MIDIBOX @ 30 June 2015, Comments Off on MIDIBOX SID V2 6582

Midibox SID V2 6582 “For sale is my beloved, hand made Midibox SID V2. I built the synth myself, and have built several other Midiboxes over the years. This one is an attractive red and black desktop version which is fully stacked with 8 6582 SID chips and an OLED display (red on black) and a colour matched LED illumindated cooling fan.

This particular Midibox SID Desktop Synth comes with what you see in the photos which is the synth itself and the Commodore 64 power supply needed to power it (240v Australian plug). ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MIDIBOX @ 25 November 2014, Comments Off on MIDIBox MB-6582

midibox” Well, up for auction is the Midibox MB6582. I’d say it’s 98% functional? A few things I couldn’t get to work. This includes:

– LCD contrast adjustment settings
– Stereo Out from SID 4 (works fine in mono, stereo appears present but fades out….likely a short???)

Anyhow, I don’t have the time to troubleshoot this unit any more.

Included in this action is:

– MB6582, with 4 cores installed and eight 8580 SID Chips!
– Commodore Power supply
– 4 brand new (unopened) PICS from SmashTV w/receipt.

The unit functions perfectly, and there’s no LED, button, or encoder issues. I’m sure a more experienced builder can fix the issues I encountered! Or, use for spare parts!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MIDIBOX @ 11 November 2014, Comments Off on Midibox MB-6582

midibox“This is a no reserve sale for a newly assembled Midibox MB-6582 chip tune synth. For those of you that know what this synth is you know how rare they are.

It was hand assembled by myself. I have included all possible options in the build: 4 CPUs, 8 SID chips (5X 6581, and 3X 8580), 4 channel passive mixer, clear Albs knobs that are bottom illuminated (see pictures) and the option to power the synth of off a single 12 VDC power supply. This allows the use of laptop PC power bricks for a power supply. This provides added reliability and eliminates the need for the old Commodore power supplies. There is a full set of patches loaded, most of which are quite useful. Power supply included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay