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“Tonus Model 2002 predecessor to ARP 2500

only around 20 units produced between 1970-1971 before production started on the later ARP 2500 Model 2515.
Recently fully restored by Phil Cirocco at CMS Discrete Synthesizers in the US
Additional calibration and snagging carried out by Keith Kniveton at Lucid Sound in the UK
Cabinet fully restored.

2 X Model 1004T VCO
1 X Model 1004R VCO (very rare rocker switch module)
1 X Model 1033 Dual Env
1 X Model 1006 Filt/Amp
1 X Model 1027 Sequencer
2 X Model 1026 Preset/Voltage Module (clones, see details below)
1 X Model 1002 Power Control Module (modified for European use)
Keyboard Model 3221

System serial no. 008 built in 1970.

As part of the schedule of works, Phil replaced the power supplies with modern linear models.

All modules were assessed and repairs carried out as needed. Trimmers were added as per ARP specs to aid future calibration.

1002 power module had upgraded front panel on/off switches to work under European 220V power specs.

1026 modules are a short run produced in very low numbers last year, the 1026 was only ever a prototype and never formally released. It syncs to the 1027 sequencer and 2 x 1026’s can be daisy chained which is how its currently configured. They introduce random elements to sequencer steps and are highly complex, interacting with each other.

This has been a no expense spared restoration and has taken around 6 years to complete.

Phil C commented it was the earliest system he’s ever worked on and was ‘historically significant’

Sonically, it sounds incredible and even in its current layout can sound very complex, admittedly its not the most advanced of configurations and there are currently 2 blank module spaces that could add more tone colour if populated with additional modules.

this is a rare opportunity to pick up an icon of electronic music.

I’m now starting work on a second system so letting this one go.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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arp 2500

Here is a rare chance to get my beloved Arp 2500. This one is a thing of beauty. It has the original wooden cabinet. In superb condition. It has never left my smoke free studio.

It works fine but some modules might need calibration.

I hardly use it now and I want it to go to someone who’s going to make great sounds with it and care for it as well.

It does come with the original owner’s manual. I will add a picture of it as well.

What you see in the pictures is what you get. Nothing more, nothing less.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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2500 “you are bidding on a very rare ARP 2508 wing cabinet.

when loaded with modules it can be used standalone or connected to a main 2500 cabinet

comes complete with power module

physical condition is excellent, although there are some small marks/chips in the paintwork here and there.

I have 2 of these cabinets available. Both are identical.

power is currently setup at 230V” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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2600 “ARP 2600P Synthesizer with 3604P Keyboard
Comes with keyboard connection cable (original) and power cable (not original)

Up for auction is the incredible ARP 2600P Synthesizer with 3604P Keyboard. This is a functioning unit (with the exception of the issues listed below) and is cosmetically in great shape for being over 40 years old!

With minimal restoration this classic analog synthesizer could be restored to is original glory.

Serial Numbers: 26958 (synth) 36958 (keyboard)

Known Issues: Reverb unit is not functioning, Sine Wave normal on VCO-1 not functioning, Internal speakers not functioning, Cable between keyboard and synth unit works but has intermittent connection, crackling sound on sliders (will go away after being exercised)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” Ugh. It’s killing me to have to have to sell her. But recent events have deemed it necessary. You’re bidding on an ARP 2600 (2600p V 3.0 if you’re super geeky) with keyboard. Only had 2 owners. Unfortunately it’s spent many years in basement studios. So the case has some wear but the condition of the board is FANTASTIC! Both speakers work. The great Arp reverb is working as well. Some of the sliders have some slight static but overall sound is great. The biggest issue and one I’ve had for over 20 years, is the keyboard doesn’t seem to work. Not sure if it’s the connectors or the wire but I’ve never gotten it to fully work. I usually patched in my Odyssey II to have use of a keyboard. But mostly I would just play it with out a keyboard using the sliders. Or plugging in a guitar to it. It definitely will require work to get her in “brand new” condition. But as it stands this synth is in GREAT shape! I’m also including a binder full of patches! I’m selling her as is, buyer to pay s/h to be determined based on weight etc. (I won’t rip you off. See my feedback. I’m a good seller!)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Rare Vintage ARP 2600 Analog Synthesizer with 3620 Keyboard

