Custom, MGS-1, Roland, SH-101 @ 04 June 2017, Comments Off on Custom Roland SH-101 with Roland MGS-1 Modgrip

” Ishibashi Shibuya and “GHOSTINMPC” collaboration model! It is! It is only one special model in the world! This time we did not MPC, we boldly colored the famous instrument SH-101 of analog synth! The theme is the company’s “TR-909″! We adopted the color of 909. SH – 101 was released in 1982 and still still very popular analog synthesizer! Of course, it has been maintained and modulation grip” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom, Emu, SP-1200 @ 03 May 2016, Comments Off on Custom Emu SP1200

1200 “For sale here is an Emu Sp1200 with an amazing custom paint job by Bruce Forat. I’ve owned quite a few custom Forats and I will say this one is my favorite, incredibly amazing job the silver sparkle and lettering and graphics, even down to the custom silver knobs and sliders, it’s really an amazing dope look. So classic.
It also has servicing / upgrades making this machine a breeze to use. It’s fully functional and in amazing shape. All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, pots are scratch free and the outputs are clean without hiss. Cosmetically its near minty shape, the paint job is near perfect, looks really fantastic. The screen is so incredibly bright that it’s hard to even show it properly in the pictures, but it looks awesome in person. Check out the pictures below for more details.

It has the following service/upgrades done in the past year by Bruce Forat:
– pads refurbished
– sliders refurbished
– all inputs outputs cleaned
– disk drive checked
– custom silver gloss paint job with silver knobs and sliders
– upgraded ultra bright custom blue backlight ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP, Axxe, Custom @ 25 March 2015, Comments Off on Custom ARP Axxe

custom arp axxe“Custom finish professionally done by Jeff at custom synth and a true one off finish. Sounds as good as it looks. A classic synth from a highly sort after manufacturer. New bushes fitted to keyboard so it’s plays like new. Sad to see it go but unfortunately I’ve got to upgrade my outboard.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

AX-09, Custom, Keytar, Roland @ 07 September 2014, Comments Off on Custon Roland Lucina AX-09

custom ax09 “This Roland Lucina had a really bad accident, was sent to a repair shop, and this is what came up looking and working like:
Downsized from 37 to 32 keys, you can see the scars where it sustained it’s injuries and then painted Red. Part of where the pitch ribbon controller is has been removed and now its a neck.
Dbeam no longer works, instead there is a high intensity blue LED, only the left side audio jack works, same with the headphone jack. Easier to sling it on your shoulder than the regular lucina, smaller, lighter., as true road worrior survivor., it has a lot of bumps, scratches and buises. Besides all the above mentioned it plays great.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom, Emu, SP-1200 @ 02 September 2014, Comments Off on Custom Emu SP 1200

custom emu sp1200” Bruce forat modified sp1200 in near new shape. It is a reissue. Has 8 outs boost mod by forat, new LCD, new faders, all new buttons pads and tacts,hd floppy mod. And brilliant Bruce forat custom paint job. With manual and small disk library and power cable. Local pick up in nyc only. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom, Juno 60, Roland @ 15 June 2014, Comments Off on Custom Roland Juno 60

” I am selling a truly one of a kind Red Roland Juno-60 Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer. This legendary Synth is in excellent condition and sounds fantastic. All work & service to the unit has been done by Allen Coppock over the past year at the highly reputable SynthSpa/ in Nashville.

An amazing board that’s perfect for anyone who wants something that really stands out. Perfect for performing, recording, and in pictures/video. My pictures do not do justice.

Mod wheel lights up red LED (see pics)

The only issue with this synth is a Sustain slider that isn’t registering properly, contacted Allen/Synthspa who said it’s an easy 20min. fix. I can relay the details on repair in private message/e-mail.

It took awhile to notice because I was having so much fun playing this and never used it. I’ve had other Juno 60’s and this one not only looks better but sounds better too.

ALL other switches knobs keys etc work excellent.

Small cosmetic chip under one key pictured. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom, Emu, SP-1200 @ 20 May 2014, Comments Off on Custom E-mu SP1200

“A customized SP by Bruce Forat. Yes, it’s red and there are some blemishes on the sides and there’s a chip under the bottom on the back. BUT…It also has a 8 output boost to each of the outputs, the monitoring modification which allows you to truly hear the sample before recording it, a brand new DD/HD disks drive and brand new (blue) backlight. All knobs, sliders, and buttons work great. There’s no static in any of the outputs. This is an Original SP as you can see on the back of it. (Gray Version 1). Comes with power cable, manual and O.S disk.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Alesis, Custom, HR-16 @ 18 March 2014, Comments Off on Custom Alesis HR-16

“Case has been painted yellow, some very minor scratches/wear from use.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom, Roland, TR-909 @ 02 February 2014, Comments Off on Custom Roland TR-909

“Roland TR-909 Drum Machine.

Professional custom paint and screen finish by Jeff at

Serviced by James Walker at Synth Repair Services in January 2014.

New power regulators, rubber feet and V4 operating system EPROM.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom, MKS-30, Roland @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off on Custom Roland MKS-30

“This custom piece was put together by the synth spa – fully restored on the inside with new voice chips and an awesome custom restoration on the outside – as you can see it is purple. At this point in time this is the only one of these I am aware of.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom, Pro One, Sequential Circuits @ 05 January 2012, Comments Off on Custom Sequential Circuits Pro One

“Sequential Circuits Pro One Analog Synthesizer.
100% Functional
Just installed NOS Curtis Voice Chips
Gold Paint Job
No Scratchy Pots
All Switches work
New Key Bushings installed and keyboard leveled
Sequencer Tested
CV ins and outs tested” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Korg, Moog Slayer, Poly 800 @ 31 December 2011, Comments Off on Custom White Korg Poly 800 with Moog Slayer Mod

“Custom white Korg Poly 800 with Moog Slayer Mod.

This synth has a new battery installed, and needs the original patches restored. I programmed the first 3 patches but it will be up to the auction winner to restore the remaining patches on the synth. Patch cassettes are readily available on eBay, just do a search!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Prophet 10, Sequential Circuits @ 08 December 2011, Comments Off on Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 with Riley Mod

“This unit, serial number 1010-0078, is the final production version of the Prophet-10 designed around two Prophet-5 Rev 3 voice boards. It has enhanced microprocessor control circuitry and software to provide 10 polyphonic voices (2 VCOs each) in four keyboard modes with responsiveness comparable to the Prophet-5. These modes allow the choice of separate polyphonic control of two 5-voice synths, combined control of a “stacked” pair of 5-voice synths, alternating notes between two 5-voice synths, or control of a single 10-voice synth. Additional features not found on the Prophet-5 include programmable 3-band equalization, two control voltage pedal inputs with assignable routing, three foot switch inputs and a 10,200 note polyphonic sequencer. It is equipped with Sequential’s MIDI interface kit and the latest firmware, Rev 6.1. Recently the unit was thoroughly tested, repaired and burned-in by Wine Country Sequential in preparation for sale.

If you are familiar with the Prophet-10, you are probably wondering what happened to the keyboards on this unit. Although the stock Prophet-10 with its twin manuals is a sight to behold, the inclusion of two keyboards makes the nearly 3-1/2 foot by 2 foot by 8 inch, 70 pound unit so cumbersome that it is difficult for one person to move it by themselves, and difficult to integrate into a small studio environment or performance setup. As well, with the advent of MIDI controllers and sequencers and availability of the Prophet-10 MIDI upgrade kit, the built-in keyboards became redundant. At least a few ardent but frustrated Prophet-10 users dreamed of a slimmer instrument without the keyboards.

While I was employed as a service technician and visiting E-Mu Systems in the late 1980s, I happened to mention this to a product design engineer there who described to me a simple solution he referred to as “The Riley Mod.” It turns out that all the structural members forward of the main control panel can easily be unbolted and removed except for the sides of the chassis frame. The keyboards, modulation wheel and sequencer modules are simply unplugged from the rest of the synthesizer, unbolted and removed. Then the sides of the chassis frame can be cut back in line with the new forward face of the enclosure created by reusing a long corner piece and sheet metal that was part of the keyboard enclosure. Likewise, the wooden end pieces are carefully cut back to match the new enclosure dimensions and refinished to match the original look. Voila!

As you can see in the photos, the end result resembles an Oberheim Xpander, but with the familiar Prophet-10 control panel and no keyboards. This reduces the depth of the instrument to 13-1/2 inches and weight to 43 pounds – a much more practical size for lifting, transporting and integrating into an electronic music studio or performance system. For example, this slim rendition of the Prophet-10 rests comfortably on an Apex column stand.

NOTE: The circuit boards contained in the synthesizer unit are unaffected by the “Riley Mod” and have not been modified in any way except for installation of the factory-supplied MIDI upgrade kit. The MIDI upgrade and all servicing of the unit was performed by an authorized Sequential warranty service center. I performed the chassis modification while employed as a service tech at an authorized Sequential warranty service center, although this of course was not warranty service. In addition to the steps described above, minor modifications to the components removed from the original instrument were made to facilitate their continued use as separate modules. The Polysequencer was mounted in a custom enclosure made of sheet metal with wooden side panels, and the ribbon cable connecting it to the instrument was divided and terminated with cable headers so it can be connected by an extension cable. A selector switch was also added so that switching between internal and external clocks can be performed without unplugging and re-plugging the external clock signal cable. The single remaining keyboard (the other was sold) was mounted on sheet metal cut to the size of the keyboard’s footprint. An enclosure and external cabling similar to that provided for the Polysequencer was planned but no further work was done. The modulation wheel panel was prepared for addition of an external control switch but that and an enclosure with cabling were never implemented.

