Simmons Clap Trap

“This is the first iteration of the Simmons Clap Trap after Dave Simmons left MusicAid to form Simmons Drums. These were produced from 1981 to 1984 when the company replaced this model with the digital version.

It’s fully working, and has been gone through. Sometimes when you turn off the Auto Trigger by hitting the Manual Trigger button the unit won’t flip back to Auto Trigger. But, you can just power off and back on and it will start in Auto Trigger mode.

Cosmetically, it’s in very good shape for its age with only a few light scuffs (see photos). Also, the Master Volume slider top is broken off, but it functions perfectly. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons Clap Trap

“This is the Original Simmons version holy grail of the clap trap right after Simmons officially started branding them from Musicaid. Tested and working… These claps cut through any mix… unbelievable… There are very minor nicks due to age.. The volume knob is missing but still functional… This is the 240V version…” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons Clap Trap


This machine needs no introduction. Everyone who knows “clap machine” knows that the “Famous Clap Trap by Simmons is the best clap trap ever built. You can trigger it, play it, trigger it from a microphone, use it in the studio and more.

I used it on my snare using a microphone on my acoustic set. People would ask me after a gig all the time, “man what is that you’re using on your snare drum, it’s slammin, I told them it was the Simmons claptrap and they would reply, “that is the fattest clap I’ve ever heard. You will be amazed. This is a hard to find…!!!!! Hate to let it go… but I Gotta. It is very clean no scratches all knobs and buttons in tact works great!!!!”
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Simmons SDS-1000

Simmons SDS-1000 “RARE Simmons SDS-1000 Vintage Analog Electronic Drum Synth Module Brain Machine

This Simmons drum module has been tested and is fully functional. There are some cosmetic signs of wear and rack rash on the chassis, does not effect the performance of the unit, great vintage piece.

Has a trigger/input for each of the drums (bass, snare, hi tom, med tom, low tom)
Each can be controlled with sensitivity level & output level.
Each drum also has it’s own output (if you want to pan individually into your DAW), or you can run mono or stereo out of master outputs.

Controls for each drum: Sensitivity / Filter / Pitch / Bend / Hit Samples / Body / Decay / Noise / Click
Save programs/patches. Trigger LEDs for each drum. Drums can be triggered by a sequencers, trigger pads, etc.

Item will be professionally packed, shipped and insured to guarantee safe arrival

The item pictured is the one you will be receiving.

No additional accessories included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons SDS-V

sds-v “Used and as far as I can tell working. All modules work and produce sound. knobs all work as they should.I have only used the synth input to trigger them with the audio out of a drum machine. I have no pads to test the pad inputs. a number of the knob tops are missing. The mixer section has three broken knobs but the shafts can still be turned.

No pads included in sale just the unit.

Pictures are of actual item for sale so please study them carefully to get an idea of condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons SDSV Project Machine

sdsv “The three Toms on this were working about three years ago but at the moment I cannot get any output. I have tried to test this as much as l can but l do not have the right cables or drum pads but using Crocodile clips and a speaker driver for a pad I am getting the three sensing lights to flash on he three Tom inputs but not on the Bass and Snare. l last had the Toms working about two years ago an l will try again this week. I have had this about 12 years and I think either the Bass or Snare used to work but now l get no lights or any other activity from the Bass and the lights on the Snare come on but not the sensing light, so the Bass and the Snare will need some attention. The overall condition is well used, there are some broken pots missing caps and cap heads. Also most of the mini parameter screw heads are ok I used a plastic screwdriver to adjust these that l bought from Maplin.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons SDS IV Drum Synthesizer

Simmons Musicaid SDS IV ” Up for sale is a (1) rare Simmons Musicaid SDS IV drum synthesizer with the original drumpads and stereo-cable to connect them with each other. The unit is just been serviced and in good working condition now. Sounds very, very good! Only 200 units were made and this is one is number 7 build. Optical it’s in used condition with a few scratches on it, wear and tear, and some sticker residue at the backpanel of it. The drumpads have signs of use too (see photo’s). It’s a 220 – 240V unit and the serial number is: 4007.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons Clap Trap

clap_trap” This auction is for a Vintage Simmons Clap Trap. This item is nice used condition. It looks great considering age. Only light cosmetic wear. Everything on it works as it should. All knobs work and all outputs are clean. There is two knobs that has a missing end cap. It doesn’t effect use it’s just cosmetic. Refer to picture.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons SDS8

sds8 “Analog synthesizer with bassdrum, snare and 3 toms. Each channel features a unalterable factory sound and a variable user sound. The SDS 8 comes with the same analog filters of its predecessor, the SDS 5. Every knob on the metal chassis is easliy accessable. If you are looking for the classic analog Simmons sound with access to all the nice filters forgoing luxury like user banks, midi or modularity, this is the right machine for you. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons SDSV

” Vintage Simmons SDSV Analogue Drum Brain with 3 Drum Pads. This is a shortloaded SDS5 with 3 Tom modules and one Snare module. The Snare and 2 of the Tom modules are 100% functional; HOWEVER, one of the Tom modules has a bad pot. The 3 presets on this module work fine, but when you set it to be adjusted via the panel pots, it doesn’t work.
3 Drum Pads are included as well. First is 1 of the old style SDS5 pads–this one has a rubber head as opposed to the earlier polycarbonate head. The other 2 are later (SDS 9 era?) pads, that are less sturdy but easier to play. All the pads are in good working order. The older pad is in good cosmetic condition, but the newer pads show more wear.” Click here to visit listing on eBay