The ARP 2600 is a semi-modular analog subtractive audio synthesizer, designed by Alan R. Pearlman with Dennis Colin, and manufactured by his company, ARP Instruments, Inc. as the follow-on version of the. Unlike other modular systems of the time, which required modules to be purchased individually and wired by the user, the 2600 was semi-modular with a fixed selection of basic synthesizer components internally pre-wired. The 2600 was thus ideal for musicians new to synthesis, due to its ability to be operated either with or without patch cords, and was, upon its initial release, heavily marketed to high schools, universities, and other educational facilities

2601 v3.0: Late in 1980, a final revision was released with un-potted submodules, making them easier to maintain, and a revised suitcase. However these late models are quite rare as their release coincided with ARP’s final days.

There were three versions of the remote keyboard associated with the 2600. The Model 3601 is a very rudimentary version with just Portamento and Tuning controls. The Model 3604 is similar but adds adjustable scaling and was used until 1974. The duo-phonic Model 3620 (pictured) which adds a dedicated LFO, latching and some other very useful features was introduced with the 2600P v4.0 and was used with all subsequent models from 1974 to 1980.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“ARP 2600P and 3604P Keyboard.

2600 serial # 26761
3604 serial # 36720

This is a great opportunity to obtain a classic synth that needs minor repairs at a very reasonable price.

I’m selling my ARP 2600 to fuel my 5U modular addiction. I’ve owned this ARP for 10 years. I’m an amateur musician and this instrument was used in my smoke-free home studio.

