Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good – There are some minor scuffs and dings around the device. The Prophet-5 logo on the front of the device has slightly faded as well. Otherwise, everything is intact, looking nice, and ready for action. The overall physical condition is very good.

WORKING CONDITION: Very Good – Just serviced and given new key bushings. All keys and controls are in fine working order. Each parameter is fully functional and the presets sound great. Overall, the working condition is very good.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2

” Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 rev3.2 with MIDI + new key OEM Bushings + spare DAC 71 Chip. Excellent condition. Fully functional. Serial Number 3069

Includes original manual, power cord, spare authentic Burr Brown DAC 71 chip, and all replaced components completed throughout its maintenance. All maintenance receipts included for your records as well.

All buttons, knobs, wheels, display, and inputs work. Some pots have slightly more resistance than others – but all work completely. This is the original wood of course, which looks great. Keyboard action is wonderful and responsive. All badges are original. Underside has some scratches, which is cosmetic and how it looked when I originally purchased it in 2001.

Maintenance Record:
2009 = performed major overhaul of all controls by Davidson Electronics. Replaced missing screws. Resoldered numerous poor and weak connections.
2010 = Prophet 5 Factory MIDI Kit from Wine Country purchased.
2010 = Spare Burr Brown DAC-71-CSB-I D/A Converter chip purchased to ensure longevity and future proof.
2013 = Installed MIDI kit, tested all functions, installed and configured all NEW key OEM bushings. Fully tested. All work by Davidson Electronics.”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 for sale.

120 Program Memory. No MIDI. Very clean excellent condition. Just got back from full service, calibration and future proofing done by the excellent experienced tech at patch work electronics NYC.

PSU completely rebuilt and future proofed.

All polarized (tantalum and electrolytic) capacitors replaced.

All bridge diodes and voltage regulators replaced.

All Controls cleaned.

CPU to panel PCB connectors resoldered.

Bad LED on the VCO2 key follow switch replaced.

Output section rebuilt.

Mux/demux ICs replaced on CPU and voice boards.

Power distro bus on the voice board repaired.

LM311 comparator replaced.

Keybed rebushed, key contacts/bus bar cleaned and adjusted.

Voices fully serviced.

Battery replaced and factory presets reloaded.

Full calibration and full function check after all repairs were completed.”

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3

“Prophet 5 V 3.3 synthesizer with original midi, original flight case, original bound manual, original bound service manual, in exceptionally good condition as per photos. The keyboard has been completely rebushed and all relevant capacitors replaced by Ben at Cyberwave EMS who is an expert in Prophets (he owns a Rev 2). Have you ever seen a P5 keyboard as even as that?! 🙂 It plays perfectly and as new. As you can see the condition is superb – the wood is beautiful and has one mark on the left hand edge as pointed out in the photos, which goes completely unnoticed in my studio. I’m a bit of a perfectionist with classic analogues (you can see a few, but the others, including my Jupiter 8 are also in top notch fettle) and I absolutely don’t notice the chip, which I considered having looked at by a French polisher, but haven’t as it just isn’t obvious in the studio. Ben knows this synth well as he has brought it up to top condition and serviced it for many more years of good service. I have had it dump its memory, but Ben has gone through it thoroughly and found nothing to be an issue and I had tape back ups. Speaking of the latter, I have all the original banks, but one of my own also in there at the moment which I can remove if you wish (but they’re good sounds!). Ben informs me that the Sequential factory midi can sometimes cause this if the buffer gets overloaded and his suggestion was that you could avoid using it, but I have anyway and it’s fine. Even better with CV. :). If you’re wondering why its so well priced for such a collector package, it’s because it’s priced to sell. I buy a lot of synths and know that the prices some people are waiting for is unrealistic . However, I’m not open to stupid offers and I’m not even convinced that I really want to let this one go, but I have the Pro One and my poly duties are waaaay covered by my other synths. Can you have too much Sequential? Probably not, but I’m not a collector and I use the Pro One more right now.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent – Some light wear from normal use, some near the edges of the knobs, and a few small dings just above the filter section. Otherwise this P5 is in remarkable shape. Keys and controls are all fully intact and in excellent shape. Both wheels and all I/O are also in fantastic condition. Overall condition is excellent. WORKING CONDITION: Excellent – Fresh from servicing, with a new key bed and thoroughly cleaned pots, this beauty is in perfect working order from top to bottom and sounds truly amazing! Also has a rebuilt power supply! All control knobs, all keys, all buttons, and all LEDs are working perfectly. Overall working condition is excellent. Please click on “Item Description” for more details and photos.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

“Up for sale is an original Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 straight from the Tone House personal recoding studio. This Prophet 5 has been in our studio for years and was the go-to analog synth. Not only are the original sounds extremely flexible, this particular 5 (Rev 3.2) is outfitted with MIDI in/out so using it with modern keyboard controllers and time locking the information out then back into your DAW can be easily done. Cosmetically, the synth is in great overall shape. It exhibits a minor discoloration on the wood panel under the control plate which can easily be seen in the pictures. There are a few other light age marks and the Prophet 5 logo is rubbed away slightly. Overall, the synth is in great condition. Now is your chance to own this legendary synthesizer!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

“The synth gets played a couple times a year for fun and that’s about it. I collect many instruments and have run out of space for some of them so I have decided to let this one go. It has been well cared for and shows no abuse or abnormal wear. It is fully operational and ready to play.

The keyboard is all original except for three dial caps and some springs for some keys in side. It has never been modified or converted to MIDI. I am assuming that means it is Rev 3. I don’t really know. It works perfectly and has a low serial number which I was told made it kind of rare since it also hadn’t been modified. It’s a super cool machine and an amazing piece of technology. It will make any collector stoked I am sure.

It can be upgraded to use MIDI and also a voice extender which would allow it to have many more voices. The parts or service to upgrade it can be done by several shops including, Sequential Circuits.”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

” This unit works and has all of the original factory presets loaded! It is so much fun to play and tweak sounds to taste, thus creating totally different sounds! Soaring leads, smooth pads and even atmospheric “movie soundtrack” sounds are just the beginning of the Prophet 5 synthesizer! I love preset #32, the iconic synth preset that the The Cars used in the ’80s! Please understand that although every key on the 61-note keyboard works, that only four out of the five voices can sound at one time. Once you replace the fifth voice chip, you will probably want to re-calibrate, as all analog synths of this age are recommended to be re-calibrated every few years or so. The price is right and this awesome synthesizer needs a good home such as yours!!!”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev. 3.2 mit Midi aus Nachlass verkaufe ich einen Klassiker.

Kenner wissen worum es hier geht. Daher denke ich bedarf es keiner weiteren Beschreibung.

Ich habe den Sythesizer grob getestet. Klaviatur fühlt sich gut an. Spielt Töne ab. Alle Tasten und Schalter funktionieren.

Trotz des hohen Alters steht er optisch sehr gut da.

Da ich mich mit Synthesizern nicht wirklich auskenne, verkaufe ich ihn vorsichtshalber als defekt.

Am Besten vorbeikommen und selber testen.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

“Up for sale, a 1980’s Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 in exceptional condition and in good working order. Recently serviced and given a clean bill of health from our techs here at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar, this Prophet is the final iteration of the synth that shaped the ’80s and revolutionized the industry, having been subsequently outfitted with MIDI” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

“This Prophet 5 was used for many years in the recording studio it has been kept in a case and used for recording and not for preforming live for the past 15 years. It is original and not a refurbish. This synth is in spectacular shape for it’s age. The wood trim looks great and over all this keyboard is in very good cosmetic and working condition. It is a beautiful instrument as well as a piece of history from when synthesizers went from analog to digital. The wave forms sound clean and crisp and there are 1000’s of options on how to create and shape sound designs using the various functionalities, and wave form generators that come with the Prophet 5. This synth has been kept in a studio for years in a heavy duty anvil case and weighs over 100lbs with case and synthesizer.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.0

