Oberheim OB-X Project Machine

“The OBX was produced from 1979 to 1982 or thereabouts. I bought this one second hand in 1984. It does not work in its current condition. All knobs are missing. Power switch works and lights on panel flash on and off kind of randomly and it makes random pitches. Keyboard has no effect but pitch bend wheel does.
Need a ground up restoration. Comes with Calzone hard case that also serves as a stand for sitting keyboardists.
Some light rust on case, no visible rust on unit including inside. No obvious indication of mold.
Free local pick up.
Okay, so ALL the eight sound boards are intact. The ones you see are number 5-8. 1-4 are underneath as per the last photo I just added. There are a couple of screw missing (as with it’s present owner) and the plastic sleeve that surrounded the pitch and mod levers is missing. That and the knobs. I have a feeling I know where the knobs are and if they are returned to me I will send them later (you pay shipping) ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Oberheim OB-X Project Machine

“Not a common synth to find on Ebay – there is one on Reverb for 10K

at the moment. Holy Grail for you vintage analog synth buffs. Dates to 1979.

cosmetically very nice, has a couple scratched keys and some normal age but

faces up well and not missing or broken knobs. Serial Tag on back stamped 6 Voice

I know these came in 4, 6 or 8 voice. no too many of this model made

Comes as seen, Please see all pictures. I too pics of the inside as well so you see exactly what you are getting.

powers on, some of the LED on the buttons on the left side just blink but the unit has No Sounds / output

all keys are there and move – not damaged – a couple are scratched.

Quite a rare unit and well worth the investment of having it brought back to life

I do not know a Synth tech that I can trust with this unit so I will leave it to you to

get it done right!

Since it will need service so it will be sold AS – IS No Returns”
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Oberheim OB-X

” Behold my RARE Oberheim OBX, upgraded to 8 voices (originally 6). You will not see a 100% fully functional Rev 1.0 in such pristine condition, possibly ever.

Made in 1978, only one of ~300 Rev 1.0 OBX synths in the WORLD!

Pro-serviced in 2018 by Greg M of Analog Synth Service (Oakland, CA). Service included full maintenance and oscillator calibration.

Synth will be professionally packed in double-wall box, and shipped via Flat Rate Freight. 8th voice card is being tested and may arrive separately. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay