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“DX7 IID with ram cartridge, sustain pedal, manual, & music rack,, cond. 9 out of 10 never giged, very little use, battery is fresh, this board has had an easy life, keybed and buttons all work and feel fresh! non smoking, mostly stored away.”

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“Up for Auction is a vintage Yamaha DX7 keyboard synthesizer in perfect condition. Includes all things shown like SBK case, and Breathe activator.” Link

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“This keyboard has many problems as I can see the volume control needs to be replaced a few keys need to be fixed it comes on powers up fine but no sound or sometime I’ll get a note to ring. If your handy you can fix this or sell parts you will get yoi r money back 4 times. NO RETURNS AS IS”

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“Gebrauchsspuren vorhanden, Tasten und Knöpfe scheinen alle zu funktionieren, lediglich mit kleinem Kopfhörer getestet, da gab es teilweise Übersteuerungen, Verkauf erfolgt daher ohne Garantie auf alle Funktionen. Vorabbesichtigung und Test erwünscht.” Link

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“Classic 80s modelling synth. Had a few knocks so not in perfect cosmetic condition. See pics. It also has a key that occasionally plays itself. Otherwise working just fine. Usable as is as there are long periods where it’s quiet, but not predictable enough for live without getting fixed. ” Link

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“A classic synthesizer in great working condition. This versatile and expressive synth littered the charts in the eighties (“Bad” by Michael Jackson, “Out of Touch” by Hall & Oates, “You Spin me Round” by Dead or Alive) as well as being a firm favourite of Brian Eno.

Overall it’s in pretty good condition with the sort of wear and scratches you’d expect on the case.

I’ve also included a high quality keyboard stand and a technics foot pedal which can be used for sustain or portamento with the DX7.”

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“Yamaha DX7 MKII FD FM Vintage Synthesizer with RAM Cartridge

Excellent condition (see photos), full working order” Link

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“Yamaha DX7 Keyboard FM Synthesizer w/ Case,
Manual, (2) original 64 patch Voice Data
Cartridges 3 + 4, Cover & MIDI Cable

Bought in the 80’s from the original owner. Used it for
a few years in my home studio and put it away for quite a while.

Everything functions perfectly on this synth. All has been tested
and is working except I was not able to test the breath control,
or expression control inputs, as I don’t have the proper controllers.

This DX7 is in Very Good condition for a 30+ year-old synth; it has
some stand rash on the bottom (see pictures).

I had a repair tech install a new battery on 10/25/2017; so it generally
should be good for 3 – 5 (or more) years.

Includes the 2 original voice cartridges (3 & 4 shown in pictures)
so it is just like when bought new, the manual, rare performance
notes pamphlet and a 10’ – 15’ MIDI cable (inside the zippered pouch).

The case is a hard poly-foam case with inserts to hold your DX7
firmly in place. *One of the handles on the case has ripped off due to
age. I have included the part if you want to have it repaired. The case
does have a shoulder strap, however, for ease of carrying.”

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“When boot, display says it’s E!quipped. A cartridge also comes with the unit, not sure if it’s original or upgrade… I pressed a number of keys and it appears to be taking inputs fine… There’s setup screen (as pictured) which shows “ffffffffffffffffff” on some parameters… Forum people say battery needs replacement (youtube has videos showing how this could get done) …” Link

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“Yamaha dx7 mk1 classic 80s synth well used condition but All works fine except bottom part of display not showing on certain numbers but does not effect way it plays all keys are good .Also 2 voice roms included as seen in pictures. Anyone wants to come and have a play very welcome prior to bidding. Heavy item so pickup only but I could help with local delivery for fuel cost.” Link

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“Here’s the classic keyboard of the 1980s, the Yamaha DX7. I’ve had this in storage for a few years, it’s in nice shape and is built like a tank (keyboard is very heavy). Keyboard has a few small dings, powers up and I went through a few preset sounds and they sound great. I didn’t test every single thing on the keyboard, but it all appears to be in working condition. Soft case shows wear on a couple corners, but it is still intact and looks great! Includes a couple of midi cables in the case pocket.” Link

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” This Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer Keyboard is fully functional with working keys, controls (pitch/modulation), inputs/outputs (volume, midi ports, portamento, sustain) that have each been tested electrically and electronically. The keyboard cartridge memory interface works as well.

There are no major scratches or dents present and that can be verified within the pictures shown. Despite being 30+ years its in very superb condition b/c this keyboard was designed to be very robust and its built like a tank.

The keyboard also comes with a very sleek and well made carrying gig bag in black color with Yamaha professional printed on the outside. Don’t miss this opportunity to own one in good working condition without servicing needed.” Link

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“A NEW battery has been professionally installed!

