Modcan A Modular Synthesizer

“Modcan A Series Modular Synthesizer / 27 MODULES+PSU & Cases / RARE.

Buyer pays actual shipping and insurance which will be calculated.

Cynthia Photon interface * 2

Cynthia anything module

Cynthia Dark Star chaos

Cynthia psycho analog shift register

Cynthia programmer

Cynthia dual adsr * 2

Cynthia twin wasp filter

Cynthia filthy filter

Cynthia 6 input mixer

Cynthia gate sequencer

Cynthia large power supply

6 Cynthia six pack module holders

Modcan a follower 45a

Modcan triple vco 70a

Modcan dual video 62 a

Modcan noise / S&H / ring 07 a

Modcan CV recorder 57 a

Modcan low-pass Filter 02 a

Modcan for pole low-pass 14a

Modcan 4075 filter 36a

Modcan cem low-pass 29a

Modcan interface 25A

Modcan for VCA 31a

Modcan dual LFO 05 a

Sputnik waveform generator

AC gristleizer DLX

AC Russian module filter ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Modcan A Modular Synthesizer

“Up for sell is my Modcan A system with lots of rare modules and extras.

Included cases and power supplys:

Cynthia large powersupply

Cynthia medium powersupply

8 Cynthia six-pack cases (can hold up to 6 modules each)

Custom built tabletopcase for Modcan Touch Sequencer 72b

Custom built Pelicancase (can hold up to 6modules, a medium PSU, and a reverb tank)

Included moduels:

Modcan E-Follower 45A

Modcan Triple VCO 70 A

Modcan Dual VDO 62A

Modcan NOISE / S&H / RING 07A

Modcan CV Recorder 57A

Modcan lowpass Filter 02A

Modcan 4 Pole lowpass 14A

Modcan 4075 Filter 36A

Modcan CEM lowpass 29A

Modcan Interface 25A

Modcan 4 VCA 31A

Modcan Dual LFO 05A

Modcan Touch Sequencer 72B (customized withbanana jacks)

Cynthia Photon interface (x2, with lamps)

Cynthia Anything Module

Cynthia Dark Star chaos

Cynthia Psycho ASR (Analog Shift Register)

Cynthia Programmer

Cynthia Dual ADSR (x2)

Cynthia twin Wasp Filter

Cynthia Filthy Filter

Cynthia 6 Input Mixer

Cynthia Gate Sequencer

Sputnik Modular Waveform Generator

Analog Craftsman Gristleizer DLX

Analog Craftsman acVOKS VCF

667 Sub-octave MUX

Faceplates for (unbuilt)DIY modules:

Cynthia Dual Reverb

Cynthia Frostwave Resonator (x2)

Cynthia Super Ladder Filter

667 Yasuhiko Mori 20”
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