D-550, Roland @ 25 June 2017, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“Roland D550 synthesizer. The faceplate is in nice condition. There are scratches and rack wear on the top and sides. The screen is clear and legible but it needs a new backlight. Beside the dim screen everything works great and it sounds fantastic! Comes with power cord.” Link

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 12 February 2017, Comments Off on Roland D-550 with Roland PG-1000

s550pg “Classic one of the kind synth with rare editor! With two sound cards (one not loading, needs battery?) NO power adapter or connecting cables incl. D-550 2 prong power cable is included. Both units power up and D-550 plays. Looks like it needs a battery… Int sounds drop out after 24hrs. Plays from and loads LA sound card W/O issue. Programmer powers up and parameter change when moving faders. I don’t have the cable (Midi?) ” Link

D-550, Roland @ 02 October 2016, Comments Off on Roland D-550

d-5500 “I’m selling my D-550 Vintage Synthesizer (Rack mount version of the D-50). Comes with the original memory card. Always used in my smoke free studio only. I have 2 of them. (please see my other listing if interested). I haven’t been using this D-550 the last couple of years with my recent music, so onto ebay it goes.

I just played it for about ½ hour to check it out. The backlight is out, but the display is very clear and readable. It has some scratches and scuffs as would be expected (as pictured). All the buttons on the front panel are working fine, although the lower #1 patch button is a little weird and must be pressed at the lower left corner. It sounds great and I found no other issues. This unit is sold as is. ” Link

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D-550, Roland @ 29 May 2016, Comments Off on Roland D-550

d550 “Near mint roland D-550 + 2 D-50 Roland memory cards and Original Manual.

Works perfectly, sounds incredible.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 14 February 2016, Comments Off on Lot of 2 Roland D-550 Units

d-550 “Roland D-550 ‘s ,this auction is for both units and they both need new backlights , you can see by the pics that the top one is read able but getting dark around the edges and the bottom is out but read able in light but audio-wise they’re fine and work as they should, the top unit the transformer hums a little you won’t here it if its in a rack but if its unracked laying on a table you’d hear it but you won’t hear it if a band is playing live, this isn’t that big of a deal I just wanted to point it out, comes w/power cables” Link

D-550, Roland @ 06 September 2015, Comments Off on Roland D-550

used d550“A vintage synth great for classic old school sounds
Comes with original power cord and MIDI implementation booklet and edit map card
In solid condition with just a few scratches
Rack mountable” Link

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 19 July 2015, Comments Off on Roland D-550 with PG-1000 Programmer

d550“You’re bidding on a Roland D-550 Linear Synth module and a Roland PG-1000 Programmer Module. They are being auctioned together. Units power up and LCD on 550 is good. They are untested as I don’t have any midi cables. Power cords included.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 26 April 2015, Comments Off on Roland D-550

roland d-550“Used, usual wear and tear with scratches and scrapes (rack rash) on surface (see last pic showing the top of the unit). Just replaced the internal battery and re-loaded the factory sounds into the internal memory. Tested it out and everything is good to go!” Link

D-550, Roland @ 26 April 2015, Comments Off on Roland D-550

roland d-550 “Fully functional.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 01 March 2015, Comments Off on Roland D-550

d550” This is a D550 in working condition. New battery. The backlight is dimmer than new, but still amply readable.

I will include a CD of software and patches. ” Link

D-550, Roland @ 14 December 2014, Comments Off on Roland D-550

roland d550 “The sales includes:

Roland D550 two spaces rack mount unit (The synth module)
AC/DC Cable
Memory Card (RAM): M-256D

Item Conditions:
Used with signs of normal wear. Used only in estudio, backlight and battery replaced (see pictures).” Link

D-550, Roland @ 28 September 2014, Comments Off on Roland D-550

rolandd550” For sale is a Roland D-550. Tested, sounds goood, unit is clean. Sold As-Is. The wife is making me clear out all my gear that I’m not using. My loss your gain.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off on Roland D-550 Project Machine


*For Parts* Roland D550 Rack Module Synthesizer

It’s not power up. Dead unit.