I am the original owner of this instrument and have kept it in smoke-free home studios or in heated storage at home. The instrument was used in a handful of public performances and has relatively little wear and tear. All rotary controls, switches and displays look like new and are in perfect working condition. The tape drive and Polysequencer are in perfect working order. All the white lettering on the control panel and black lettering on name plates is fully intact. Two of the four screws that attach the hinged control panel to the chassis frame are missing, and a nut for one of the screws is missing from the chassis frame, although the two remaining screws are sufficient to secure the panel. Some minor scratches or worn spots in the paint on the chassis and around the control panel screws have been touched up. Same for the Polysequencer. The instrument’s right wooden end panel has numerous light scratches and could be refinished to appear as nice as the left panel, which is still in very nice condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Roland, SH-101 @ 04 December 2011, Comments Off on Custom White Roland SH-101

“Ich biete hier meine restaurierte und neu lackierte Roland SH 101 zum Kauf an.
Die SH 101 wurde bei Customsynth vor ca. 1 Jahr generalüberholt und neu (nach meinen Wünschen) lackiert.
Ich verkaufe sihn, weil ich nicht mehr ausreichend Zeit für die Musikproduktion habe.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Moog, Sonic Six @ 05 September 2011, “1 Comment”

“Tim Davis was killed in a motorcycle accident last month. Tim was a gifted musician and an electronics genius. This synth was a lifelong project and hobby of his. It was purchased the year he graduated high school (1972) and has been with him ever since. I included two pics of an original Moog Sonic Six for comparison.

As you can see the main panel has been removed and replaced with clear plexiglass. In the upper portion: fourteen 1/4″ I/O jacks have been added on the left side, eleven 1/8” I/O jacks have been added along the top, 32 various switches, buttons and I/O jacks have been added along the bottom. The original speaker was removed and replaced with a panel of 29 dials and a button. In the lower portion 13 various switches, dials and ports have been added and a replacement speaker (marked ELP) has been mounted. There is a hand written label that says ‘TYMCLAVIER’, I believe this is a reference to the Synclavier Digital Synthesizer. I have a notebook containing hand written instructions on the use of this creation as well as hand drawn diagrams of many of the circuits involved.

I can not explain the modifications that have been made because I am neither a musician nor an electrician. I can say that I have powered up the Moog and it works. It needs to be refurbished as the keys are not all making good contact when pressed, some are scratchy & some are faint.

This is NOT a stage ready instrument! This is a project for the person who understands the science behind analog synthesizers and enjoys exploring the unknown. This was clearly a labor of love from a man who signed his name Tim “Moog Man” Davis. I hope that this instrument can find its way into the hands of someone who will appreciate the technical genius that created it and enjoy the creative path it leads them down.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Modular @ 30 August 2011, Comments Off on Custom Modular Synth

“An Analogue modular type Synthesizer. In all honesty I can’t tell you too much about it. It powers up and I can get it to generate White noise out of the noise output.

It seems to be modular in it’s operation and I don’t know what im doing in that regard. So for all I know by plugging in a few ins and outs it could be generating some fat pulses and sounds. It looks like something that should on the control panel of the tardis.

A couple of dials are missing but easily replaceable I’m sure. All of the electonus components seem to be in good condition.

I would imagine this us a project for someone who knows their stuff about modular synths and electronics. Clearly you cannot scroll through presets.

It is sold as seen and anyone is welcome to come and take a look. I repeat it powers up, looks cool and generates White noise but that is as much ad I know. Might be a cool thing for a circuit bender.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Roland, TR-505 @ 10 July 2011, Comments Off on Custom Roland TR-505 with Exfade Mods

“This is a Roland TR-505 modded by Exfade. There are now 8 individual channels, each with pitch, volume and mute controls. There is a sequencer glitch section that spits out variations to your sequence, and sends out the alterations as midi info. There is a global pitch control that to be honest doesn’t do much. There are 4 six position rotary switches that control the bends, with 7 segment LED’s displaying what position you’ve selected. The panel is silk screened on black anodized aluminum. Power supply included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Circuit Bent, Custom, Roland, TR-606 @ 10 July 2011, Comments Off on Custom Circuit Bent Roland TR-606

“This is box of fun. The knobs and filter make it live and 808 like. The multiple mode filter can be pushed too hard and distort bad. I say bad but that may be what you want. Regardless. there is a lot of play before it distorts. It happen s turning hpf and bandpass way up.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Modular @ 24 May 2011, Comments Off on D.C. Systems Module

I bought this highly interesting-looking sequencer/clock divider/timing module many years ago but never found the time to try and get it to work since I never acquired a modular synthesizer to integrate it into as I’d intended.

I am unable to say if or how well it works. I don’t even know exactly what it does, but you can see that it has S-Trig ins and outs and a host of other features which indicate that it is a sequencer/clock divider of some kind.

This is a one-of-akind custom module that’s been very professionally built by an outfit called “D.C. Systems”.

Maybe a forerunner of another modular synth company? Maybe defunct altogether?

I am selling this a used with no guarantee that it will work. The physical condition should be visible from the ample photos I am putting up.

This should be bought only by an absolute EXPERT synth tech or a professional who can afford to put some money into paying for the tech hours it will require to get this going and integrate it into your existing unit.

This thing is mega cool and I truly regret selling it off but I came to realize that I won’t be able to make it work in the years to come. My loss will be your gain.

I want it to go to someone who will make it work as intended by the designer and manufacturer.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Roland, TR-606 @ 13 February 2011, Comments Off on Roland TR-606 Modified by Diabolical Devices

“Diabolical Modified Roland TR-606 Analog Drum Machine

Diabolical Devices aka Class A Electronics, LLC is a leader in Professionally Modified Synthesizer and Audio Equipment, Expert Repair Services, and has a full line of Hand-Wired Tubes Amplifiers and Effects (Diabolical Amplification). Their work has been featured at NAMM, art galleries, music videos, countless tech blogs, and used by musicians all over the world, professionals and enthusiasts alike. The circuit-bending and synth mods are the work of head-technician James Gramling who has spent the last 12 years in professional audio service and electronics prototyping. Check out the new for updated specs, custom work questions, and new releases from Diabolical Devices.

This Diabolical Modified TR-606 is made to get the most out of this already cool sounding vintage analog drum machine which was the companion to the infamous Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer. We have added features to the bass oscillator and the snare drum as well as individual outputs. Custom paint job and custom front panel. The new sounds this machine are capable of producing range from 808 like (I said like…:) bass drum hits to unique synth drum sounds. This Item was completely refurbished and professionally modified by Diabolical Devices aka Class A Electronics, LLC ( Cosmetic condition is pretty good there is a flaw in the paint near the cymbal output on the back (see pics) and another inside the battery compartment. Overall great looking and sounding analog drum machine.

Bass Drum: Controls for the bass drum PITCH and DECAY there is also an Envelope control and ENV selector switch.

Snare Drum: Controls for snare drum PITCH and DECAY and HPF filter.

Individual outputs: 1/8″ outputs for each drum sound. When an output is used that sound is removed from the main output. Allows you to process and mix drum sounds independently.

Refurbished: This TR-606 has been completely refurbished and cleaned internally. All the tact switches were replaced and blue LEDs were installed to original PCB (not replacement” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Roland, SH-09 @ 16 January 2011, Comments Off on Custom Roland SH-09

“For sale: one Mad Max Roland SH09. The story is this- I got it at a garage sale 10 or 12 years ago in rough shape cosmetically… I don’t understand how, but the front panel was rusted in a fairly bizarre way and there was no saving the original paint. I considered having it powder coated and making it fancy looking again, but then I realized I had never really seen a rat rod style monosynth, so i just wire wheeled it down and allowed it to surface rust, replaced the screws with industrial looking hex head bolts, relabeled it with a red label maker, and added a few red LED’s to the control board for good measure so the control panel glows red… it looks pretty cool in the dark. Most of the sliders were replaced at the same time, I think the external input slider is the only one I didn’t change out. All of the slider caps and knobs are there, nothing is missing. CV/gate inputs work well.

There are 2 issues with it aside from the cosmetic mods. The first is that the stick part of the pitch stick is snapped off. The wheel still works fine, it just doesn’t have the part that sticks up anymore. Chipforbrains sells them for a few bucks if you care.

The second thing is that the envelope generator has an oddity. When the sustain is set below 1/3 or so, the decay setting will retrigger the envelope sort of like an arpeggiator. This is actually useful, because it adds an arpeggiator like function to the synth, and at very low settings it retriggers so fast that it produces tones similar to the polymod section on Sequential synths. I have never fixed it because it is easy to work around, and it adds a ton of additional sound possibilities that normal SH09’s can’t do. The signal path of this synth is all discrete, so repairing it to stock would most likely cost 15 cents, but you would lose more than you would gain IMO.

