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“Rare Vintage Korg Lambda ES-50 Analog Keyboard Synth String Ensemble. 100% fully functional and is in fair-good condition as pictured.” Link

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lambda “Rare vintage korg lambda ES 50 in great working cond.” Link

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lambra “Das Gerät ist technisch voll funktionsfähig und optisch sehr gut erhalten (siehe Fotos).” Link

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lamba “It’s an old piece but is in good condition. There are a few cosmetic blemishes but it’s in great working condition. The Korg Lambda is a fully polyphonic 48-key preset synthesizer released in 1979. It features two types of sound – Percussive (Electric Piano, Clavi, Piano, Harmonics) and Ensemble (Brass, Organ, Choir, Strings I, Strings II). The Percussive sounds have a simple fast attack and variable decay envelope, and the Ensemble sounds have both preset and variable attack/release envelopes. Each key is articulated independently, so there is no note-stealing as experienced on synths limited to a handful of voices. The downside of this is the relative lack of programmability, but the presets sound good, particularly when layered (they are all available simultaneously).” Link

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almbda “A Korg Lambda Synth.
Working perfectly. Recently had a complete service and repair by Lucidsound.
The wood surface has minor scratches and water marks from a tea cup. See photos for details.

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korg-lambda “Here is a rare Korg Lambda String synth. These sound awesome, thick and gooey string synth. Works great” Link

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lambda ” The instrument is in good cosmetic condition for its age (see the photos).

The instrument works but has some issues. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

* For some voices a tone several octaves higher may be audible when playing approximately the lowest octave of the keyboard.

* The second F from the bottom of the keyboard works inconsistently.

* The highest G# on the keyboard decays abnormally slowly for some voices.

* The SUSTAIN switch and sustain pedal don’t appear to work.

* The PIANO voice sustains (in error) if it’s the only voice enabled in the PERCUSSIVE section.

* The CHORUS PHASE buttons work but sometimes require more than one press.

* ATTACK RELEASE VARIABLE always introduces some attack time, even with the ATTACK control at minimum. I don’t know whether this is normal behavior.

I’m selling the instrument as-is.” Link

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lambda “Sold as is. Not working; needs repair. Some keys stick.” Link

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lambda “This auction offers my Korg Lambda ES50- anything else seen on the Photos is not included as part of this auction. The unit is fully function ” Link

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lambda“KORG LAMBDA 48 Key Vintage Analog Synthesizer Synth WORKS – HAS ISSUES SEE DESCRIPTION

This Synth works and sounds great, but… :

– When turned up loud you can hear light to moderate interference out of the Mix Out and Headphones Jack
– 3 DEAD Keys – Center D, D#, and E are all dead. I don’t know why this is happening.
– 2 Sticky keys – High Octave C# and D stick but come right back up.
– Octave Up button does NOT appear to work at all.

There are basic scratches on some buttons, there are fading issues on the wood veneer, there are big scuffs and scratches on the veneer (see pics).

This synth works but it does have the above mentioned issues. It is being sold As-Is with the above listed issues.

I have not tested every single function. – Please bid/buy accordingly. This is an AS-IS sale.” Link

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lambda“Perfect working condition. Fully serviced and recapped by my local synth tech (Electronic Innovations in St. Clair Shores, MI). Some minor cosmetic issues not unusual for such an old keyboard. Will be professionally packed and shipped to insure safe delivery. ” Link

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lambda“:This is a used item that I purchased two years ago off of eBay. My bands has used it for 4 tours on the road so the wood panelling have some signs of wear, but it did when I purchased the item. All functions are in proper working order, had to fix the chorus phase mode on the percussive preset, because of this the button had to be removed (in picture) but the percussive chorus phase is still fully functional and the button could easily be replaced, or the function can be triggered using something as easy as a key. We installed a full 3-prong AC adapter on the Lambda as we were initially having issues with the original two-prong power cable, it runs and sounds a whole lot better with the 3-prong. I love this synthesizer and wish I was not selling it, the tones are beautiful and when mixing and blending all the presets you can come up with some serious serene tones. ” Link

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korg lambda“You are bidding on a great Korg Lambda ES-50 Vintage Analog Synthesizer. Powers up and seem to be working, but I have no idea how to check it 100%, I am not a professional player and I have no idea how to play it. Everything original and nothing is missing on it. All keys are in great condition and none are stock or sticking. You will get what you see in the pictures, if you do not see it than you will not get.” Link

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es-50“Korg Lambda ES-50 Vintage Synthesizer
in fair to good condition, i would rate it a 7/10.
for the most part it works great overall.

the good:
recently gone over inside and out, cleaned and tested.
all keys and switches, and outputs works fine.

the bad:
cosmetic issues,
the wood is cosmetically challenged and has scratches/scuffs.
missing the handle for the joystick, and the last rocker switch.
and finally, the percussive section seems quieter than the ensemble section.
the percussive section, (piano, clav, etc) may need repair in the form of a 4066 tog ic. ” Link

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“For sale is a working Korg Lambda vintage synthesizer! This synth has a cover and is inside of a road case that is pretty sturdy. I have turned it on recently and it plays fine, as all the keys work. This is part of a collection of synths I am selling for a friend who is liquidating some of his collection.