SOLD AS-IS for parts repair purpose ONLY.

power cord is not included.

No memory card.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 27 July 2014, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“I’m selling my vintage Roland D-550. I used it to score TV shows and movies in the 90’s and used this box on many kids shows from the 90’s like RugRats, Catdog, Disney’s Recess,etc… It’s a cool synth from another era. It’s in good condition. The back light is getting dim but is still readable. I put a new battery in it. It comes with a memory card and a manual as well. ” Link

D-550, Roland @ 08 June 2014, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“The Roland D-550 is a rack mountable version of Roland’s famous D-50. It’s considered by many as one if not the greatest digital synthesizers of all time. It was released in 1987 and was one of the first synthesizers to feature stereo FX processing. It was used in recordings by Eric Clapton, Enya, Vangelis, Duran Duran, and Angelo Badalamenti on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. This specific unit is 100% functional with minimal wear ( front of synth, controls, and screen are all in perfect condition ). the only place where scratches are noticeable is on the top of the unit and around the screw holes on the front. they’re both very light. ” Link

D-550, Roland @ 01 June 2014, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“I have used this Synthesizer only in my place. Great sounds! Only has one problem. The backlight of the LCD screen has gone out. I have read that with this synth that tends to happen over time. The txt on the LCD screen can still be read but is dim compared to normal use. This does not affect sound quality at all. ” Link

D-550, Roland @ 27 April 2014, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“This listing is for a Roland D-550 LA synth module. Rack mount version of the D-50. Absolute classic synth, famous for its pads and textures, and used on countless recordings and soundtracks. Just check it out online!

* This one has a damaged rack ear on the top left corner. Clearly visible in the pictures. You can probably straighten it out a bit more, though. The face is in good overall shape and there’s only typical minor rack wear otherwise. Also note that the display backlight is burned out, which is very common. It’s a 30.00 part on Ebay, and easy to install. You can obviously see the display in a lit room, but it doesn’t have the classic blue “glow” unless you replace the backlight (again, happens to all of these at some point, and super cheap to replace when it does).” Link

D-550, Roland @ 30 March 2014, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“I am retired from the Recording Industry now and selling off my rack gear. This synth is still in demand by a lot of vintage minded midi programers and composers. This unit broke the norm of sound synthesis with the use of a new IC called the LA CHIP. Using Linear Arithmetic synthesis, a total unique and high quality sound system became the go to rack for many studios around the world. This system is in great shape, both cosmetically and it still works like it should. I have lost the manual. (I think I loaned it out and never got it back.) I have, however, downloaded the 134 page manual and transferred it to CD-Rom. The original cable is provided and the very rare original patch card. Please refer to the pictures” Link

D-550, Roland @ 30 March 2014, Comments Off on Roland D550 with Musitronics upgrades

“Rare Roland D550 w/ full Musitronics upgrades

Very hard to find factory German Musitronics upgraded and expanded Roland D 550 w/256 memory card and nearly every sound card ever made for the D50/D550 series in Sysex CD rom complete with lib software. All Roland manuals are included as well as Musitronics manuals.

This D550 was upgraded in Germany and has the quartz crystal CPU that is 35% faster than all other D550s and The M-EX memory upgrade. These upgrades are no longer available and set this D550 apart from all other units.

Unit is adult owned, 100% functional, has new super bright display and fresh batteries, no issues, very clean racked in my home for years and sounds amazing.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 02 February 2014, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“Excellent condition. No accessories. Uses standard cords, not included.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 29 December 2013, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“This particular D-550 has never been used. It is still in its original packaging. It comes with the manual and all relevant cords.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 17 November 2013, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“Excellent condition. Comes with the power cable, original manual and memory card.” Link

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 07 April 2013, Comments Off on Roland D-550 with PG-1000 Programmer

“Rack version of D50 LA synthesizer and PG1000 programmer.
Stunning sounds, really huge and crisp! Considered a vintage synth by many (including myself) and highly collectable.
Great 80s and 90s sounds for retro fans.