Another cool trick on the SH09 is to use the headphone output as the main audio out, and run the normal out into the external input, that allows you to use the external in slider on the mixer as a sort of third oscillator, again adding a lot of sonic possibilities that the average SH09 isn’t going to do. Super aggressive, clangorous sounds abound.

I have owned this synth for a long time. It works great and sounds fantastic, far better than the SH101 and later IC based Roland analogs. All keys work perfectly, all controls work good, the sliders aren’t staticy… a very unique, very cool monosynth, and the absolute *only* reason I am selling this is because an injury has had me out of work for a couple months and I really have no choice at this point but to start thinning out my stuff.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Roland, TR-909 @ 12 December 2010, Comments Off on Custom Roland TR-909

“The modifications to the unit include an enhanced kick drum (pitch, tune depth, and drive) and high hat (pitch) as well as a unique paint job and blue LEDs. Latest OS has been installed and includes the original power cord. Just got through testing it and it works great. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Roland, TR-606 @ 07 November 2010, Comments Off on Custom Roland TR-606

“Roland TR-606 Vintage analog drum machine professionally modified by Diabolical Devices. Features custom paint job and custom front panel along with the following added modifications.

Bass Drum-
Pitch, Decay, and Envelope amount and envelope selector switch. These mods make the 606 bass drum a lot closer to the 808, but allows you to take it further to create some really unique sounds.

Snare Drum-
Added controls for Pitch, Decay Reduction and a High Pass Filter.

Individual Outputs- each drum sound has a post volume control output witch removes corresponding drum sound from the main mix.

This 606 has been completely refurbished and Blue LEDs were added.

Case is in pretty good shape there is a small section missing from the front corner which is pretty common on these machines. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Korg, Moog Slayer, Poly 800 @ 06 November 2010, Comments Off on Custom Korg Poly 800 with Moog Slayer Mod

“Modified Korg Poly 800 by Diabolical Devices with custom paint job. The poly 800 is a great sounding synthesizer with an analog VCF/ Filter. This synthesizer now has several modification installed that majorly expand the capabilities of the filter.

Modification include:
Moog/Slayer mods- adds hard wired controls for VCF cutoff and resonance.
VCF Audio input with level control-Allows you to process external audio through VCF, VCA and Chorus.
VCF CV input- Controls VCF cutoff with external CV source.

In addition to custom paint we have added blue 7-segment displays and installed an internal memory battery for storing patch data. Originally C batteries needed to be kept in synthesizer in order to save patches.
Synthesizer mods and paint turned out great however a few of the tact switches are a little hard to trigger. This is fairly common on the poly 800 and is due to it’s age. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Modular @ 26 October 2010, Comments Off on Custom Modular Synth







(1) MS-20 VCF
(4) 3.5mm TO 1/4″ JACK CONVERTERS

THERE IS A USA WHITE POWER CORD” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Modular @ 05 October 2010, Comments Off on Custom Modular Synthesizer

“Hallo, ich biete hier das Grundgerät meines Modularsystems an. Es ist ausgestattet mit:

• Midi/CV Interface
• Slew Limiter für Portamento etc.
• 3 Oszillatoren
• Ring Modulator
• 4 in 1 Mixer
• 4fach LFO mit 4 unterschiedlichen Frequenzbereichen (low, mid, high + very high) , Dreieck und Rechteck,
als Triggergenerator einsetzbar, Frequenz bis in den Audiobereich
• 24dB Ledder-Filter (LPF) umschaltbar auf 12dB (!), sehr ähnlich dem Moog Filter
• 2 Hüllkurvengeneratoren, einer umschaltbar auf lange Zeiten
• 1 VCA
• Netzgerät eingebaut

Alle Patchbuchsen sind in 6,3mm Klinke ausgeführt.

Das Instrument ist sofort spielbar, durch das Interface auch über jede Midi-Tastatur, inclusive Pitch-Bending!
Alle Module arbeiten perfekt und sind voll funktionsfähig. Grundsätzlich entspricht die Architektur dem Aufbau des Minimoog, allerdings tausendfach flexibler einzusetzen, zumal hier ein Ringmodulator und der 4fach LFO zusätzlich zur Verfügung stehen. Es kann hier wirklich alles mit allem moduliert werden. Dieses Gerät reicht theoretisch für lebenslanges Arbeiten im Bereich elektronischer Musik. Der Klang ist sehr fett, die Oszillatoren sind extrem stimmstabil, das Filter ist hervorragend und dünnt im Bereich steigender Resonanz NICHT aus, wie man es vom Mini oder anderen Synthis kennt. Alle Module stammen von Roger Arrick,, ich bin der erste Besitzer. Das LFO-Modul kommt aus Deutschland von
Wa soll man noch über den Synthesizer sagen? Wer auf sowas bietet, weiß schon durch die obige Auflistung, was er zu leisten vermag. Im Lieferumfang sind die Kabel, die hier bunt zu sehen sind. Damit kann man sofort anständig loslegen, inklusive Ringmodulator-Einsatz und 2facher LFO-Modulation. Ebenso ist die Dokumentation der Module in englischer Sprache dabei. Und natürlich der Synthi selbst, hier farbig abgebildet. Die entfärbten Gehäuse darüber und darunter gehören NICHT zum Lieferumfang. Das Instrument ist 1,04m breit, 28cm hoch und 25cm tief.

