John Bowen Solaris

“As-new condition, no smoke, no gigging, private home studio. Latest OS and patches installed.

I am the original owner, purchased directly from John Bowen in 2013.

I am a noodler, so I have used this synth very lightly.

Keybed and knobs are as-new.

Sounds as good as they say i.e. 96Mhz sampling rate.

Both Black Octupus patch sets are on the SSD card (free + paid-for second set)

No problems electrically, mechanically, or cosmetically.

Accessories included:

– T-shirt
– Original manual
– A SSD card adaptor for working with the Solaris SSd card
– The original Sound on Sound article that reviews this synth

Shipping will be double-boxed and insured.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

John Bowen Solaris

“Absolutely pristine digital synth, 8 voice polyphonic with incredibly flexible, basically modular voice architecture. Very high-end 96 kHz sound. Way beyond any other digital synth in terms of both flexibility and sound quality, as can be confirmed with so many excellent demos around.”
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