PAiA Stringz ‘N Thingz

“HARD TO FIND .. 1970s PAIA 1550 STRINGZ N THINGZ SYNTHESIZER VINTAGE RARE OLD SCHOOL. Purchased this from the original owner he assured me it worked but I have no way of testing it unit is in great condition very nice and clean please see pics for an accurate description selling unit AS IS ..”
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PAiA 9700

“PAiA 9700 Series Modular Synthesizer in Excellent Used Condition

This auction is for a full 19” FracRak of PAiA 9700 Series modules, including one each of:

FracRak with Power Supply Wing, 9720 Dual VCO, 9730 Dual VCF, 9710 VCA Mixer, 9734 Dual CV Source w/ Mix and Attenuator, and Blacet 2210 Multiple & Attenuator.

Note: These are NOT Eurorack form-factor modules. FracRak is PAiA’s version of rackable modules. It uses a standard 19” rack mount frame size, but the modules are a different, slightly taller height. The only other synth company that used this type rack was Blacet, as far as I know.

These were built from kits in the 90’s. Not those little snap together kits like Korg and Moog are selling now. These are “total” kits down to the individual component level. Every resistor, capacitor, IC, pot, switch, wire etc had to be hand soldered in place. It took many hours to assemble a full set of modules like this.

I have tested this system and can only find one issue; the VC1 input on the first VCO doesn’t seem to work. You can still use the VC2 input just fine. Probably an easy fix but I just don’t have the time or knowledge. Scott Lee at PAiA technical services can probably talk you through the problem if you want, or fix it for you if you send it in. PAiA still sells and supports these modules. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA Gnome

“Purchased from estate from original owner, original owner said it worked fine last time it was used a long time ago, I have no way of testing this to confirm its functionality or even the knowlege to know how. Item cosmetically looks solid and in real nic eshape. See photos. Sold as is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA 4700 Modular Synthesizer

“Vintage PAIA 4700 Analog Synthesizer built from a kit.

Unit has…

One (1) 8780 Equally Tempered D/A Converter
Three (3) 4720 VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator. All modified with multi-turn potentiometers for the Init Pitch)
One (1) 4730 VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter)
One (1) 4711 4/2 Mixer
Two (2) 4761 Wing (One has been modified)
One (1) 4770 Watt Block (This unit requires 2 to be fully functional. Possibly there was an external power supply at one time due to one of the “Wing” units fitted with a jack but I do not have it.)
One (1) 4740 Envelope Generator
One (1) 4780 Sequencer
One (1) 2720-1 VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)

I have NO patch cords or other accessories.

(see my other listing where I have a matching keyboard)

Vinyl is slightly coming loose on a few edges, a few light scuffs, missing a few rubber feet, a few light scratches on some modules but all in all it is in very good condition.

NO testing was done.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA 4782 Modular Synthesizer Keyboard Controller

“This paia keyboard came to us in a package deal. It was part of the 4700 modular system (see our other listings for a full system). It’s being sold strictly as is for parts or repair. We didn’t test it but we’re sure it’s not working because some wires have been cut. While we repair most vintage analog synthesizers, we don’t work on Paias here because they are relatively low value instruments so, strictly from a business perspective, it’s not feasible for us to pay our tech to fix it. However, Paia schematics are generally available on Paia’s excellent website forum and Paia gear is typically relatively easy to repair. Since most people shopping for Paia are DIY electronics hobbyists, most Paia buyers would probably enjoy such a restoration project. If you’re not capable of fixing it yourself, perhaps Paia knows someone who restores these. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA Gnome

” I do not have the means to test…Acquired from the original owner who built and used it years ago….Been is storage ever since. I did open it up to see inside as well….One port in the back is loose, I tried to tighten it up but I am suspecious that it not the correct nut and I did not want to force it…” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Paia Model 4700 Modular Synthesizer

“Really neat vintage synth, in great working condition. I restored it electronically 3 years ago, and have only used it in my home studio. I’m the second owner, and acquired it directly from the original owner whom purchased it in the 1970’s, I believe it’s from 1976. I have a bunch of paperwork for the synth somewhere, if I can find it(I’ll try, it’s buried in boxes somewhere!) I’ll include it as well. It’s worth noting that during the restoration, I preferred to keep the synth as original as possible, but electronically stable, and to make a 50 year old synth as reliable as possible. It includes and uses the original “pin” cables, so neat & rare. That being said, it’s still a very old synth, from the early days of modular synths, when slight changes in mains voltage and temperature variations manifested themselves in “interesting” ways. I’d assume that the purchaser of this synth understands that and doesn’t expect the oscillator tracking and tuning stability to be similar to modern synths. Please watch the Youtube video I created for this synth, which goes into great detail about the synths condition, and should answer any questions you have, and give you a clear idea of what to expect if purchasing.