Das Instrument wurde regelmäßig und auch live eingesetzt, befindet sich aber in einem sehr guten Zustand, wie die aktuellen Bilder wohl zeigen. Einige Schrauben tragen etwas Oxidationsspuren (Die Amis können einfach keine Schrauben beschichten). Das gesamte Gerät funktioniert tadellos.
Ganz rechts ist ein schmaler Modulstreifen, der zwei DIN-Buchsen für eventuell nach aussen zu leitende Spannungsversorgung, sie sind jedoch nicht angeschlossen.
Im Inneren befinden sich noch Spannungsversorgungskabel mit Steckern, so daß noch weitere Module angeschlossen werden könnten, wenn noch Platz wäre. Ebenso kann man daran die DIN-Buchsen anschließen. Weitere Ausbaugehäuse können dann daraus die Spannungsversorgung beziehen, das Netzteil ist SEHR Leistungsstark und kann mindestens 50 Module versorgen, schätze ich.

Weitere Informationen zu den Modulen findet ihr auf der Seite von Mit Zoll und Transport entspricht der dortige Dollarpreis etwa dem Europreis.
Mit diesem Gerät weist ihr jeden Mini oder anderen Analogsynth in seine Schranken – das Gerät kann Drones, Bässe, Leads und geräuschhafte Klänge erzeugen, von denen man nie geahnt hatte, daß es sie gibt. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Modular, Oberheim, SEM @ 28 September 2010, Comments Off on Custom Oberheim SEM MS1A Modular System

“Up for your consideration today is a custom Oberheim SEM MS1A Modular. The Modules themselves work fine but this is an AS-IS auction. Either you can either go over the patch wiring or you can toss the box, use the circuitry for your own Oberheim project, OR add a reiusse to the combo and you will have yourself a keyboardless TVS! I designed the front panel in Illustrator, sent the CAD file to a laser cutting facility on 3/16″ black anodized aluminum with the added bonus etching the labels. One of the previous owners stripped the paint from the MS1A. The jacks are all 1/8″ switchcraft. If you would like the name of a person who agreed to work on this I would be happy to supply that to the new owner, I just don’t have the time pr patience for a project… even if I am not the one doing the work.

An excellent tech brought the SEM (also added a blue LED) and MS1A back to life and also recapped the power supply. The power supply is from a four voice unit. No buffering was added to the patch points since I just went by what was in the manual that came from SEM manual itself. The patch points were just brought to the front.

In my opinion, there’s four areas that need addressing

1. clock input doesn’t respond although the CV input for the internal clock does.

2. the trig step outputs aren’t properly hooked up.

3. the bottom right hand i/o with the switches for transposition need to be gone over.

4. one of the molex connectors came off the board on the SEM and the three wires were soldered to the board.

All of these I believe are working just need to be fully gone over.

I grabbed the info on the patch points from and

As for sizing, the faceplate is 20″ wide and 15.75″ long with a slight angle to the front for ergonomics. It is in a desktop style enclosure, very solid and functional but I am by no means a craftsman.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Pro One, Sequential Circuits @ 19 August 2010, Comments Off on Custom Sequential Circuits Pro One

“This Sequential Circuits is a wonderful analog synthesizer in good working condition.If your looking at this you most likely know what it is and how rare they are becoming.This one is even more rare and as far as I know one of a kind because it was custom painted a nice midnight blue.The only other thing he did was shorten the power cable(not sure why?)These are bass and lead monsters.Looks great for its age and I’ve babied it big time. Dual osc’s,plenty opf LFO options,built in arpeggiator ,sequencer, and much more ,to me much more versitle than a moog,korg,or roland.for more experimentation and sound exploration.If you need more info,send me an email or check out the link below.Some pots are slightly scratchy,keys are probably J-wire cause they are not great, I don’t mind,don’t use it that way,cause I’ve always triggered it via CV-Gate.Sold As Is due to age.Works good though.Did I mention its Blue!!!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Circuit Bent, Custom, Roland, TR-707 @ 15 August 2010, Comments Off on Diabolical Modified Roland TR-707

“Diabolical Modified Roland TR-707 Features:

(10) External CMOS CLK Generators/Pitch controls with bypass switch and LED indicators

12 point circuit-bending patch bay (patch cables included)

Blue LED color change

Fully refurbished Unit: We complete disassemble and clean all our modified 707’s the panel/button board, all key contacts, switching outputs, and all faders and cleaned and treated. The DC power input is replaced and the circuit board is treated to prevent future failure (common weak spot). All interface jacks (midi, audio in/puts, and sync) are resoldered and inspected.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom @ 10 August 2010, Comments Off on Custom Synth

Anybody know what this is?

“Bei dem angebotenen Synti handelt es sich, um in den Endsiebzigern, selbstgebauten Synthesizer Transzendent 2000. In sehr schön gearbeitetem Holzgehäuse. Alle Tasten gehen, jedoch extrem schwer einzustellen. Wer noch Unterlagen zu diesem Teil besorgen kann, (Elektor) und sich drantraut wird hier mit etwas ganz besonderem belohnt.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Roland, TR-606 @ 08 August 2010, Comments Off on Roland TR-606 Modified by Ex-Fade

“Loads of controls to make the 606 a real beast.

Get 808 like booms, 909 esq kicks and whole lot more! The box was custom made out of some hardwood, the panel silk screened on stainless steel, so this is a very solid unit.

Check out this vid I put up on Youtube of this babe in action

Mods: Bass Drum: Pitch, Decay, Tone, Envelope Snare: Pitch, Decay, Tone, Noise Toms: Pitch, Decay, 2xBass Boost (909 kick mode) Cymbal: Pitch, Decay, BPF, LPF Hi Hats: OHH Decay, CHH Decay, BPF, HPF

Individual outs, silk screened stainless steel panel, hardwood box and PSU included.

Note :This cannot run on batteries as this option has been removed and therefore doesn’t retain patterns once switched off, although they can sometimes remain even after a few days of not being powered up.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Roland, TR-505 @ 04 July 2010, Comments Off on Custom Modified Roland TR-505

“Hier gibt es eine sehr schöne modifizierte TR 505 im Vintage-look mit Holzseitenwangen zu ersteigern.

Das Gerät hat Einzelausgänge als 6,3mm Klinke und Triggerausgänge als 3,5mm Klinke verpasst bekommen. Diese sind an der Rückseite in ein Blech aus gebürstetem Aluminium angebracht und auch vernünftig beschriftet.

Gerade die Triggerausgänge sind für Leute, die z.B. ein Modularsystem oder ähnliches besitzen, sehr interessant, da mit ihnen Hüllkurve, Sequencer und ähnliches angesteuert werden können. Die Einzelausgäge erlauben es dann auch endlich einzelne Instrumente separat mit Effekten zu versehen oder zu EQ-en… da kann man sich mal so richtig austoben und dem kleinen Kerl ungeahnten Druck entlocken.

Praktischerweise agiert das Gerät auch als MIDI-to-Triggert-Converter! Die Midi-implementation der TR 505 ist recht umfangreich, der Sequencer leicht zu programmieren, was auch mit dem übersichtlichen und großen Display zusammenhängt. Alles in allem macht es sehr viel Spaß mit dem Ding zu spielen!

Auf der Gehäusefront sind 16 neue Drehregler untergebracht, diese sitzen ebenfalls auf einem beschrifteten Frontblech aus gebürstetem Aluminium:

Da sind zunächst die Volumepotis, diese erlauben es die einzelnen Voices separat in der Lautstärke zu regeln (Rim und Clap sind zusammen gefasst, genau so wie die Toms und die Timbale, die offene und geschlossene HiHat, das Ride und die Crash).

Gleichzeitig kann man über diese Potis den Sound auch etwas “anzerren”: In der 12-Uhr-Position ist das Maximum an Lautstärke erreicht, weiteres Drehen nach rechts bewirkt eine zunehmende Übersteuerrung der internen Mischerstufe. Dies gibt den Sounds nochmal mehr Druck und Schmutz! Um dieses Verhalten auch haptisch zu unterstreichen wurden Volumepotis mit Mittenrastung auf 12 Uhr gewählt.

Die Einzelausgänge sind von den Volumepotis unabhängig, d.h.: der Sound kann an den Einzelausgängen abgegriffen werden und liegt parallel an beiden Masterausgängen an. Der dazu gehörige Volumepoti beeinflusst nur die Lautstärke im Masterausgang, nicht im Einzelausgang – da dieser naturgemäß ja an einen Kanal im Mischpult angeschlossen wird (und vorher vielleicht noch durch diverse Effekte geschickt wird).

Die anderen 8 Potis regeln die Tonhöhen der Sounds. Dies ist in einem weiten Bereich möglich – zur Erinnerung: im unmodifizierten Zustand ins keinerlei Klangregelung an der TR 505 möglich!

