Roland D-550

“Roland D-550 Digital Linear Synthesizer Rack – Very Good Condition!

This instrument is in very good condition and fully functional – everything works as it should without any issues at all. The screen is nice and bright and all buttons and knobs function properly.

The instrument shows normal signs of use and wear in the form of several scratches, rack rash, and missing rubber feet. Please refer to the photos for overall condition.

The sale includes the power cord.

I am not the original owner, but I have verified that everything is in full working order.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

“This listing is for a Roland D-550 rackmount synthesizer. Classic 80’s synthesizer, heard on countless records. Kept in a smoke free, home studio and in excellent working order. Includes M-256D memory card.

Feel free to check our perfect feedback and bid with confidence. Item will be professionally packed to ensure safe delivery. If you have any questions, please email before bidding. Thanks for looking!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

“Roland D550 19″ Rack mount version of the legendary Roland D50 Linear Synthesizer from the late 80s. Combining real samples of the attack portion of sounds with synthesized sustaining portions, this synthesizer can be heard all over classic tracks of the time. Although it is 16 voice most sounds combine 2 of these (partials in Roland speak) which translates to 8 voice polyphony. It also features a basic EQ, chorus and reverb effects.

This example is in used but in good condition for its age. It has been rack mounted in a studio its whole life. There are a few minor scratches but no dings or dents. It has just been serviced and all is working as it should. The 3v lithium battery has been changed.

Included in the sale:

D550 Rackmount module
PN D50-00 patch card
PN D50-01 patch card” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

“Roland D-550 Vintage Synthesizer

This is the rack mount version of the Roland D50.

Overall the condition is very good. See photos
Backlit LCD in good shape. All functions working properly. No issues . Comes with power cord. Internal battery is ok for now but may need replaced at some point. Sold as is. No warranty implied” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

“IF your looking at this item you know what it is, after 30 years sitting in a road rack

in a temperature controlled room its time to send my old gear to someone who will use and

appreciate it 80’s synth sounds are back so you might as well play the real thing.

The Synth works 100%

Has New Display 100%, Original Manual, Original Power Cord.

I tested as best i could and the unit fully functions with clear display has some scratches mostly on top form rack wear.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

“For sale is a Roland D-550 synthesizer module D-50 rackmount version. It comes with it’s original power cord plus 3 Roland sound cards. It’s in beautiful condition with a scratch-free face and just light scratches on the top of the unit. The internal lithium battery was recently replaced and everything appears to be working as it should. It’s been in my smoke-free home studio for 30 years. The power button works but sometimes gets a little sticky (I think it just needs cleaning…for now a wiggle takes care of it). I recently tried playing it with my wind controller and it sounded great.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good – There is some scratches of rack rash on top of the chassis, but the front-panel is in excellent shape, all buttons are fully intact, display is clean and free from scratches. The master volume knob has some dings and a crack on the side of the cap. Overall condition is very good.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

“This is a vintage piece of gear manufactured in 1988. It is possible it may require minor maintenance, replacement of memory battery, cleaning of potentiometers and switches, and older gel capacitors can dry out over time and require replacement. This is routine for older electronics, not expensive to do, and comes with the territory. It works fine for me and I’m sure it will work fine for you. However: No returns. No refunds. I will do some video demos and tests if requested by potential buyers but I am not going to be taking things back because noob buyers are unable to wield a can of De-Oxit and a soldering iron. This thing is HEAVY (made of metal) and once shipped it stays shipped. Buyer Beware.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

“Beautiful sounding – beautiful looking Roland D-550 Linear Synthesizer. No scratches. A vintage late 80’s masterpiece in synthesizer technology. Includes original manual and other printed material. New battery. Does not include original box. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

“Roland D550 synthesizer. The faceplate is in nice condition. There are scratches and rack wear on the top and sides. The screen is clear and legible but it needs a new backlight. Beside the dim screen everything works great and it sounds fantastic! Comes with power cord.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550 with Roland PG-1000

s550pg “Classic one of the kind synth with rare editor! With two sound cards (one not loading, needs battery?) NO power adapter or connecting cables incl. D-550 2 prong power cable is included. Both units power up and D-550 plays. Looks like it needs a battery… Int sounds drop out after 24hrs. Plays from and loads LA sound card W/O issue. Programmer powers up and parameter change when moving faders. I don’t have the cable (Midi?) ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

d-5500 “I’m selling my D-550 Vintage Synthesizer (Rack mount version of the D-50). Comes with the original memory card. Always used in my smoke free studio only. I have 2 of them. (please see my other listing if interested). I haven’t been using this D-550 the last couple of years with my recent music, so onto ebay it goes.

I just played it for about ½ hour to check it out. The backlight is out, but the display is very clear and readable. It has some scratches and scuffs as would be expected (as pictured). All the buttons on the front panel are working fine, although the lower #1 patch button is a little weird and must be pressed at the lower left corner. It sounds great and I found no other issues. This unit is sold as is. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Lot of 2 Roland D-550 Units

d-550 “Roland D-550 ‘s ,this auction is for both units and they both need new backlights , you can see by the pics that the top one is read able but getting dark around the edges and the bottom is out but read able in light but audio-wise they’re fine and work as they should, the top unit the transformer hums a little you won’t here it if its in a rack but if its unracked laying on a table you’d hear it but you won’t hear it if a band is playing live, this isn’t that big of a deal I just wanted to point it out, comes w/power cables” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-550

“I am retired from the Recording Industry now and selling off my rack gear. This synth is still in demand by a lot of vintage minded midi programers and composers. This unit broke the norm of sound synthesis with the use of a new IC called the LA CHIP. Using Linear Arithmetic synthesis, a total unique and high quality sound system became the go to rack for many studios around the world. This system is in great shape, both cosmetically and it still works like it should. I have lost the manual. (I think I loaned it out and never got it back.) I have, however, downloaded the 134 page manual and transferred it to CD-Rom. The original cable is provided and the very rare original patch card. Please refer to the pictures” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D550 with Musitronics upgrades

“Rare Roland D550 w/ full Musitronics upgrades

Very hard to find factory German Musitronics upgraded and expanded Roland D 550 w/256 memory card and nearly every sound card ever made for the D50/D550 series in Sysex CD rom complete with lib software. All Roland manuals are included as well as Musitronics manuals.

This D550 was upgraded in Germany and has the quartz crystal CPU that is 35% faster than all other D550s and The M-EX memory upgrade. These upgrades are no longer available and set this D550 apart from all other units.

Unit is adult owned, 100% functional, has new super bright display and fresh batteries, no issues, very clean racked in my home for years and sounds amazing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay