MU10, Yamaha @ 17 June 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha MU10

“For Sale is my Yamaha MU10 tone Generator. I principally used it as a sound module connected to a midi controller keyboard with a midi cable. By doing this you can select 128 sounds and change cutoff, resonance and sustain etc as long as you have those pots. For example I used it with a microkorg which you then control all these things by using the appropriate knobs etc as any hardware you use with it automatically will talk to this box via midi. It mainly gave me more sounds to play with and those all important organ and piano sounds in its XG sound set which the microkorg just doesn’t have. For example bank A sound 1 on the microkorg selects the first sound piano on the MU10. A2 selects the next piano sound and so on. Obviously any midi controller will operate this and do what I used it for.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.