Restoration Features

Except keyboard
Only excellent quality, brand name, high life caps used throughout(Rubycon, Nichicon, Illinois Capacitor)
Power supplies rebuilt
Resoldered all connections
Rebuilt cables
Added 3 Prong power cable to synth, keyboard has original 2 prong plug
Spring reverb
Original parts kept(not pictured, but included)

General Features

3 voltage controlled analog Oscillators
Multimode voltage controlled analog filter
12 step sequencer with microtuning with outs for each step and glide
Spring Reverb

Considerations & known issues

Missing some faceplate screws
Keyboard not recapped, but works great
2nd step led on sequencer only works sometimes
Oscillators work okay as is, but could use with a retuning.


3x 4720 Oscillators
1x 4712 Reverb(Spring Reverb)
1x 4780 Sequencer
2x 4710 Balanced Modulators(VCA’s)
3x 4770 Watt Block’s(Power Supplies)
1x 4761 Wing(passive patching)
1x 4730 VCF(multi-mode filter)
2x 4740 Envelope Generators
1x 4711 Mixer(4×2 stereo)
1x Noise/LFO
37-key keyboard w/cover
1x ⅛” to ¼”
20x ⅛”TS to ⅛”TS, various lengths from 6” to 5ft
21x Pin cables
Original parts(not pictured)

Notes” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA 4700

Paia was always a cost-effective alternative to the pricey modular synths of the 70s. They were often sold as kits so were very popular among DIY synth people and electronics hobbyists. The beauty of Paia gear is that it’s very simple and most if not all of the parts are still readily available from electronics suppliers. Paia gear sounds like nothing else. Its got a certain low-fidelity sound to it, but thats a major part of its charm. If you’re new to vintage modular synths and want a real one but are on a limited budget, this may be a good place to start. Of course if you already own Paia gear, this would probably make a very nice expansion to your current system. This stuff is hard to find when you want it, so buy now before it’s gone.

This system needs work and is being sold as-is. When we first got it, it wasn’t working, so our tech replaced some caps in the power supply. Once he powered it up, he determined it had other problems that needed fixing, but tech time is limited and we need to focus on higher valued items. Since most people into Paia gear are also into DIY electronics and enjoy restoration projects, we decided to sell this system as is. Please don’t buy it if you’re not prepared to fix it or know someone who can fix it for you.

This system includes the folllowing components:

4730 multimode filter
4730 multimode filter
4730 multimode filter
4761 wing
4720 oscillator
4720 oscillator
4720 oscillator
4770 watt block
4770 watt block
4720 oscillator
4720 oscillator
4720 oscillator
4770 watt block
4711 mixer 4/2
4711 mixer 4/2

2 piece folding Paia cabinet #2

4740 envelope generator
4710 balanced modulator
4740 envelope generator
4710 balanced modulator
4712 reverb
4740 envelope generator
4710 balanced modulator
4740 envelope generator
4710 balanced modulator
4761 wing
envelope follower
unidentified module
4712 reverb
4750 control oscillator noise
8780 equally tempered d/a converter
4761 wing
4771 regulated power
4780 sequencer

8782 keyboard interface / keyboard

Cables are not included. The stock paia system uses 1/8″ cables for audio and pin plugs for CV. Paia is still in business and Scott Lee has posted a huge amount of technical information to help support Paia owners at” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA Modular Synth Cabinet

We normally deal in meticulously serviced high value items. This item is of relatively low value and has not been given our typical treatment, as this would be cost-prohibitive. It is however described to the best of our ability below:

Our tech tested this and says the watt blocks are putting out the right voltage. Some of the wooden pieces in the back that the back lid screws into may need to be fixed or replaced if you want to put screws in all 4 positions. When this unit is powered up, the right LED lights up. The left one doesn’t. We normally refurbish our gear, but this is a low value item not worth paying our tech to work on, so we’re selling it as is. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA Fatman Project Machine

“I bought this from a guy as is many years ago and fixed it and put it away in my closet for years. It has some of the worst soldering I’ve come across (needed more flux) – which was the source of the original problems. I am selling it as is, with a 12VAC transformer. The power switch is not yet wired to the board/transformer and the transformer needs its leads cut and soldered to the unit/switch. I had used a bench supply when troubleshooting the unit originally. The FATMAN is well documented on the PAIA website, and is still for sale there as a kit. I have no reason to expect issues with it but you are buying it as is. ”
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Paia 2720 Power Supply

“One of several modules from a box containing PAIA Modules, as pictured. Untested and includes everything pictured, most of the modules have a small bag with them containing the “pin jacks” that were removed. The faceplates are as pictured and many have a rather ugly look to them, never tried cleaning them up. No returns as these listings are as seen for parts or repair NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING – thank you!”
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PAiA 2720 Modular Synthesizer

“Vintage analog modular synthesizer – PAiA 2720 – c.1974 + 10 modules:

• 2720 – Power Supply
• 2720-1 Voltage Control Amplifier
• 2720-2 Voltage Control Oscillator
• 2720-4 Function Generator
• 2720-5 Control Oscillator
• 2720-11 Envelope Follower
• 2720-12 Inverter/Buffer
• 2720-14 Sine/PWM (Pulse Width Modulator)
• Bandpass Filter
• Low Pass Filter

Included is PAiA Catalog from 1974, soundsheet demo record, and book of demo score and patches. I also have a few extra parts.

