). We cannot locate any serial number, but there were never many made (especially operating on UK voltage). We have the manual. This is what it says re specs — 90 x 32 x 17 cms/21 Kgs weight/ 37 keys c ~ c3/ 14 preset tones which, by switching gives 28/ 6 octave range via transposition and has r/hand bias re selecting the mono notes.

So grab a synth classic. This really is a collector’s keyboard.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

SY-2, Yamaha @ 15 October 2010, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“Rare Yamaha SY-2 Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

The SY-2 is an excellent analog synthesizer, and features the same filters as the legendary CS-80.

The presets can be modified, and for a single-oscillator synth, it sounds pretty fat! Probably due to the Pulse Width Modulation

The presets can be modified via the following parameters: envelope, filter envelope (called “tone bend”), pulse width, envelope, and pulse width. This makes the synth much more flexible than most preset synths. Plus, it has that classic analog Yamaha CS-series sound!

The synth packs up into it’s own carrying case, and includes the legs, making it great for gigs.

Cosmetically, there are a few issues: 1 chipped key, and the some of the tabs have broken off. The case is coming apart at one of the corners. The tabs are all still operational, and the synth functions perfectly, and sounds great.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

SY-2, Yamaha @ 17 September 2010, Comments Off on Yamaha SY-2

“Today I am auctioning off my Yamaha SY-2 Analog Synth. It is a phenomenal synth that is quite rare these days. The sounds are distinctly 70’s, perfect for funky basslines and smooth leads. The big star here is the filter; it is the same filter that was put in the mighty Yamaha GX-1 (One could debate as to it being Yamaha biggest, most wonderful synth ever; the only contender being the CS-80 but even then, the GX-1 was much more elaborate and expensive). Personally I’d describe this filter as sitting somewhere between the larger Yamaha CS units’ filter and that of the MS-20 (But much more musical than the MS20’s). It can get extremely resonate (it has both a low-pass AND high-pass filter, both featuring separate resonance controllers) making it great for squelchy basslines. There are lots of control options for this synth, it just takes a little time to wrap your head around what Yamaha thought was a good thing to name a control function and what it actually does. One could liken it to a 1 (maybe 2) VCO synth with 2 envelopes, a LFO, slide, VCF in, touch modulation, Pulsewidth control, etc. The unit also come with the original foot expression pedal for sweeping the filter, volune, etc, the metal stand legs (two poles are missing the plastic parts on the feet but I’m sure you can find those off an old desk or at Home Depot or something. I’ve never needed them), and the top of the case which latches on, protecting the synth for transport (as you can see the synth is built like a flight case). There is a section inside the top to store the legs as well. It has a few scratches here and there and i’m not sure how to work the touch modulation feature for this, but other than that it’s working tip-top. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.