Sequential Circuits Split-Eight Project Machine

“Sequential Circuits SPLIT-EIGHT

I recently purchased it from the original owner!

She used it briefly in the day, for in a home studio

*WORKING* .. meaning it powers up,

and all controls respond

Overall .. what does work, sounds great.



Fyi ~ I’m too busy with B-3 & Leslie restoration.

No time to spend time on this.

Leaving dealing with the issue to you.

I gave it a careful light external cleaning .. that’s it.

***Average Cosmetics ~ MANY nicks & scratches


and no factory pre-sets remain in memory ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Split-Eight Project Machine

“Selling for parts or to be repaired by a qualified tech. These are the known issues I’ve found:

– No response from programming knob

– No response from tuning knob

– No sound from Output B

– Left side keys have poor contact — some work if you press hard at the top

It is in good physical shape and you can play the presets via the working keys or through another MIDI keyboard and output on the A or Mix jack. The buttons respond with proper lights, but nothing happens when you turn the programming knob so it’s in need of repair to be considered functional. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Split-Eight Project Machine

“Somebody flaked on this one a month back, after realizing it does not come with a power cord. No power cord comes with. This is a power cord missing item.. also needs a new internal batt. I have tested it with my sequential Tom cord, and it turns on and sequencing functions work…the sound has gotten quieter as the internal batt wore down. Now it doesn’t make a sound.but still powers.. please no refunds. This will need some services.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Split-Eight

“Up for sale is our Sequential Circuits SPLIT EIGHT analog synth. This is the big brother to the Six Trak and MultiTrak classic synths. It has the ability to stack or split two sounds for big analog goodness. It is loaded with custom patches for our studio… lots of great pads, efx, leads, basses and more. I left the last 2 banks blank for your programming additions! This piece sounds huge… great addition to any stage or studio that needs TRUE classic analog goodness. It works great… All buttons and keys work. I could not get midi to transmit but i think its something im not doing in the settings, otherwise this piece is ready for your music! Due to age and vintage analog era technology, sold as is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Split-Eight

split-eight ” Hello, and thank you for visiting my listing. Here we have a Sequential Circuits Split Eight in an amazing condition. They are somewhat harder to find, and are typically not in this kind of shape. It can make some extremely crazy sounds, and you can “choose between 8 voice polyphony with 1 oscillator per voice, 4 voice polyphony with dual oscillators per voice, 2 voice polyphony with a mega 4 oscillators per voice, or the unison mode which is just a fat 8-voice solo mode for trance bass and lead heaven.” (VSE) It is extremely intuitive, has MIDI IN and OUT, and is a lot of fun for someone who wants to make never-heard sounds on an analog synth in great shape.

As I outlined in the condition description and pictures, there are some nicks and some scratches, though you can also see this is in amazing condition, and would be if this were 1991 let alone 2016. You can easily repaint the side-caps…I just don’t tend to mess with older original things if they are not causing functional problems. With regards to functional problems, I can find absolutely zero. I am including the original manual, and the power supply is integrated. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Split-Eight

spliteight “This is a Sequential Split 8, which I’ve owned for more than 15 years. It’s been stored in a closet for the last 10.
Cosmetically, it’s great, and powers up right away. The key bushings feel good.

Unfortunately, one of the voices isn’t tuning properly and needs calibration.

Some of the key contacts are dirty and don’t function when pressed (but will if the key is worked back and forth and contact made.)

Because of these issues, I’m selling it as “for parts/ not working.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Split-Eight

” 1 used Sequential Circuits Split 8 Synthesizer, fully functional, all original. There are no saved presets. The wooden sides panels were damaged during a move so that they are split for roughly the length of a key. The cracked portion is still firmly in place, does not effect the function of the synthesizer at all, and could very easily be repaired/replaced by some handy individual. There is a purely superficial surface scratch, visible in pictures three and eight. There are numerous minor surface scratches on the bottom, visible in picture 9. With those cosmetic blemishes in consideration, this machine is still remarkably well preserved. Thanks!” Click here to visit listing on eBay