Dies wurde durch das hinzufügen von 8 neuen internen Oszillatoren ermöglicht, mit denen sich nun die Abspielgeschwindigkeit der Sound steuern lässt. Der Pitch kann in einem weiten Bereich geregelt werden und der Effekt reicht von bitgecrunchtem Lofi zu hochgepitchten Zippersounds. Die “normalen” TR 505 Sounds sind natürlich ebenfalls immer noch “reindrehbar”. Da sich die Resultate etwas von dem unterscheidet was man bei anderen Geräten unter “Pitch” versteht, sind die Drehregler mit “Warp” bezeichnet.

Es ist naturgemäß schwierig den Sound zu beschreiben, deshalb gibt es hier ein paar Samples, die einen kleinen Überblick über die Möglichkeiten der Maschine geben. Alle Samples sind “dry” aufgenommen, d.h. kein EQ-ing und keine Effekte wurden verwendet.

Die Modifikationen entstanden auf der Basis von Burnkit2600 (googlen) und sind getestet und bewährt.

Alles in Allem ist dieses eine sehr interessante Drumbox mit massig Möglichkeiten. Schon mal darüber nachgedacht die Crash extrem tief zu stimmen, durch einen Filter im Modularsystem zu schicken, und mit dem Triggerausgang der Crash gleichzeitig einen EG-Generator zu triggern, welcher den Filter sweept?

Selbst als reiner Triggersequencer ist diese 505 extrem gut geeignet!

Zum Lieferumfang gehört das originale Handbuch. Ich gebe ausserdem noch die zum Betrieb notwendigen Batterien hinzu. Sie können die TR 505 auch mit einem handelsüblichen 9V-Netzteil betreiben.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Roland, TR-707 @ 02 May 2010, Comments Off on Custom Diabolical Designs Roland TR-707

“For sale is my modified Roland TR-707

This is the same TR-707 used on the track “707” on the album:
Anodyne – Corrosion (available from etc)

Heavily modified but can switch from mods to normal use simply.

The TR-707 has the same ride cymbal sample used in a TR-909.
The TR-707 is the drum machine used on Phuture – Acid Trax along with a 727.
The sequencer is largely the same as a 909, complete with shuffle, flam, accent and of course Midi In and Out.

Seperate volume for each instrument.
10 outputs plus headphone out.

Mods include individual pitch bend for drum sound.
Metallic, distorted, echoed, synth tones.
Patches can be switched on, patched in whatever order you like and cross modded with other circuit bent synths.
Leds have been added to give it a cool switchable red / blue glow as you turn on and off mods.

It was modified by Diabolical Designs in America, cost a fortune in shipping and taxes but well worth it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Oberheim @ 20 April 2010, Comments Off on Custom Synth with Oberheim, Boss and MXR Components

“You are bidding on a unique Simmons Custom Multi FX/Mono-Synth

This unit was custom made for me by Dave Simmons in the mid 70’s to cut down on “luggage” to and from sessions and believe me, this small box was a BIG help! and can be heard on countless Movies, TV programs, Jingles and albums from its creation up until I hung up my session spurs in the late 80’s.

The box is made up of
some seriously major
Vintage Heavy Hitters
such as the

Boss CE1 Chorus/Ensemble

Roland AP.7 Jet Phaser

Boss GE-10 Graphic Equalizer

MXR Phase 90

MXR Flanger

MXR Noise Gate


Last but by no means least,
A custom Mono-Synth that switches between ARP, Moog and Oberheim circuits for unbeatable flexibility.

Regrettably it has been quite a few years since I last called upon the “box” as now I really only write symphonic scores, so it feels like its about time that I passed this one of a kind collectors piece on to someone who can really utilize it’s full potential.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Custom, Roland, TR-606 @ 14 March 2010, Comments Off on Highly Modified Roland TR-606 MKII by Exfade

“Roland Tr-606 modded by exfade. Exactly the same has the first model apart from a few features: Mutes for each channel. The Hi tom now has a pitch, decay and volume control. The back panel is also a bit better tha before. Check it out on youtube here Loads of controls to make the 606 a real beast. Get 808 like booms, 909 esq kicks and whole lot more! The box was custom made out of some hardwood, the panel silk screened on stainless steel, so this is a very solid unit. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding. Mods: Bass Drum: Pitch, Decay, Tone, Envelope Snare: Pitch, Decay, Tone, Noise Toms: Pitch, Decay, 2xBass Boost (909 kick mode) Cymbal: Pitch, Decay, BPF, LPF Hi Hats: OHH Decay, CHH Decay, BPF, HPF Individual outs, silk screened stainless steel panel, hardwood box”