Kawai K3m

“Kawai K3m 6-voice rack synth module for sale, in Excellent condition.

Sale includes RC2 cartridge, a ~$75 value.

It’s a US Version (110V), only for sale to customers in N. American and Japan. The rackmount format gives you all the power of a classic 6-voice hybrid synth in a nice compact package.

This particular K3m unit is in VG to EX shape. All buttons and LCD characters are fully functional as well.

The SSM2044 analog filter (same as in PolySix) is makes this synth shine. Many describe the filters quality as smooth, round, kinda softer than CEM filters.

It includes an as-is storage cartridge. It does not appear to be working but perhaps its a bad EPROM. (A RC2 cartridge doubles the on-board patch memory to 100 patches you can call up instantly).

The unit also has a nice variety of LFOs as well, and even a primitive additive patch.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

“I acquired this synth many years ago and it has served me well in my studio.
It has never been out of my studio or gigged since I got it.

Decent used condition – See photos
Photos are of the actual synth you will receive!
There are some of the usual light/minor surface scratches common to used gear, This one is very nice but its not mint.
I have owned this synth for several years, it has been in my studio since I got it, I am selling it because
I rarely use it and to raise money to buy the gear I want to add to my studio.
Give it a good home!

K3m as you see it in the photos.
CD-R disc containing PDF copies of the Owners manual and Service Manual + Sound patch sysex files of sounds I have created over the years. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

“Kawai K3M vintage 6 voice Polyphonic Analog / Digital hybrid MIDI synth rack.

2 digital wavetable oscillators per voice with 6 analog SSM2044 filters and analog chorus.

Works fine.Wide range of wavetables ,leaning toward PPG style sounds.

Link connection option to increase polyphony by chaining with other K3M.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

“Mystic Frequencies Studios is re-vamping / re-doing part of the electronic area of it studios and we no longer needs so many K3m’s.
Now is your chance to own one or more of these sought after Synth Modules!

All are in good working order , from the smoke free studio, and include their original factory RC-2 memory cartridges as well as a CDr with the Owners Manua (.PDF file)l, Service Manual (.PDF file), Huge sound patch library (.SYX files) and some misc freeware/shareware librarians and editors for Windows and Mac.
All have had the memory batteries replaces a few years ago and are golding their memory just fine. The factory batteries were CR2032 button cells and were replaced with the same, no modifications and since they have always been button cells, there is no worries about battery leakage or circuit board damage since these do no leak like other synths that used NiCad Cells.

What you get if you buy one:
1 – K3m Synthesizer Module
1 – RC-2 Memory Cartridge
1 – CDr with PDF copies of the factory K3m Owner and Service Manuals, .SYX sound patches, Misc Software

If you change the quantity to 2 or more you will get 2 each of what is listed above, buy 3 and get 3, buy 4, get 4 etc…)
The buy it now price in the eBay ad is for one unit.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

“Kawai K3m Synthesizer Module With RC-2 Memory Module.

The lights come on when i plug it in but i do not know how to test it or use it. My friend who was the original owner is not around anymore, but when he gave it to me he assured me that it works.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

“Kawai K3m – Analog Digital Hybrid Rack Mount Synthesizer Module — In great condition! 100% functional! Looks good! Has some rack rash as shown in photos and the volume knob is cracked but works fine. Comes with hard to find RC-2 cartridge filled with sounds. The SSM-2044 filter chips sound wonderful!!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

“Module rack-mount edition of the Kawai K3 hybrid synth, in near-mint 9.6/10 cosmetic condition. (Much fewer of these out there than the K3.)

Included is original RC2 cartridge with patches (a ~ $75 value).

Analog, warm, buttery SSM2044 filters!

Slight blemishes on bottom right corner (see pics). No rack rash to speak of.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

“Included in this auction:

Kawai K3m

Power Cord (attached)

Kawai RC-2 Memory Cartridge

Buy it now bonus items:

6’ monster midi cable.

2 x 6’ Mogami quad TRS to TRS handmade cables with neutrik NP3 ends. (Stereo Pair)

In good condition, fully working, fully tested. I bought this synth 3 years ago. I’ve used it very little. I am selling my gear as I no longer have time to use it. I want the synth to have a nice home where it can make nasty sounds!

The glass covering the display has a light scratch along its length. Can be seen in the 2nd photo. The glass is not cracked. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3M

“For sale, my Kawai K3M analogue synth module with rare RC-2 memory cartridge. In good condition and working perfectly. See my other listings for the Kiwi Technics Patch Editor which is the perfect and almost essential companion piece for this unit.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

“kawai k3m hybrid synth. digital oscillators into juicy SSM analog filters. Underrated synth, somewhat limited range of tones, but for ppg type sounds, its great. nice built in chorus. decent programming interface for a rack. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

kawaik3 Please see enlarged pictures for details. they are part of description.

I acquired many items, accessories, etc. from a local collector and musician whos passion was synthesizers. He took a great care of his items, saved all the manuals. I have a pleasure to list them and pass them along to a new collector.

This unit is in excellent condition. It does work great. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

k3m “I bought this about 3 years ago. It works 100% like new and sounds great. It has an analog filter. I’m not making much synth music these days so I’m unloading my gear. I have a pringted out manual that I’ll send.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3m

k3m“Kawai K3m Serial # 107263 with RC-2 Memory Cartrage

Vintage mid-1980’s rack mount K3m synthesizer module. 50 internal patches, plus an additional 250 available on the B-25 Turbo RAM and RC-2 cartridge included. 33 wave forms (1 programmable by user). I am the original and only owner. It sounds great and works perfectly!” Click here to visit listing on eBay