“This is the original polyphonic analog synthesizer. Prophet 5 #1000-1873 Revision 3.0 with 40 programs. In excellent cosmetic and musical condition. Comes with completely re-foamed Anvil Road Case and Original Owners Manual. Just serviced by Wine Country Sequential; folks who used to be Sequential Circuits. Rev 3.0 did NOT come with MIDI, but I understand it may be added. Contact Wine Country Sequential for confirmation. ”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

“Please be aware whilst the synth is working it does need some TLC and probably a good service. It has two dead keys in lower register, and needs patches reinstalling, which is apparently straight forward but I haven’t got around to it.

The casing is worn but good. This a bargain for a synth that is only going up in value and often going for £6k plus now! Probably needs about £50-100 spending on it to be in perfect working order.

Serial 2293. It’s a Rev3 with factory MIDI.”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 with MIDI – the ’80’s analog classic. Condition is Used. Collection in person only.

This comes with the instruction manual and a cassette recovery tape with the original patches – should you have a cassette player, if you don’t, it’s a neat bit of retro art, if you like.

IMPORTANT; This synth is COLLECTION ONLY. I’ve had a few bad experiences where vintage gear has been posted and then not worked as advertised, then I’ve been told, “it was fine when I posted it.”

Now, that may have been the case, but I want to save myself and the winning bidder any trouble by making this collection only.
That way, you can see the machine, check it and everyone is happy. You can take a look at the attached video description too, for peace of mind.

OK, you’re here, so you already know this is one of the Big Three analog polys of the early-to-mid ’80’s, so, although DSI have new versions of this out, they’re not time machines. This is your one chance to feel and experience the genuine analog sounds of that golden era. And yes, it was a golden era, let’s admit it.
For me, this has more warmth than the other Big Two, the J8 and OBX/a, but once in unison it can kick your speakers and churn out some high weirdness – famously, Japan used the Pro’s modulation craziness on “Ghosts” to memorable effect.
If you watch the vid, don’t expect a display of virtuoso musicianship or a knob-by-knob breakdown of the P5 – you can get that with loads of vids on YouTube. It is simply a demonstration of functionality, so please don’t leave cutting reviews. I don’t plan on releasing the demo as an album. Or do I?
As you can see from the pics, there is some cosmetic hoo-hah, a few scratches here and there, but not bad for a machine that gigged throughout the ’80’s. Also, the bottom B key is a bit sticky (again, this is highlighted in the video) so will need a clean.
I’m selling because, quite simply, I need the space and the Pro 5 has done its time in my arsenal, so it can now move on with honours to be enjoyed by someone else who’ll appreciate it. ”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3

“You are looking at a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Revision 3.3 serial 4266 with factory midi kit installed. The revision 3.3 was the last version of the Prophet 5 produced. It has the latest 10.5 system ROM and has 120 patch memories. This Prophet has been fully serviced by Norm Leete in Gloucestershire and has had a new memory battery installed. Norm is well respected and does much of the servicing work for the VEMIA equipment auctions. The keyboard plays like new as it has been fully reconditioned with new rubber key bushings. There are a few minor marks here and there but overall I would say that this Prophet 5 is in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The original user manual will be included. I have owned this synth since the late 80’s and will be very sad to see it go.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3

“For your consideration is the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3. This Prophet 5 has just returned from having a full service, from the country’s top Prophet tech, including some upgrades including: MIDI, ROM upgrade, expanded memory, a few CEM chips replaced, all new keyboard bushings, and IEC power cord. The original manual and data cassette are included as well. There are some cosmetic issues, so please look over all of the large, high-quality photos included in the listing.” Click here to search for synths on eBay