Vintage Moog Minimoog Clone

A remarkable hand built copy of a moog minimoog from the 1970s. I bought it from someone who acquired it from the estate of the maker – an engineer at Hawker Siddeley who normally designed and built aircraft!

Here’s the information I received from the vendor:

“What you are looking at is a 100% analog prototype synth professionally built by a tech in the 70s who went on to building aircraft for Hawker Siddeley. The prototype was finished in the summer of 1975. The synth side is complete, really unique looking too. Reminds me more of a Sonic Six but does sound very close to the Minimoog. This synth is clearly based on the later. The keys feel nice to play and are in good condition. All knobs and switches are still intact. I had a tech look at it and they found some faults but does not stop this things power! It’s a huge sound! The tech upgraded the PSU with new kettle lead input and caps, cost £120 alone. He advised me not to go further with repairs so to keep it’s originality. All that was done extra was fixing low output. But is easy to service if you want it done.

The faults found: Osc. 2 waveshape knob not working on wide and narrow rectangle waveforms. However on Osc. 3 they work just fine. Faulty knob on Osc. 2 no doubt.

Please note this is not a fault but; the drum module was never made for it which was a board that slots inside. All the electronics inside were built for the drum module but the board itself was never completed. You could perhaps have a board custom made if you want the drum section. The last lower 5 keys were assigned for this task so do not sound.” ”

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Custom Roland SH-101 with Roland MGS-1 Modgrip

” Ishibashi Shibuya and “GHOSTINMPC” collaboration model! It is! It is only one special model in the world! This time we did not MPC, we boldly colored the famous instrument SH-101 of analog synth! The theme is the company’s “TR-909″! We adopted the color of 909. SH – 101 was released in 1982 and still still very popular analog synthesizer! Of course, it has been maintained and modulation grip” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom Emu SP1200

1200 “For sale here is an Emu Sp1200 with an amazing custom paint job by Bruce Forat. I’ve owned quite a few custom Forats and I will say this one is my favorite, incredibly amazing job the silver sparkle and lettering and graphics, even down to the custom silver knobs and sliders, it’s really an amazing dope look. So classic.
It also has servicing / upgrades making this machine a breeze to use. It’s fully functional and in amazing shape. All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, pots are scratch free and the outputs are clean without hiss. Cosmetically its near minty shape, the paint job is near perfect, looks really fantastic. The screen is so incredibly bright that it’s hard to even show it properly in the pictures, but it looks awesome in person. Check out the pictures below for more details.

It has the following service/upgrades done in the past year by Bruce Forat:
– pads refurbished
– sliders refurbished
– all inputs outputs cleaned
– disk drive checked
– custom silver gloss paint job with silver knobs and sliders
– upgraded ultra bright custom blue backlight ” Click here to visit listing on eBay