In full working order, a bit dusty and a couple of minor scratches from the flight case it’s lived in.
LCD screen in perfect working order, backlight also in full working order.” Link

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 30 December 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550 with PG-1000 Programmer

“You know what this is. A classic! In great shape, functioning perfectly, except for a burned out LED. An easy fix, no doubt. The PG is missing 3 slider caps – they can be bought on Ebay. The sliders work perfectly. Manuals for both units, neatly printed and bound.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 04 November 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“Up for auction is a Roland D-550 Legendary Linear Synth MIDI Module D550 D 550 . I am listing this item as used, and have no way of checking it other than powering up, which it does. I recently purchased a large lot of musical accessories and will be listing them in the coming weeks.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 30 September 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“Roland D550 (the rack module version of the D50 keyboard)
Good cosmetic condition overall and sounds as great as ever.
NEW memory battery inserted for many more years of use. (CR2032)
Factory sounds were loaded back in after battery replacement

NOTE: Front face is in good shape with minor scratches that are in line with a unit of this age.
The TOP of the case is scratched into the vinyl coated aluminum on the left and right sides as shown in the photos. There is nothing to affect the sound or structure of the module.
The LCD backlight is pretty much ‘gone’ but as you can see in the photos, it’s still very clear to read.
Replacement backlights are available on ebay if you so choose to put one in.” Link

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550 with PG-1000

“Here is the whole package! All in good working order accept the backlight is out on the D-550 (display still very readable in good light). Included are the Owners Manuals for both units, 1 PN-050-01 Memory card with Bouncing Bows loaded, 1 PN-050-00 Memory card with Fantasia loaded, the D-550 Sound Chart-Parameter Quick Guide laminated card, a sheet with Edit Map, Edit Functions, and Structure of Tone Parameters, and an original D-550 Roland power cord. A wall wart power supply will be included for the PG-1000 although it is not Roland original equipment. Great sounding classic units! With the PG-1000 your imagination is the only limiting factor!” Link

D-550, Roland @ 12 August 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550 Project Machine

“This listing is for a Roland D-550 sound module. The unit is not powering up and has been opened up. Being sold AS IS for parts with no warranty or returns allowed. ” Link

D-550, Roland @ 12 August 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“This Roland D550 synthesizer has been used indoors in a small recording studio, smoke free and very well taken care of.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 05 August 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“Works great, some scratches on the top (see pic).
Comes with the power cord
Perfect for any replacement or project” Link

D-550, Roland @ 22 July 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“Get “that” Roland sound in a format that software just can’t match. This is the rack mount version of the legendary Roland D-50 synthesizer. Power cord and 1 memory card included.” Link

D-550, Roland @ 08 April 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“Works perfectly.

Very slight cosmetic blemishes from putting in rack, etc.

Pro recording studio use only.

Included are two data cards. One is a Roland original PN-D50-00, and the other is custom patches from a company called D-Spectrum/Patch Works. There are some very nice additional sounds here, though for some reason I can’t get it to read this card. It’s not damaged or anything. But it says RAM instead of ROM on it, so maybe it requires a little battery, I’m not sure. I’m sure the D50 experts out there will know what’s wrong. Anyway, it’s there if you want it, and I do remember it has some great sounds on it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

D-550, Roland @ 25 March 2012, Comments Off on Roland D550

“Module in good condition – comes with original manual, preset patch data card and power lead” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

D-550, Roland @ 04 March 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550

“BARELY used.
FULLY functional.
This is from a SPOTLESS, well known composer’s, non smoking studio.
I believe I have the manual and will add to the description when I confirm.
NO cards.
Module only.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.