100% fully functional!

There are multiple areas that have noticeable cosmetic wear!

Additional pictures available upon request!

What is included:

Yamaha DX7IIFD Synthesizer!

Original DX7ll FD ROM cartridge!” Link

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“**Excellent Condition, Mildly Restored and Cleaned by my Professional Technician who tested and updated the piece. He cleaned all the keys and switches, as well as the Floppy Drive. We replaced the Memory Battery with a Double Capacity Lithium Battery. He reprogrammed from the Rom Cartridge included, and refinished the bottom in which all of the scratches are removed. There are probably some signs of age and wear. The Carry Bag is from Precision Instruments.” Link

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“Here’s your opportunity to own a piece of music history as well as the Yamaha DX7 that started it all.

Up for auction is an early production Yamaha DX7, Serial Number: 8155, Manufacture Date Code: CB83000, suggesting that this DX7 was manufactured in 1983. You can see this information in the picture of the left rear panel.

On the bottom of the instrument, there is an old looking foil adhesive sticker indicating that this DX7 might have once belonged to REO Speedwagon at the following address:

403 North Broadway, Urbana, IL 61801.

Neal Doughty, the only remaining founding member of REO Speedwagon, which was founded in the Fall of 1967, at the University of Illinois, was the main keyboardist & presumably played this instrument. ”

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“I am selling Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer.

There are a few scratches and dents and small crack on a button, but it is in good working condition.
I changed the internal battery to new one in March this year.” Link

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“Original Mk1 version of the Yamaha DX7 up for sale.

Please study the description and photos carefully.

The unit is in full working order, there is only a slight issue with one of the programming buttons – please see details below.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very good shape despite being over 30 years old. There are some scratches above the power switch and along the back panel which I’ve photographed.

I’ve also checked the following:

Audio Out, MIDI connectivity all good.
All keys work perfectly.
Pitch bend and modulation wheels operate smoothly.
Aftertouch works.
Volume and data sliders free from noise/crackles/jumping digits etc.
Internal battery still good (was replaced some years ago).
Original factory presets restored.

The only issue I can find is with the Operator Select button which can be slightly intermittent depending on where you press it.

Also included in the auction are the original manuals (some water damage but still readable)

Operating Manual
Performance Notes
Getting Started
Step By Step Guide written by Yasuhiko Fukuda

The unit will be carefully packed and shipped in a flight case (which has seen better days but it will serve as a suitable container)”

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“The old industry standard for keyboards. This has been in storage for many many years. I don’t have the sound cartridge for this so was unable to test if it loads up. It does power up and screen seems to function. Volume knob is scratchy.” Link

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“This synthesizer is in good used condition, with some minor scuffs and scratches across the body. This unit powers up and illuminates, but it was not fully tested through a speaker system. This entire unit would benefit from a thorough cleaning upon receipt, and there may be necessary repairs of which we are unaware. This item is local pickup only, and this item also shuts of randomly, and because of that we categorized it as parts/repair” Link

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“PLEASE SEE THE DESCRIPTION FOR 60+ images! The “Unicorn” Synth! (It really does exist!) Yes, the keyboard does glow in the dark! A NEW battery has been professionally installed! What is included: Custom Anvil flight case! Yamaha Breath Controller! (Only works with patches that are programmed with Breath Modulation, a lot of people are not aware of that…) Original Manuals! Original DX7 Centennial Sheet Music Stand! Original DX7ii FD ROM cartridge! **Please note that with the anvil case the total weight of this item is over 70 lbs! 100% fully functional! There are multiple areas that have noticeable cosmetic wear! Check out the 60+ pictures for details of the cosmetic wear and ask questions!” Link

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“The physical condition of the synth is a bit of a mixed bag; it was in bad shape when I got it but I restored it to the best it could be without repainting the stencil work on the top panel. The keys are all in great shape and the synth has had a complete once over cleaning and operation wise. It also has all its components like the slider caps and sheet music holders, things usually missing on these synths.

Where it lacks in the stencil work, it makes up for in the operation; I performed a service verification using the original test program and replaced all of the tactile switches under the top panel membrane so they all work without crazy pressure as is the case when the original switches were installed. The battery is a a user-replaceable one and is brand new. Finally, I installed a new green lcd with backlight which is streets ahead of the original non-backlit display. ” Link

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“Yamaha DX7 in very nice condition.

Cosmetically excellent aside from very light general wear. Screen is clear and there are no cracks or tears in the key membrane.

