EDP Wasp

“EDP Wasp Vintage Synthesizer. Condition is “For parts or not working”. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

This item was my fathers and I remember him using it when I was growing up. I don’t have much use for it now.

It is working but the keyboard itself is slightly loose with the far right and far left keys being temperamental

Does have 2 caps missing from the dials and the sticker at the top is coming away slightly ”
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EDP WASP Special

“This is the incredibly rare “WASP Special” version of the famous WASP synthesiser. I believe only a few dozen WASP Specials were ever made. I bought this one direct from Electronic Dream Plant’s founder, Adrian Wagner, in July 1982.

Unlike the earlier WASPs which were made from cheap plastic and had bright yellow keys, the WASP Special has gold colour keys, a metal control panel and a beautiful mahogany enclosure. It also features an internal 240v mains power supply. In all other respects, it’s identical to an ordinary WASP synth. Sadly, this one has stopped working and produces no output apart from a bit of mains hum. Thus, it is being sold as spares or repairs. There have been no botched, attempted repairs or components removed. ”

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EDP Wasp

“comes with boxed Kenton Pro Kadi MK11.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the images have lighting reflections on the ‘keys’ from the sun (shots were captured in my living room on a sunny day), but if you look at the main close up studio image you can see the keys are unmarked and have not faded at all.

This has been owned by me since 1987 with just one former keeper before that time and, like myself, he kept it in a smoke-free studio and never used it on the road. It’s hard to find one in this condition, no fading on the yellow keys, all original parts, speaker still working… It was recently serviced, even though it was working fine (to make certain the new owner receives a perfect functioning machine with full reliability for years to come). Kent Spong (a very highly respected synth tech) carried out the service during late December 2020 and it’s had very little use since, he stated it was one of the nicest he had seen in many years.

This one comes with a boxed Kenton Pro Kadi MK11 to allow use of MIDI with the WASP, it works perfectly and the control via MIDI is flawless with very easy plug and play connection. The WASP keyboard works perfectly but I controlled it with a MIDI keyboard to save waring out the nice yellow ‘keys’ (a problem often seen with many other WASPs, but gladly not this one).

Manuals for both the WASP and boxed Kenton Pro Kadi are included, as is the Power Supply Unit for each item (UK three-pin 240 Volts), and all leads to connect and use the WASP and Kadi together.

There is just one tiny opening (smaller than my finger nail, see image) where the screw on the rear panel used to sit, I overtightened it years ago and caused the screw hole to expand a little. It does nothing to the casing (no movement at all) and is situated to the rear panel under the ‘lip’ of the top edge so unless you lift the body up and look hard to find it you will not see this (it can’t be seen from the main interface either). I don’t want any surprises for the winning bidder and this is the ONLY thing to point out, the entire unit is otherwise 100% perfect.

There is no battery acid leakage in the compartment, the synth is in immaculate cosmetic condition and functions perfectly with stable tuning in both VCO’s. It sounds as big as many of my other analogue mono synths, Sequential, Moog, Roland, and delivers a unique sound which I can’t recreate on anything else I use in the studio and forget the Behringer Clone, they do now produce some nice copies but their WASP sounds nothing like the original, especially the phat and rich filter! I’m only reluctantly selling as I am putting funds towards a new project.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EDP Wasp


This is an auction for an Electric Dream Plant Wasp Synthesiser.

I used this a lot in the late 70’s and early 80’s but it got superseded by the Roland SH101.

I haven’t used this for years and it has been stored in my house.
When I plugged it in it just made a hum noise.
The top of the on/off volume knob is missing, these are very cheap on Ebay.

This can be used with batteries or mains and has an inbuilt speaker.
Revolutionary touch sensitive keyboard, great for sliding up the keys.
Earth shaking bass lines came out of this machine and was best in conjunction with the matching Spider Sequencer.

I am having a studio clear out due to an impending house move.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

EDP Wasp

“Recently renovated and serviced by the Synthesizer Service Centre, London NW10 (invoice document included). Headphone output has a slight but discernible high-pitched tone; though audible it is not overwhelming. The line out is fine and clear. Three rubber pads on the underneath are missing; only one remains. There are light scratches and abrasions on the keyboard and casing. The battery compartment has suffered a detachment of the negative coil – please refer to the photographs. This does not affect the sound and is not a problem when mains-powered but means the instrument will not run on batteries unless repair work is carried out. I would say this is the most serious fault with the instrument and is reflected in the price.”
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EDP Wasp

“Electronic Dream Plant Limited England WASP Used Synthesizer
The battery box and speaker wiring were cut and could not be used.

Checked items
Easy cleaning of exterior, keyboard, knobs, etc.
Checked driving with power supply, poor contact, etc.”
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EDP Wasp

“Electronic Dream Plant Limited, WASP Synthesizer. Battery operated. Used, all functions work. 5 knobs missing their covers. Some ware and gaff tape residue on the underside. Must have for any synth collector. Does not have MIDI as the one on E-Bay from Sweden wrongly states. The Link connector are for the propitiatory digital interface EDP developed so you could link several Wasps with a Caterpillar controller.”
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EDP Wasp

“EDP Wasp in very good condition for its age and in perfect working order. Just spent £250 having it repaired and serviced ( sorry – warranty not transferable ).

Six of the knobs are not original and there is some minor damage to the casing, light surface corrosion on the midi ports and a small area of wear on the keyboard – see photo’s.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

EDP Wasp

“EDP Wasp – this is an original UK made Wasp synth with power supply.

As you can see it is in excellent condition with all its original parts. The internal speaker works and the synth had been serviced prior to me buying it.”
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EDP Wasp and EDP Spider

“For your consideration is an Electronic Dream Plant Wasp and Spider. Also included is a custom Anvil road case that fits the two pieces, and a 7-pin DIN cable to connect the Wasp and the Spider.
Both pieces are in very good cosmetic and functional condition. These were obtained from the original owner who packed them away in the 80’s and never brought them back out till recently, which accounts for their condition. The battery compartment on the Wasp shows no sign of battery leakage, but the battery terminals have been cut out.
Only selling because we have another Wasp in the studio.”
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EDP Spider

“A dinky sequencer to accompany the Wasp or Gnat synthesizer and indeed with other analog synths.
This comes from a smoke free studio which has been barely used and was last serviced in Sept’18 by SRS.
Tested and in good working condition prior to listing.
There are very minor signs of wear and tear as expected for something 35+ years old.”
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EDP Wasp with EDP Spider




Legendary EDP Wasp and even more rare the Spider Sequencer by Chris Huggett, quirky looking toy like synth but a serious piece of kit, capable of rip roaring synth lines, fat bass…just straight up dirty with so much character. Great for all types of Electronic music.”
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EDP Wasp

“EDP Wasp – this is an original UK made Wasp synth with power supply.

As you can see it is in excellent condition with all its original parts. The internal speaker works and the synth had been serviced prior to me buying it.

The Wasp features a touch sensitive keyboard which can often develop problems however this one works perfectly. All features work as they ought to and the synth is great for creating quirky noises, aggressive leads and big bass drones. There are lots of articles online. The casing of this one is in remarkable condition – I’ve owned four Wasps over the years and all have been cracked or broken, one had had a wooden case built around it the plastic was so damaged!

The Wasp came to me from a music department and has the school name etched onto it.

The only issue with the synth is that the volume pot – which doubles as an on/off switch – has been replaced and it stays permanently on although the volume is adjusted as normal. The unit is clean inside with no evidence of battery leakage. I’ve not tried using it with batteries however they would soon drain given the on/off switch issue.

If you want to hear what the Wasp synth is capable of there is an album called The Bridge by Thomas Lear and Robert Rental that was recorded in the 80s using a Wem copicat, guitar and two Wasp synths. There are numerous other demos online.

It comes with reprinted manual. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

EDP Wasp

“I’m sure you know how rare and sought after these are, i was given this as payment for recording time when i still ran a studio, the owner had soldered in a power cable because he couldn’t find the connector in Tandy (They are about 50p on ebay haha) it hasn’t done any damage but i have left it as is so the new owner can take it out when they wish, the battery panel on the bottom is missing, there is one cut out of Aluminium that i will send with it, some of the yellow caps are missing and the upper and lower parts of the plastic case are not screwed together, has been sat in a cupboard since it was last turned on, moving so needs to go.
Listed as spares or repairs because of this stuff, but was all working when last tested.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

EDP Wasp Deluxe


EDP Wasp

“This is my early Wasp synth – it is in very good cosmetic condition although a small piece of the plastic has come away from the front of the synth and one control knob cap has been lost. It all works and the knobs all function however it could do with a service as oscillator two does not follow the keyboard pitch and plays as a drone. Oscillator one is fine however. Even so the synth is capable of making some great lead and bass sounds. UK only. It’s delicate so pickup preferred.”
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EDP Wasp

“This is a super rare find and it is in very good condition. We had this checked out at Encore Music in Auburn California and when we opened the case he was silent (and he is an older musician).

There are some issues with the cord (at the end) but it does work. Simple/easy/cheap fix if you wanted to replace it.

There is also a small separation on the plastic edge. Drop of glue would fix that.

Comes with case (THAT, I don’t think is original but it fits perfectly!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

EDP Wasp

“A rare Electronic Dream Plant Wasp Synthesizer, serial # 001133, in working condition. Purchased from a US EBay seller in March 2016.

The original listing didn’t show what appear to be holders for a strap attached at the front of the base – to my knowledge no Wasps were produced with these but it appears to be a professional job (see close up). There are no cracks in the notoriously crack-prone case which makes me think it can’t have seen much use with a neck strap. The main cosmetic issue is that the front panel has a dusty hue suggestive of long-term storage, I’m not sure if that could be cleaned up. There are some wear marks on the left side of the touch-sensitive keyboard. As is often the case with these synths, the battery case cover is missing (see photo of rear). The white tuning pot that is normally present under the pitch bend also appears to be missing (see close up) – I haven’t opened the Wasp up because I’m not technically proficient and didn’t want to risk inadvertently causing damage. The synth can still be tuned with the pitch bend pot.”
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EDP Wasp

“Doesnt get much more rare than this little guy. Cute as button too!! Its black and yellow and its has touch sensitive keys- what more do you want! Some seriously Dark side of the moon sounding stuff with little guy! Its instant Moog, Arp, Roland all rolled into one. Its really that awesome. Check out some videos on you tube for ref. GREAT CONDITION – EVERYTHING WORKS GREAT!” Click here to search for synths on eBay