It has seen little use in the past five years. The tolex is not in great condition as can be seen from the photographs. There is no damage to the underlying wood case. When I plugged everything in to test it, I found the ENVELOPE SECTION IS NOT WORKING. EVERYTHING ELSE FUNCTIONS AS IT SHOULD. Some of the sliders are scratchy as one would expect with an instrument this age. There are three missing slider caps (left speaker, one inverter and the lag slider in the voltage processor section). Both speakers work. All keys on the keyboard work. The lowest G key is slightly raised but functional.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“For sale is this vintage 1972 ARP 2600 series “2600P” analog synthesizer and matching “3604” keyboard. This particular set, serial numbers 26189 and 36186, is in very good all original condition and includes the original case lids, the original gray power cable, a non-original keyboard 6-pin cable, and non-original patch cables. The ARP 2600 is considered the absolute benchmark in compact analog semi-modular synthesis. Extremely versatile, and capable of producing a seemingly indefinite amount of both classic and modern synth sounds, the 2600 has become the standard by which other synths are measured. This is an incredibly rare example in that it is from the very highly-regarded early production run with the desirable superior 4027 filters, famous for being one of the best sounding versions. I have owned many ARP 2600s, but this is the best sounding one, the difference between it and others is actually surprisingly significant, so do not miss out on this No Reserve auction with Global shipping, because these do not come along often, and when they do, have been selling for upward of $11,000.00! This is a No Reserve auction which means the highest bidder will win… regardless of price!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This is kind of a round-about story so please bear with me. Several years ago we purchased a wing for our ARP 2500 synthesizer. Although all of the modules worked, the wood casing was badly damaged. So we got the brilliant idea to remove the modules and convert them to rack mount (standard 19”). There begins our tale of woe. We contracted with a well-known Los Angeles synthesizer module manufacturer to undertake the project and paid a large sum of money as an advance. This company did a superb job of designing the front rack plate (picture 3) and the metal shop that fabricated them did a superb job, too. Several years later, though, the project was bogged down, nothing was happening. In fact we had to pay the metal shop directly in order to get the plates, then we had to retrieve the modules, etc. We thereupon contracted with another well-known Los Angeles synthesizer module manufacturer to undertake the project and paid a large sum of money as an advance. A year later nothing had happened, in fact it proved difficult to retrieve the modules and the metal plates. At this point we no longer have psychological stamina to complete this project so we are offering it to somebody who can. Here’s what you get. There are two complete, fully-engraved panels with all appropriate mounting holes (picture 3). You will need to supply all of the jacks (you will need 240 of them to fully populate both of the drilled racks). There are three panels that are engraved but that do not have holes (picture 6, sorry about the flash glare). We will give you the name of the metal shop that made these and it will not be costly to get them drilled should you want to. Our concept was to ditch the sliders, which were somewhat beat up (and as anybody who has used this synth knows, are not particularly intuitive to begin with). All connections are to be made directly to the modules via jacks that mount on the panel. Notwithstanding we are including the sliders, two of the “large” type and two of the “small” type (pictures 4 & 5). They do not have the little plastic colored slider caps, the wires are entangled and it would take a lot of work to restore them to full functionality, which is why we recommend you do not try to repurpose them for this installation. There are five edge card sockets, you will need to source two more however we understand they are not difficult to find. There are six modules (pictures 1 and 2): 1033 dual envelope generator; 1023 dual oscillator; 1005 mod amp (missing two switch covers); 1004-T oscillator; 1006 filter amp (missing a switch); and 1027 clocked sequential controller (missing two switch covers). Like I said all of the modules were working when pulled from the original damaged wood cabinet, however, we are selling them as is. They are clean with no missing or broken parts except as noted, evidence of electrical fire, etc. Cosmetically the modules are in G+ condition as depicted with some light scratching, nothing untoward given their age. In principle, to finish this project, after sourcing the remaining parts, you will need to hook the jacks up to the appropriate pins on the edge card sockets and provide a power supply (not included). Failing that you can just use the modules as spares for your pre-existing ARP 2500. I have attempted to set forth the history of this endeavor in full, however, if you have any questions, please let me know. Shipping will be in four separate boxes – two for the modules, one for the plates, and one for the edge cards – as the product handling characteristics of the various components are different and I don’t want to run the risk they’ll get jostled about in transit.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“For sale: ARP 2500 Modular Synthesizer. Built in 1973. The unit contains the following modules: 1004P Oscillator Module, 1033 Dual Envelope Generator, Module 1006 Filtamp, Module 1027 Clocked Sequential Control, Module 1036 Sample and Hold Random Voltage, and Module 1002 Power Control. As well, it has the keyboard module SP2/SP4. Included also are 3 Model 1001 blank panels. The unit is in very good condition, however the two wooden end caps could use refinishing or even reveneering. These easily disassemble from the metal frame and will require only normal cabinet restoration skills. The unit only includes the modules pictured and mentioned. The electronic condition of the unit overall is untested, however all modules and main unit are all intact and in very good cosmetic condition. No modifications have been done to the main unit or modules .” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Rare, early ARP 2500 modular synthesizer in very good cosmetic condition and working 100%. A friend of mine bought this one from Phil Cirocco of CMS/Discrete Synthesizers in late 2007 and it’s still working solid. As you can see, this is an earlier 2002 cabinet with a 3000 series four voice keyboard.

It includes the following modules-

1002 Power Control
1003 Dual Envelope Generator
1004T VCO
1005 Ring Mod / VCA
1006 Lowpass filter / VCA
1016 Noise / Random Voltage
1023 Dual VCO (rare prototype)
1027 3 x 10 Sequencer
1033 Dual EG with delay
1036 Dual S/H, Clock
1047 Multimode Filter” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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2500 “This extremely rare and primo system is the last of more than 100 modules and eight cabinets I personally purchased from the auction at the ARP factory when the company went out of business back in 1981. These modules were still wrapped in plastic with QA tags attached when I got them. (See recent photo of QA tags below.) They have seen very little use over the last 30 years (the QA tags are stamped with 1975 dates).

The cabinet resided in ARP’s Engineering Department, where it was used for prototyping new modules. The original serial number tag identifies it as being the 45th cabinet made in 1970 (70-045). Five of the modules and the cabinet sport ARP’s earliest logo (the “squishy lines”), while the rest have the “treble clef” logo.

Vintage? Oh yeah.

Needless to say, I cherry-picked a beautiful configuration to keep as my final remnant: four VCOs, two VCFs, two VCAs, four envelope generators, sample/hold, noise generators.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.