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” This ARP Analog Sequencer is in MINT condition. All original sliders, switches, and buttons are original and function perfectly. The sliders all work and function smoothly. Calibrated less than one year ago. This ARP Sequencer needs nothing. No corrosion or oxidation on any of the patch points, fittings or screws. It is SPOTLESS on the inside. Not a single scratch on any of the graphics. This is all original and nothing needs to be replaced or repaired. It is difficult to believe that this unit is over 30 years old!
Only one small scratch on the bottom (see detailed photos).” Link

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“I had messed up on some of the listing features on this item and have relisted it as a result. Sorry bidders for any inconvenience.

Up for sale is an ARP Sequencer Model 1623 in good working order. If you are here, you know what this item is and how difficult it is to find. In light of some of the questions I was receiving when I had it listed previously, I have relisted it with a 14 day return period. Please see the terms of my return policy before buying or making an offer.

Years ago I had it sent to CAE Sound in California to have the “8/16” switch repaired, and the sliders cleaned. The sequencer does not have the slider caps, and the sliders tend to be pretty smooth but can be a bit stiff. There is a blemish, where something rubbed off the black finish to the metal above the “15” and “16” mark on the sequencer. This was here when I purchased it and I do not know what caused it. Other than that, it appears to have the normal wear and tear you would expect from a 30 plus year old sequencer. ” Link

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“This is a vintage analog sequencer in excellent condition. It can generate a single sequence of control voltages of up to 16 steps or two sequences of up to 8 steps each. These control voltages are typically used to effect the pitch of an analog synthesizer, but can be routed to any analog input accepting voltage control, like filter cutoff, resonance, etc. It is very versatile, as the control voltages can be assigned to any of three busses, allowing various effects like sequences of different tempos and timings and the ability to chain to other similar sequencers. I have owned this unit since the 80’s and it has never left my home. It is missing the caps on the 16 sliders (I never had them) and the cap on one pushbutton (still functions perfectly). This is a rare unit in perfect working order and excellent overall condition.

This sale includes the Arp 1623 Sequencer, power cord, original manual, and 3 cables, mono 1/8″ to 1/4″, to facilitate connection to external synthesizer. It will be securely packed by a professional engineer (me) with a lot of experience in equipment shipping.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction is one of the most sought after analog sequencers, the ARP 2600. It’s in fully working order and in mint condition. This is the opportunity to fulfill a dream and finally own a legendary classic synthesizer accesory, a very musical sequencer and in many ways THE musician’s analog sequencer by excellence. If by reading this your heart rate is accelerating you know which sequencer is up for sale here but if not, let me explain.

This device is used to trigger or play analog synthesizers and drum computers automatically through CV signals (from the pre-MIDI era). Before the heyday of sequencers in computers this was the device that musicians used to play sequenced loops on synthesizers way back in the seventies and early eighties. This sequencer is regarded as one of the finest analog sequencers and actually, as the only viable analog sequencer for musicians as other models including Moog’s 961 sequencer, were hard and unmusician-like to operate. It was very popular from the time it was conceived up until this date which is a honor that’s that only shared by synths as the Moog Minimoog or the ARP 2600. In many ways this sequencer was the model for many sequencers built to this day. It has a very expansive feature set, it is very ruggedly built, semi modular, it has 16 steps with 16 sliders for each step, although it can also be used as an 2 times 8 step sequencer, no less than 3 switchable gate signals per step (!!!), quantized or unquantized CV signal and pulse-width modulation (PWM) to provide “swing” to a sequence (yes, it even does that!) and an external input to synchronise to a pre-MIDI drum computer or a MIDI-CV converter with click per 1/4 note capability (any multiport Kenton MIDI-CV-Gate converter supports this). In addition to this (yes, the feature list goes on an on) on slow speeds it can even act as a waveform generator in which you can sculpture the waveform with the sliders. If you hook up a second ARP sequencer to (I have a second one for auction as well) you can make song arrangements with the loop programmed on the other sequencer or control the filter of your sequencer while the other one controls the oscillators. Well, as you can see this sequencer (by itself or in a pair of them) can be a whole world waiting to be discovered just as the ARP Odyssey and the 2600 can be for the adventurous musician which is willing to look beyond the obvious and face value.

This ARP Sequencer is of the rare last second version of the black orange panel versions which was built in the early 80s. I bought this instrument 3 years ago from a well-known synthesizer broker which had it serviced prior to the sale where it was confirmed to be 100% original without any modifications. This ARP2600 has a 110 Volt power supply so if you are going to use it in Europe you need a step down converter which can be had for cheap in any hardware store to be able to connect it to your power outlet at home.

The front panel is totally mint. All the sliders work effortlessly and have their caps fitted which look like new. The sliders and switches work without any noise on the synth’s sound. The tolex on the synth and the cover lid looks clean as a whistle. I’ve tested all modules, inputs and outputs and found all of them to work. I would give this instrument a 9.5 out of a 10. This is one of the most beautiful looking ARP Sequencers you’ll ever find. To add to the spoils I’m adding the owner’s manual, the original power cable and a set of Mogami high grade patch cables to the auction.

I’ve used this sequencer sparingly on recordings and have never gigged it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.