The unit comes with its own case as well as a hard-wired power cord.” Link

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“Unit is in excellent working condition. All keys, jacks, knobs, and presets function. Some cosmetic wear, such as blemishes in wood finish.” Link

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“Unit is a little scratched here and there. It does power on but I do not get sound from the keys. I can hear the tremolo changing the static sound I usually get from my amp. I think the issue has something to do with the input from the keys. The tuning function and lights seem to work. It looks like one key was cracked and glued at some point. There is a close up picture of the key.” Link

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“Unit turns on and some keys create a sound but not the instrument sound it is supposed to have. Some of the outer wood finish is coming apart.” Link

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“Rare Korg Analogue Synth (1979)

Low Price for quick sale.

Missing the control knob for modulation but works perfectly without. and a few knicks, see photo.” Link

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“This is the KorgLambda in Full working order. The separate speakers in the photos are just there for me to test the keyboard. It runs on UK mains voltage. ” Link

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” For sale: Korg Lambda in excellent condition, both operationally and cosmetically. It runs on UK mains voltage.” Link

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“rare polyphonic synth of the late seventies with very cool and warm sounding strings and choir like sounds, it has also a percussive section, with pianolike and bell sounds
This machine is real stereo and features also a phasing / chorus unit and has detuneable VCOs to make it really big !
It has been serviced just a week ago and is in full working condition. It got some new frequency divider circuits and a new TOS chip. all knobs, faders and functions work fine.
Completely tested !

but it looks a bit used and has been painted black by someone, has a few scratches and dongs as you can see on the photos
two silder caps are missing” Link

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“Up for auction is a used korg es 50 es50 lambda vintage analog polyphonic synthesizer. This synthesizer is fully tested and working. There are no scratchy pots, the stereo out works, and this keyboard was recently serviced at Field Services here in town. There are chips here and there on the wood but overall i think the wood is in above average condition. Some of the white keys have scratches on them but it does not affect playability at all. ” Link

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“Used but in very good working condition.

Overall Note: That Joystick does not appear to function in the Chorus-Phase position but DOES Function in the BEND Position. THE CHORUS STILL WORKS however for both tone sources, you just can do the phaser sweep with it, which I can tell you in all honesty is a very subtle effect.

I bought this a few weeks back here on eBay as a touring replacement for my other Lambda I use here in my studio I’ve had for a number of years, but my band has since decided that we’re not going to take a Lambda out on tour with us afterall. Snag this one up! These are maybe the most musical, easy to use synths I’ve ever had, my second favorite synth I own after my Juno 60. No synth can get so many sounds with such simple user interface. It hardly makes bad sounds. I particularly love this keyboard with pedals: it overdrives nicely with some fuzz and sounds fantastic with spring reverb. If you’re familiar with the Zvex Lo-Fi Junkie pedal (chorus/compression/EQ), that instantly give this keyboard some warbly tape/early 80s science TV show appeal! Lots of great sounds from blippy percussive stabs to long lush chorusy pads.

INCLUDES Complete OPERATIONS MANUAL and Lots of PATCH SHEETS for notating your own Sounds!” Link

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“Rare vintage 70s analogue keyboard….unfortunately with a few issues. Its hard to describe the faults as sometimes you fire it up and everything pretty much works, except a few keys. Sometimes a few more keys, difefrent ones. Sometimes its all the “D”s. Sometimes it works on some patches but not others. Basically it needs a complete overhaul. When it works, it sounds great,and the joystick is functional (which is apparently usually the first thing to go wrong with these).” Link

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“Used but in Very Good Working condition Overall.Note: That Joystick does not appear to function in the Chorus-Phase position but DOES Function in the BEND Position.” Link

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“Schöner KORG-Analogsynthie LAMBDA (ES-50), voll funktionstüchtig. Seriennummer 231576, kommt schätzungsweise aus dem Jahr 1980, seit ca. 1988 in meinem Besitz. 220V / 50Hz, 25W.

