Mutable Instruments Clouds

“Mutiable Instruments – Clouds Eurorack Module

Original MI module – not a clone (nothing wrong with clones, but the MI panel layout and build quality is really nice).

Great effect, and I hate to sell it, but not using it right now.

I bought this new, likely from Perfect Circuit. Never gigged, only studio use in non-smoking home, lightly handled.

Updated to the latest/last OS from Mutable Instruments. I wasn’t sure what OS it had, but did this anyway.

Everything works as it should.

You will receive everything shown – the unit itself in anti-static bubble wrap, manual, sticker, & original box.”
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Mutable Instruments Marbles

“Mutable Instruments Marbles Random Sampler EURORACK – Excellent condition. This module provides three channels of interesting sequencing options for both triggers and CVs, including constrained randomness. It understands scales, and can even learn the scale from an input sequence or performance. You can freeze patterns you like or let it wander constrained by scales and within adjustable octave ranges. Also provides a walking random voltage for adding interesting modulation variations. This is a deep module (operations wide, it is skiff friendly tho). Lightly used in a smoke-free home studio. Includes original packaging and power cable. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Mutable Instruments Marbles

“Selling a used Mutable Instruments Marbles module. I bought this when they were released and unfortunately haven’t used it all that much. I should note up front, this is NOT an audio sampler like an akai or something for making beats, it is a random sampler in that it produces random gates and triggers for your eurorack system/synthesizer. I’ve used it to make interesting rhythms and pitches for a sound or drum source. Condition of the module is great, with the exception of a bit of rack rash on both the top and bottom of the plate, otherwise like new! I don’t have the original box, but will ship in a sturdy container.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Doepfer A-100MC with Mutable Instruments Clouds, intellijel Springray

“Doepfer A 100 MC (near mint condition)
Mutable Instruments Clouds (near mint condition)
Doepfer A 180, passive multi (near mint condition)
Intellijel Designs Springray (near mint condition)
Spring Reverb Accutronics 8BB2C1B (very good condition)
Power Supply for Doepfer A 100 MC (near mint condition)
6 patch cables, 30cmm, doepfer A-100C30 (near mint condition)
2 patch cables των 15cm, Doepfer A-100C15 (near mint condition)” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

“Selling my modular as am in need of money for other purposes now.
Sad to let it go but it deserves a home where it’ll get more use 🙂

Modules included are:

A-189-1 Bit Modifier (was sent faulty unit with a loose pot, fixed with bit of card, still works fine but have removed from cost)
A-104 Trautonium Formant Filter
A-101-6 Opto VCF
A-124 Wasp VCF
2x Thomas Henry X-4046 VCO
A -180-3 Buffered Multiple
A-148 Dual S&H (only lower S&H works properly and as intended, have removed from cost)
A-118 Noise + Random Volt
A-143-2 Quad ADSR
ALM Akemies Castle
Mutable Instruments Yarns
2x A-180-2 Passive Multiple
A-138 b Exp. Mixer
A-132-3 DVCA
A-131 EXP. VCA

All the included modules are 100% functional and in great condition except for the stated issues with the Bit Modifier and Dual S&H.

Doepfer P9 case, 9U”

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