Korg DV-800

“one of the very few 2 voice polyphonic synths ever created. What does that mean? Much like the Oberheim TVS, the 800DV has two completely independent voices, 2 osc, 2 filters, 2 envelopes, 2 VCA’s. Add to that two sub osc, 2 ring modulators, 2 independent vibrato and portamento’s, everything independent for each voice, with the very unique repeat function which can be set for both voices or one voice.

This unit has some fading to the silkscreen controls, but otherwise is in nice shape and all original and in good working order. It is 240v and will need a step transformer to be used in the U.S. ”
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Korg Maxi-Korg

” Classic spooky sounding synthesizer with only a few cosmetic issues, But does have several component level issues that would need to be dealt with by a technician at some point..

Had it inspected and it is semi-functional, there are some dirty pots and sliders. Did not do any service on them but Deox it or taking to a professional for cleaning would be recommended if you’re concerned. The top voice seems to fade out after a few minutes of use, expect that there are electronics issues including capacitors and other components that will need to be replaced to make this fully playable. I can create a video running through each issue that I found if you like but consider this a unit that will need service before being studio ready. It absolutely passes sound and the sound it comes out of it is amazing.

There is some confusion about these model numbers but basically this is a Univox version which is just Brandon, no functional changes from the Korg version.

What’s great about this keyboard is all the parts are available it’s not one that breaks and then you’re screwed, this is worth a full restoration at some point but big could be used right now to some degree as is.

Added a completely new set of wood panels made in the USA, you can have the originals if you like but they are pretty beat up.

This will be double boxed, fully insured, and shipped as safely as possible. This is a very important historical synthesizer and needs to arrive in the same state is left, going to work hard to ensure that.

Here are the issues:

Not the full factory set of slider caps, looks like some custom ones here. I’m guessing you could 3-D print replacements or simply go with what you have here. does not affect the ability, but if you are a stickler for original parts this one has had replacements added over the years. I’d be confident knowing you’d be able to replace all of them with reproductions considering all the different knob and slider projects that are happening these days.

The case has some rust on it pictured, nothing inside is rusting all the boards are clean. Will leave that clean up to you but basically some naval jelly and it won’t progress further.

Has 5 non-original keys. But they work perfectly and blend in with the rest of us that very well.

This is very minor but it’s missing screws in a few places, these could easily be replaced and the case feels very solid without them.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Maxi-Korg DV-800

“Korg DV-800 Maxi Korg.
If you’ve got this far I presume you know what you’re looking at here.
Totally original, nobody has messed about trying to “upgrade” it (rare in itself….)
Every contrrol works as intended.
Very lightly used.
There is now an international market for the rare the survivors out there.
This has been a UK supplied machine, so the correct 240v power supply.
(No, despite what people may say, these machines do not take kindly to the wrong mains voltage !)
Really, be aware of that to avoid a rather expensive mistake if you are looking at an imported device.
Even has the original (no, not photocopied) Owner’s Manual.
Plese come and try out, I am certainly not a dealer but do have a suitable Combo that you can play this through to check all the controls work as they should etc.”
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