Zustand: siehe Fotos! Mängel: 1) die Gehäuseecken sind leicht angestossen, 2) an zwei Tasten gibt es Ausbrüche an der Unterseite (Foto), 3) die Gerätefüsse (Gummi) fehlen. Ich hatte das Gerät vor Jahren live im Bandeinsatz, sehr schöne, fette Sounds, ich trenne mich aus Platzmangel schweren Herzens…

Am liebsten an Selbstabholer, auf Anfrage kann ich ihn aber auch verschicken, auch ins Ausland. Wegen des hohen Verpackungsaufwandes (er soll ja heil ankommen) würde ich aber gerne auf Versand verzichten. Foreign bidders welcome…” Link

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“Details: This auction is for the highly sought after ES-50 Korg Lamda 100% Pure Analogue Vintage String Synthesizer. The instrument is 100% functional and in Excellent Condition. The sound of this instrument is lush and very similar sounding to the Arp Solina. This keyboard reflects the time it was made as it was built in to it’s own wood case and metal sides make it a very solid instrument. This one is 100% complete as nothing is missing to it!!! Very hard to find in excellent shape like this and very collectible…” Link

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” Hello,
You are looking at a great condition 1979 VCO Korg Lambda ES50 String Synthesizer, known as one of the best of its day. Unit looks great, has some scratches on the surface but is well kept for its age. All sounds, keys work perfectly. The unit has 2 minor issues from what I can tell:

– Release Knob on String Section does not work when adjusted, the attack knob works perfectly, so it may just be a bad solder joint? Decay/Release works perfect on the other percussive section.
– Tune A/B doesn’t seem to do anything when adjusted, but Mastertune works perfectly.

Besides these two issues, everything works like a charm from my knowledge & sound fantastic! Comes with custom road case. The road case is not bent, but it is beat up on corners with some rust. Blue interior of case is a bit beat up as well. As you can see from pictures, the Lambda still fits perfect nice and snug. I will have UPS store add another box, around the case for transport. ” Link

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“Korg Lambda in good vintage condition but with a few issues. First off, this contains two banks of voices: percussive (piano type sounds) and ensemble (strings, organ, brass, and chorus). This synth is famous for its string sounds and the fact that it has THREE analog VCOs which can be detuned for thick, complex string sounds. I bought it to use as a substitue for Polymoog Vox Humana type sound, which it definitely can deliver. The piano/percussive sounds aren’t bad, but they aren’t really what makes this synth useful. All voices work and function knobs work, except the percussive section tremolo doesnt work (one switch and one knob) and the chorus push button for the percussive section is missing and not working. For my purposes, these flaws didnt matter at all, because everything about the string section on this synth works including the attack/sustain, LFO, and chorus effect. It’s also easy enough to use an outboard chorus effect with the percussive piano sounds, so that’s not a major problem either. There are a few outputs on the back, but the only one working is the MIX output which again, was fine for my purposes. Cosmetically the control panel is in great condition except for the one missing switch. The wood finish is worn and one of the end pieces should be tightened. I haven’t opened it up to tighten the screws but this should be pretty straight forward. For the right Buyer who wants this for the perfectly working ensemble/string sounds and effects this will be a great bargain…the tremolo circuit, chorus pushbutton switch, and cleaning up the output jacks (resoldering?) might all be easy fixes, but I have too many instruments to play so I haven’t had these looked at. This synth is a bit wide because the top was designed to support another mini-synth on top. It’s heavy, but for shipping this I’m actually more concerned about the size than the weight. Local pick-up is prefered because I dont have an economical way to ship anything and even the box will be expensive for this. If someone in the NY or NJ area buys it, it would be great to make arrangements for local pick-up and avoid the shipping charges. Returns will be accepted if the item differs from this description, so it’s NOT sold as-is, it’s guaranteed to work as described. ” Link

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“Vintage Korg polyphonic synthesizer keyboard
Its wood grain and the only thing wrong is one of the keys is broken but not missing – it’s taped on. Otherwise works and is in great shape.” Link

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“Excellent pre-owned condition. Very clean with all keys functioning and all buttons, knobs and switches intact” Link

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“This Lambda is in great functional condition. All 48 keys work perfectly, with no sticking, double-triggering, cracks, chips, or any other issues. All preset voices and all three VCOs work and sound as they should. The joystick, unlike most Lambdas, is undamaged and still has the knob-top-thing. The only issues that I can find, none of which significantly affect the playing or sound, are the following. The volume sliders for the two sections sometimes make a small amount of noise while being moved (but not after they are set) – I think this is because I haven’t used it in a long time, and during the time when I was checking everything out, just exercising the sliders got it to where there was nearly no noise; so little that most sellers probably wouldn’t mention it, but I want to give an accurate description of the condition. The two push buttons for enabling the BBD chorus for the two groups of presets occasionally need a second push to engage the chorus; however, once engaged, they stay set. I usually left the chorus on all the time, so this was never an issue for me, and they usually do toggle correctly on the first click. Those are the only operational issues to be aware of. ” Link