Crumar, Nerve Centre 50 @ 14 September 2010, Comments Off on Crumar Nerve Centre 50

“Up for auction is a vintage Crumar Nerve Centre 50 rhythm machine. This machine was the “cat’s meow” in its day. It has 16 different rhythms plus a few extras like auto chord with piano, guitar, and organ. It also has a bass feature, alternating or walking.

I never used this machine to its full potential. It has a 35 pin connector that was made to hook up with a special system. When I bought my Duo-Vox accordion, from a retiring musician, it came with it. Beside the 35 pin connector it has an output for a regular guitar jack which was how I used it. I tested the machine before this writing and the rhythms work fine but not having the proper hookup for the 35 pin connector I could not test the other features.

This also has a foot switch with three switches. The first starts the rhythm, the middle one is marked M/m, not sure what that one does, and the last is fill in. The insulation on the cable for the 35 pin connector has dry rotted and is falling off, but the wires underneath seem fine. Also the cable for the foot switch has a grommet type thing that has pulled out of the peddle body but is still there. The unit comes with a special detachable power cord. I’ve used this machine on many gigs back in the day and was very satisfied with it. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.