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“Now listing my EML 500 for sale after owning it for 40+ years. This synth is much more rare than Moog, ARP etc. synths of yesteryear. Very few of these exist. There was way less production than those other popular synths. It has been stored and covered inside my home studio room for decades, never been outside. I bought it used at a local music store in the 1970’s. It hasn’t been played much for over 20+ years, I just turn it on occasionally. That said, it does need some TLC and cleaning etc. to bring it up to snuff.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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eml500 “I’ve owned this EML 500 Electrocomp synthesizer since 1981. I used it live for a couple of years then used it in the studio until about 1986 or so. It’s pretty much been in storage since. It worked when I checked it last about 10 years ago, but doesn’t now. Looks like it may have a fuse and cap missing from the back, but I’m not sure?
Needs some cleanup. Keys have yellowed over the years. Some of the slider caps are missing. Comes with a custom made wooden case. Will be professionally shipped by UPS. Sale is AS-IS, no refunds.”
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eml500 “In good working order, missing a few slider knobs, has had zero work done to it. I used to plug electric guitar into mic jack, made for great effects. I bought this thing in 1985 as is, I’ve been the second owner.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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eml 500 “This Synth has been disassembled, cleaned and professionally restored by Jeff Blenkinsopp of The Analog Lab. The keyboard bushings have also been replaced. Cosmetically it looks good, with some scratches and wear on the wooden case and a slight yellowing on some of the keys, please look at the pictures. These models are hard to come by and have a unique sound., This one is in 100% working condition and ready to be played. It also comes with a cover, manual and two books on Synths, as in the picture.The synth is being sold as is with no warranty. The item will be professionally packed and fully insured when shipped.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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eml500“After many years of trying to decide to sell this…..here it is. #785 of 800 built
I bought this synthesizer new in 1974 direct from Electronic Music Labs (EML)
The unit is in near perfect condition cosmetically and has never left the studio However, there is an issue with the attack, decay section but the sustain seems ok, there is also a clicking sound when the keys are played (all the keys play and produce sound but need a good cleaning). With a little TLC this will be an extraordinary addition to any studio. (it still produces some crazy sounds every time it’s turned on) Included are the original manual and the full EML product line up brochure from that era including a brand new never played Flex disc record of the EML sounds! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“If your looking for a different sounding machine, THIS IS IT! A VERY RARE MONOSYNTH. You’ll be hard pressed to find one of these EVER again. #720 out of 800 produced.

Free shipping in 48 United States.

Sounds unlike any mono synth I’ve ever played. A true original sounding beast. Very Unique!!

It’s a heavy machine and made like a tank. Beautiful woodwork.
All keys play. In need of maintenance and a proper cleaning by a tech, I just don’t have the time. With a little TLC, this could any studios secret weapon! Plays good.

Because it needs work, I am selling as is. No complaints and no returns accepted. Sold as is. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Electrocomp EML 101 synthesizer with 400-401 expander module also electrocomp synthesizer 200-300. in great original condition with all patch cords. cases are in great shape with original latches and handles. Very rare complete set bought new in the 70’s and have only been used in a studio since then I am original owner. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This is a two-cabinet EML 500 synthesizer. It does not work. We bought it some time ago as a project however now it appears we’re never going to get around to restoring it. Pictures 2-4 are of the left cabinet and pictures 5-7 are of the right cabinet. The left cabinet power supply (picture 4) connects to the right cabinet (picture 7) via a multi-pin cable with Cinch-Jones connectors, which we do not have. The “controllers” portion of the left cabinet (picture 2) appears to be bereft of controllers, though if you look at it from the inside (picture 3) the PCB looks to be complete and in good shape, possibly the sliders broke off. The right hand cabinet (picture 5) also has no controllers, though here (picture 6) there is no PCB at all. After I got the power supply working and the left-hand cabinet (picture 2) going, it was my intention to complete the right-hand cabinet (picture 5) with a modern set of controllers from e.g. synthesis technology or one of the several other kit manufacturers, rather than trying to replicate the original PCB, which probably would be impossible to do anyway. Many of the controls on both cabinets are labeled though I don’t know if the labels are accurate. The cabinets and panels are in G+ condition with some scratching. I don’t know what to make of this synth, my best guess is that it was some kind of a prototype. It definitely looks restorable, though if you buy it please be prepared for some effort to get it back in action. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for auction is an ElectroComp EML500 synthesizer which we have as a consignment piece in our store and as such is being sold AS IS. We have this listed as “for parts or not working” because the synthesizer doesn’t have much if any output aside from intermittently through the headphone jack. The mic level knob is a bit loose but other sliders and switches move properly. The “Mod/Osc” switch has been broken off and the furthest left key (F) is currently stuck and needs repair. Cosmetic wear is apparent all throughout the instrument and there is a slight rattling which can be heard when the synthesizer is jostled. Generally we just wanted the next owner of this piece to understand that maintenance is going to be required but once you get it in good working order it will be a wonderful (and rare) addition to your collection. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This synth was hand built in 1975 and has a beautiful hand made tiger maple case. Inspection tag shows 2/17/1975 completion date.

All components are functioning perfectly and has been recently refurbished. New capacitors installed in power supply. New slider caps.

This is one of 300 ever made and is very rare.

Copy of owner’s manual, service schematics, and original caps included.

Also included is an original sales brochure.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” decided to relist this synth without a reserve price. I sincerely have no plans to use this instrument anymore and because of the sentimental value, I’m sad to see it go. My recent downsizing move has forced me to function in a much smaller studio space, thus some things have to go.
This is a vintage synth that I bought from the EML factory in Vernon Connecticut back in 1974. Being the original owner, I used it through the 70’s and 80’s for a number of gigs. It has been idle for the past decade and it needs a home where it could be revived. It plays well but most likely needs a good cleaning. There are (as with anything old or classic) a few things that may need tweeked. The middle C# key fluctuates when played hard. The vibrato control slider needs some adjusting. There is a slight hum in the HI OUT.
In the mid 90’s this synth was cleaned and serviced where some sliders were replaced. Other than that and some cosmetic defects this almost 40 year old synth is functioning fine. Comes with the original manual and a custom made wood case. Feel free to contact for more info and pics.
The shipping will vary according to destination as well as using the customized wood box. This box is very heavy and it is optional. If you want the box, shipping is going to cost a lot more. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I have spent the last couple of hours putting this synth through its paces and everything works. It is in VG+ cosmetic condition with a few light scratches top bottom front back sides, some scratches to the wood side panels but no major dents or dings. We have had it for almost 25 years and used it occasionally in our smoke-free studio. The sliders are slightly sticky, we exercised them with Chem-Wash but you may want to do this again. All of the keys work fine however several of them are slightly sticky, they too could use some exercise. This synth has a bold, bright sound that will cut through any mix. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.