Physical condition good, as shown in pics. Keys move freely.
Note that I do not know how to operate it and have not tried to turn it on.
Therefore, it is listed as not working. I do know that it was assembled professionally and worked when built. Will probably need some restoration. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Lot of PAiA Modular Synthesizer Modules

“PAIA Synth Modules from the ’70’s. VCA,VCO,Envelope Generator. Sold AS-IS. Condition is “Used”.

These worked perfectly…40 years ago!!! So have to sell them as-is because I couldn’t test them.
Everything looks good but ya know, after so many years you might be replacing some capacitors. Who knows.
I had a whole PAIA rig that these came from, all in a custom wooden enclosure and used the synth playing out.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA Function Generator

Made by Paia Electronics
Circa 1983
This is a module that can generate Shepard Tones, also known as Barber pole tones. These are tones that appear to continously go up or down. It is an audio illusion. Look it up on youtube or google.
It requires a number of hook ups to a cv controlled synth.
Also look up Paia ek-9 to get the instructions and article by John Simonton (RIP John).
Great for you more adventurous modular synth guys out there.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA Fatman

“Paia Fatman Desktop Synth. Condition is “Used”.

I bought this on here from the original owner about a year ago before I knew very much about what kind of synth setup I want.

This unit is for someone who likes old school equipment and knows how to work on synths,etc.
I’m wanting something a bit more modern and automatic.

It has all the original paperwork and plans,I had it serviced with Thesis Audio over Christmas.”
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PAiA Fatman

“I bought this on here from the original owner about a year ago before I knew very much about what kind of synth setup I want.

This unit is for someone who likes old school equipment and knows how to work on synths,etc.
I’m wanting something a bit more modern and automatic.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA 4700 Series Modular Synthesizer

” You’re bidding on an analog “patch cord” monophonic synthesizer that contains all of the fundamental modules needed for music synthesis. I assembled this synthesizer in 1980 using 4700-series kits from the legendary PAiA Electronics, Inc. in Oklahoma.

This synthesizer was in “working” condition before I stored it away. I was already an experienced electronic kit assembler at age 18 when I assembled all of the modules. I used terminal strips to create “bus bars” inside the module cabinets to conveniently provide the three supply voltages (plus ground) to all of the modules. Once I got to college at PSU I begged an Electrical Engineering professor let me use a frequency meter in a lab to calibrate each key of the keyboard to the proper pitch. I recently applied power to the cabinets and proved that the power supplies are working, but their output voltages will need to be recalibrated according to the manuals. I say that this unit is “working”, but I never really got it to make the sounds I was hoping for…” Click here to search for synths on eBay

PAiA 2700 / 4700 Modular Synthesizer

“For sale is a vintage PAiA Modular Synthesizer.

Comes as shown. Untested. Not all of the modules appear to be fully connected (loose wires to busboard) and some aren’t screwed into the frame. I have NOT even tried to power this one. Assume it will need some sort of going over/repair to get it up and running.

Some of the RCA connectors have oxidation. The bandpass filter has 1/8” jacks instead of RCA. There are a few and knobs missing. There are two reverb tanks mounted inside for the 2 reverb modules.

The outer case has a little wear and some peeling near one of the edges. From a smoke-free home. “ Click here to search for synths on eBay

PAiA 2720 Modular Synthesizer

” Up for offer is a non-working PAiA 2720 Analogue Modular 1970s Synthesizer for parts or restoration. Features 8 components: pitch/trigger out, power supply, voltage control oscillator, function generator, low pass filter, bandpass filter, control oscillator and voltage control amplifier. Some keys are sticking and have yellowed and wood block that holds pitch/trigger out needs to be replied. Nice Moog-era vintage piece. I have too many projects so I will be offering up more vintage PAiA in future listings. Thanks for looking and stay safe.”
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PAiA 4700 Modular Synth

” As found. I am unable to test other than pressing the red button on module 4740. When pressed, the left LED comes on quickly then goes out, and the right LED stays on as long as the button is held.
Physically in decent condition. LMK if you want more photos / have questions.
Includes modules: 4712, 4720, 4730, 4750, 8780, 4740, 4710, 4771, 4761″ Click here to search for synths on eBay