PPG Wave 2.2

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent – All control knobs, buttons and keys are in perfect shape. Display is in perfect shape as well. Overall condition is excellent. WORKING CONDITION: Excellent – Works great all around. All keys and controls are in perfect working order. Overall working condition is excellent. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PPG Wave 2.3

“Please do not hesitate to ask for references from our clients in the US, in Canada and Europe.

Full service documentation for this units is included in the purchase.

It’s now ready for another 40 years of fantastic sound creation.

Considering that this fantastic machine is almost 40 years old, some wear is normal.

A few “mandatory” scratches on top of the unit, actually they are really minor for being a Wave.

Factory MIDI, individual outs are rare for such an early 2.2.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

PPG Wave 2.3 with Waveterm B

“I current have a PPG 2.2/2.3 V8.3 with Waveterm B in Beautiful Custom Wood Case.

I purchased the PPG waveterm B with this Beautiful Custom wood case by a designer that has worked with Waldorf and the PPG 2.2/2.3 was purchased from Austria and has had very nice upgrades. This PPG 2.2 was upgraded to 2.3 as well when I initially purchased the keyboard and I could switch between both OS to have the best of both worlds.

It has the most current V8.3 software Installation to date which allows the exchanged of valuable program data with a computer over MIDI.

The Capacitor and Battery has been replaced.
NEW KEYBOARD BUSHINGS have been installed on this keyboard and it plays like NEW!!!!!
All 5 computer boards have been thoroughly looked at and are in excellent working condition

A PPG Manual / some German/English Inserts
A nice bundle of ppg sound disks
Operational cabling included as well.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

PPG Waveterm Project Machine

“For your consideration a a very rare PPG Waveterm. This is a Waveterm A that has been modified to Waveterm B. With the right boot disc, you can also get it to load A.
The Boot discs that I currently have seem to be compromised, and won’t load, so it has not been tested further than powering on.
The unit recently had the power supply rebuilt, and the display was serviced, and is steady. Currently running on 120V.
All that is included in the listing is the PPG Waveterm as pictured. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

PPG Wave 2.3 Rackmounted Project Machine

“I have a significant amount of time [both mine and others] and money invested in making this work.
I am at my limits of abilities to work on it. I can get a display to run but no sound because of the Proz-mismatch.

The PPG has the latest Virtual Music 8.3 ROMs. I am including a second set of ROMs as well.

I would refer to this below from Alexander from Virtual Music https://www.virtual-music.at/en/ppg-zone/#1

When this was shipped, the cards were not removed and wrapped so the damages are listed below.
• 2-3 broken mylar caps [the leads are hairline thin and very fragile]
• 1 broken 27.460mhz Crystal
• LCD cable pins are bent / broken and some will need replacement.

from Peter Forrest / Vemia
Details from the original listing[s]:We don’t know much about this. What we do know is it doesn’t work. It would appear that someone took a PPG Wave 2.3, removed the PCB’s, display, knobs and power supply and re-mounted them in a rack-style case. The front panel has a very professional looking blue and white transfer so whoever did this was quite serious about it. It also comes with the Wave’s original Mod Wheel assembly which can be connected to the internal motherboard. We tested it and this is what we found: It appears to boot up and display what looks like sensible information on the LCD (see photo). It accepts commands from the front panel, such as program or Midi channel changes, or for example pressing the Analog button brings up the current front panel knob-settings in the display and these can be altered in real time. It also appears to have valid data in memory judging by the parameters when the program number is changed. It can also be switched to emulate PPG Wave 2.2 mode. So far, so good. Now the bad news: plugging in a Midi keyboard produces no output, so either the Midi circuitry or the sound-generating section has a problem. Without having another Wave to test it with against, that’s as much as we know. Ideally this would suit a PPG enthusiast who has a working Wave 2.3 and can diagnose this one using an external Wave keyboard and card substitution. **SO SOLD AS IS!!** IEC mains connector with switchable 110/240V supply. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

PPG Wave 2.3

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good – There are lots of scratches on the top side of the enclosure above the control panel. There are dings on the back side along the top edge and near the metal lip which sticks out on the back side with the labels for the jacks on the back side. There are two little stickers leftover from the previous owner with numbers labeling the MIDI thru and CH1 output jacks. The metal side panels also have scratches near the top edges primarily. The keys have light marks from being played. The marks are visible on the black keys mainly. WORKING CONDITION: Excellent. Perfect working order in all areas and it sounds wonderful. The PPG Wave has become an essential collectible synth for those looking to capture the amazing sounds of the 80’s! ”
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