New battery installed. This is really important as this style of battery needs to be soldered on and to do this requires a lot of work to access the main board. The entire keybed needs to be removed and a synth store can charge $150 + for the job.” Link

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“The keyboard is working but has been dropped on the floor leading to damage to the metalwork. The only damage to the functionality is that the top key gets stuck. It is my opinion that the keyboard can be fixed by someone with a little knowledge of metalwork.”

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“used but fully working , good condition , a few of the normal scratched to be expected on an older piece of equipment , please see photos for details ” Link

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“Yamaha DX7 Digital Synthesizer w/hard case, manual and book “The Complete DX7” by Howard Massey” Link

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” Yamaha DX7 IIFD/D in excellent condition and perfect working order, together with original ROM cartridge and Owner’s Manual.
This is the floppy disc drive version.”

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“DX7 FDII w power cord

Good condition and works perfect.

Gotta love that 80’s FM synthesis sound! Used on countless albums. A deep and somewhat complex keyboard to those who have played or own one. But what a cool board!” Link

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“Good condition, it turns on and functions but one of the keys is broken off, as pictured.” Link

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“It is an exhibition of YAMAHA DX 7 IID body and bonus. (The power cord is directly attached.), The body memory contains DATA at the time of purchase.

Although there are scratches and scratches accompanying use, it is in good condition and beautiful for years.

I confirmed the operation, it did not malfunction of the button response, it worked normally. Basic preset sounds were output from all the keyboards.

For bonus, it will be a CD that contains over 210,000 sound data for the first DX 7. It can be sent from the PC to the main unit by MIDI transfer.

I think that it can be utilized preciously and widely.” Link

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“Es funktioniert einwandfrei. Sie kaufen, was sehen Sie auf dem Foto. Viel Glück”

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“Up for sale is my beloved Yamaha DX7 mk1 with E! card. What started life as an already ahead of its time and very powerful multi-timbral polyphonic synthesizer from the 80’s is transformed with the E! card to include more of everything: MIDI functionality, additional parameters, patches, storage, MORE! Honestly, I’ll just assume you can use Google to learn more about the DX7 and E! card, so I’ll talk about problems, as it has a few given it’s 33 years old. The synth needs to ‘warm up’ like an analogue synth due to a minor issue with the E! card that I’m not sure how to fix. Turn on the synth for a minute (it’ll lie and say the ROM is corrupt, it’s not really) then restart it and it’ll work just fine. Also the second E key is raised ever so slightly, and thanks to a recent move it has a couple minor scuffs and bumps. Other than that, it’s a great synth for any collector. Includes standard memory bank cart.” Link

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“If you’re looking at this, you know what this is. A pretty cool keyboard in great condition.

It’s working well, I just played it. I hope you enjoy messing around with this synth.” Link

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“Everything seems to check out as working. A very nice piece of history and it has been well maintained. Just some light scratches and few marks with a couple of small dents at the bottom as shown in the pictures. Also there is a DL# engraved on the bottom of it from a past owner.
This Yamaha DX7 keyboard comes with a Symphony 128 ram cartridge for additional patches and also a book written specifically for the DX7. I will also throw in a gig bag for it as well. Some of these sounds are really hard to reproduce so I am told but never the less it a classic keyboard from the 80’s. Get it a great price. ” Link

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“I am the second owner of this synth, I bought it from my brother’s friend back in 92′. It has only been used for bedroom use and that was only for around 4 months. It was then stored until a couple of months ago. I have used it a few times since I took it out of storage but not using it enough, so can’t justify keeping it.
There are no issues at all with it. 100% Fully Working. All buttons, key and sliders work 100%.
The battery voltage is showing 2.9 Volts, which is very good.
It is in very clean condition, considering it’s age. There a a few little cosmetic marks but nothing serious or anything to worry about. It is overall in very nice condition.
It has the original DX7 sounds stored in it and also comes with another DX cartridge with other great sounds!
I am sure I still have the manuals for this synth as I wouldn’t have thrown them away. I will have a good look for them & if I find them they will be included. ” Link

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“We recently acquired this Yamaha DX7 at a local Chicago auction so i don’t know the complete history of the unit or how to completely operate it. I did power it on and plugged in a set of headphones and most of this synthesizer seems to work and produce sound to the headphones. It seems that all the buttons work and the pitch bend and modulation are working. I have not tested every function so there could be things wrong with this unit that i’m not aware of do to my lack of knowledge i’m selling this as-is for parts or repair and nothing is guaranteed to work. It is in overall good cosmetic condition with scratches in the paint mostly on the bottom and side. Comes with a hard case that is only in fair condition. The foam in the case has broken down from age and is crumbling.” Link