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linn9k “You are bidding on the

Linn 9000 Drum Machine w/ Forat OS 7.09

(serial # 150265)

in very good cosmetic and fully functional condition.

(see pics)

Included is the power cord and copy of Rev. 7.09 Software Manual

All function switches work including the drum pad triggers. No scratchiness on sliders or outputs. All leds light and no missing pixels in LCD. 3.5″ Floppy drive is fully operational. Sequencer note memory upgraded to 43,568 notes. 128k SRAM memory expansion for loading custom sounds. Battery was replaced in December 2015

Drum machine is stocked with the following cards

Trigger In

SMPTE card

256k SRAM card

Percussion card – Claps, Cowbell, Cabasa & Tambourine

Congas card – Conga 1 & Conga 2

(2) Cymbals card – Crash 1 & 2, Ride 1 &2

Tom-Toms card – Tom 1, 2, 3 & 4

Hi Hat card

Bass / Snare card – Sidestick, Snare & Bass

I have loaded the Linn with patterns which I will also include as a backup on floppy disk.” Link

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linn 9000“I bought this unit on EBay a little over a year ago for $700. It was not working at the time. I took it to Bruce Forat. He put a new disk drive cleaned an calibrated. Installed better kick. Fixed what ever was wrong internally. Unit has sampling. All in all I’m $1200 dollars into it. Item has been unused since I got back from Forat. Item will be shipped in case I received it in (case has no foam see pictures). Please use pictures to determine items condition. Item in pictures is the one you will receive.” Link

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We plugged this in to test it and it makes noise, but it seems real quiet to me. I don’t know enough about drum machines to know if that is normal or not. We are not sure if this is working 100% the way it should.” Link

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linn9000“Powers on, functions and makes noise when some pads are pushed. Exterior has scratches, scrapes and dings (as pictured). The “Yes”, “Stop” and “Play” buttons are missing (pictured). Both “Tom 3” faders are missing and not functional (pictured). The “Hi Hat Decay” fader is missing and not functional (pictured). A bunch of the slider caps are missing (pictured). Screws to hold in the top cover are missing. Comes with power cable” Link

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linn9000 “Powers on, functions and all pads sound. Exterior has scratches, scrapes and dings (as pictured). The “Yes”, “Stop” and “Play” buttons are missing (pictured). Both “Tom 3” faders are missing and not functional (pictured). The “Hi Hat Decay” fader is missing and not functional (pictured). A bunch of the slider caps are missing (pictured). Screws to hold in the top cover are missing. Comes with power cable” Link

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linn 9000

For sale is a vintage Linn 9000 drum machine. It is in great cosmetic shape & fully functional. Includes some very rare Linn LM-1 drum sounds on eprom, these cost over $250. OS is final original version 6.62 along with the 18 pad sampling option, here’s the manual for that. Also includes 11 discs with samples on them. Check out the pictures below. The Linn 9000 is a rare & classic machine used on many hits over the years. Don’t miss out!” Link

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Linn 9000“This stunning Linn / F9000 is one of the finest drum machines ever made. This unit has been routinely serviced by Bruce Forat over the years and just got back from his shop. Recent updates: New battery, new disc drive, pad maintenance. It has the most recent software upgrade. When it boots up it says ‘Forat 9000 OS 7.09.’ You really get best of both worlds in this unit, the classic vintage Linn 9000 looks with Forat 9000 features. Cosmetically the unit has a few scrapes and blemishes but this is purely cosmetic. Keep in mind, it’s a 30 year old piece of equipment. Comes with both Forat 9000 and Linn 9000 manuals. Take a quick look and see how much F9000’s are selling for, one recently went for $3,500. Not only is it a stunning piece of studio equipment, it’s also a great investment.” Link

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linn9000“The pads work and are touch sensitive as far as volume is concerned. The sounds are all clean. When pushing function buttons the screen responds accordingly. Since I am unfamiliar with the operation of this unit I am unable to test any further. This is being sold as is” Link

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“Forat 9000 / Linn 9000 Vintage Drum Machine Synth OS 7.09!

Linn 9000 brought to Forat 9000 by Bruce Forat himself. Routinely serviced by Forat and just arrived (6/14) from refurbishment! Comes with Forat 9000 & OS 7.09 manuals. The machine is fully working and has a new battery, buttons, disc drive and some of the pads replaced.” Link

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“My beautiful one-owner Linn 9000 (vintage 1985) is looking for a good home.
As you can see in the photos, it is in excellent condition.

This Linn was used on a number of dance hits back in the mid-80’s to early 90’s
including Millie Scott’s “Prisoner of Love”, “”Ev’ry Little Bit” and “Automatic” among others.

It powers up reliably and currently has Version 6.91 software –
this can easily be upgraded by Forat. It has been lovingly treated,
used ONLY in smoke-free studios, and not bounced around on the road.

Unlike most that are listed on eBay, THIS Linn 9000 has been EXTENSIVELY expanded by Forat Electronics, and has had the following options added:

– SMPTE READER CARD – Forat charges $400 to add this to an existing L9000 – This card will allow you to read (and lock to) SMPTE time code at all four SMPTE rates (24, 25, 30, and 30 drop frame), and also will read MIDI Clock and Song Pointer.

– 18-PAD SAMPLING MOD – Forat charges $800 to add this to an existing L9000. This will allow you to load custom sounds on all 18 Pads. You will also be able to adjust the filter amount on tom and conga pads. The sounds that are loaded into the 18-Pad Sampling are not erased when you clear the 9000. This option comes with 336k of memory just for sounds. The filter pots are in the vents above the original LCD display window.

NOTE! This L 9000 does NOT have the 7.09 software required to truncate or reverse samples.
Some of these functions MAY be available in Version 6.91 – please check with Forat Electronics. (Not sure if this machine has the 64K extended sample memory, but I do not believe so).

– Floppy Disk Sound Library – I will throw in a large sound library with this purchase.
You will get 100 disc total – 55 pre-formatted 3.5 in floppy discs with Forat Library Sounds, and 45 unused pre-formatted discs to use to store or transfer sounds from other sources.
Forat charges $250 for their 100-disc Library.. I have 55 of the best of their discs…

As you can see from the photos, the unit is in great shape, with very little (if any)
wear on the pads or scratches in the finish.

Operating System V6.91 software is from Forat and they can tell you what all features it includes. contact Forat DOT CO for all info about the Linn 9000.” Link

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” Here it is! The consummate drum machine and sequencing workstation of the 1980s! The Linn 9000 was used to create literally hundreds of hit records in the 1980s. It has 18 drum pads and sounds which to me feel better than any of the other drum machines I have used – and that’s a lot of them! It also has a disk drive for saving your sequences and loading new drum sounds. On the front panel there are two dedicated sliders for each pad – one to control the pan in the stereo field and the other to control volume and tuning of each drum.

One key feature of the Linn 9000 was that it was designed to be the centerpiece of a MIDI studio. And thus it has deep recording and editing facilities for external MIDI gear. Some of the biggest songs of the 80s were written and controlled by machines like this – the biggest one I can think of is Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)”. Once you hear these sounds though you’ll instantly recognize the machine from lots of other big hits!

Other cool features of the 9000:

– Each drum sound has its own dedicated 1/4″ jack on the back
– You can trigger drum sounds using 6 programmable external triggers
– The Linn can trigger other device using MIDI or two programmable trigger outputs
– The hi hat has a continuous slider instead of “open” and “closed” modes. That way you can make really expressive hi hat patterns!
– This was the first drum machine to my knowledge to have “note repeat” – hold down the repeat button and hit some pads

This particular 9000 has just come back from servicing at Forat and has a clean bill of health. It has a brand new power supply and floppy disk drive to keep the unit running strong for another 20-30 years. There is some minor cosmetic wear around the edges of the wooden case, which you can see in the pictures. This unit has OS V6.42. You can still buy upgrades for them, too! You can add SMPTE synchronization, more memory, a card that lets you sample sounds yourself, etc. Still a killer machine!” Link

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“Linn 9000 super rare drum computer. Not working.

Even though it is old, it has an updated power supply and back lighted screen. Plus this thing is full of cards.

Needs service because it is an original recovered linn 9000. ” Link

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“Linn 9000 Drum Machine/Sequencer. All the great 80’s sounds are packed into this box. I’ve used it for lots of recordings but I don’t have the room for it anymore. I was told when I brought it years ago that the “clap” didn’t work. Well, it worked for me. It only went out a couple times but nothing that I was too concerned about. 2 of the tips for the instrument mixer are missing but it’s no big deal. I just never replaced them. I was thinking of sending it to Bruce Forat for a “go through” but things never got serious enough for me to do that. I replaced the power supply and it doesn’t have much time on it at all. All instruments are tunable and the mixer on the front is great for balancing the volumes. I had great fun with this unit and even though it’s a vintage piece of gear, I have to let it go. Anyway, my loss is your gain so,

Happy Bidding!” Link

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“Here it is! The classic drum machine and sequencer combo that Roger Linn created. This is the precursor machine to all the famous workstation style rhythm centers like the MPC-60, MPC-3000, SP-1200, and so on. The number of fantastic hit records recorded using this guy as the brain is too numerous to list. Some of the most famous might be “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive or anything recorded by Stock Aitken & Waterman (SAW) in the 1980s.

This particular Linn 9000 has an updated display that is quite visible. It has one of the latest OS versions from Linn, 5.17, and it also has the later power supply which has a cooling fan apparatus to keep the unit from overheating.

It’s in good physical condition. The only issues I know of are the disk drive doesn’t seem to be working, and the hihat pad used to not work so well. However, I just tried it out and didn’t notice any problems. Given an item of this age, I can only offer it as-is, but it’s working just fine right now except for the disk drive.

The good news is you can still get FULL SERVICE for Linn 9000s through Forat Electronics. If you’re into that 80s sound, this is the drum machine for you no holds barred.” Link

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NOTE: FORAT 9000 OS 7.09 / 108K RAM / NEW BACKLIGHT” Link

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“This listing is for a rare LINN 9000 Sampler Drum Machine & Sequencer. The unit is 100% functional and in very nice cosmetic condition as well. All pads, audio inputs and outputs, and midi inputs and outputs, buttons, knobs and faders and been tested and are fully working. No unwanted noise or scratchy pots. It is in very good cosmetic condition and is a very good example of this highly sought after old school sampler. ” Link

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“This one is packed with lot’s of amazing features.
It has the FORAT 6.62 OS which allows this machine to load samples into memory and FIXES ALL THE BUGS
normally associated with the Linn 9000. It’s been furnished with brand new batteries and all of the pads work
completely. They are quick to trigger and feel incredible. This is what an MPC should feel like. This unit has the trigger inputs and also the SMPTE card but it does NOT have the sampling A/D card HOWEVER you can load samples via
floppy or burn EEPROMS. Contact bruce Forat and he can make you a custom Linn LM 1 set.

The kick drum is also not the standard Linn 9000 kick but is instead Kick 7 which is the superior kick
that was put in after the machine had been on the market and people complained about the lackluster
factory kick.

Also, because this is the Forat OS, the sequencer is GREATLY expanded and is basically what the MPC
sequencer should have been with better timing and FEEL than anything else out there.
The sequencer includes comprehensive sequencing over 16 channels, step edit mode or live record, and a
What this means is that you could come up with a drum groove and play a melodic arrangement that is of a different
bar count than your drums!” Link

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“Description: Vintage Sampler / Drum machine. comes as seen. Roger Linn sold his company to the Forat Brothers in the mid 1980s – Hard to find Item. as you see it is missing some keys tops and the LED is cracked. But aside from that – I will not Power on….. so Could be a fun project or good for spare parts for your rare F9000.

Condition: Does not power on and is missing some switch buttons tops – it is untested and so I will have to sell it AS-IS. no returns. standard 3 prong power cord NOT included. ” Link

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” this is one of 2 linn 9000s we have on ebay at the moment. we bought this linn 9000 broken a long time ago and intended to fix it, but tech time is limited and we need to focus our repair efforts on our huge inventory of vintage analog synths, so we are offering it for sale broken. it is being sold strictly as is, for parts or repair. though we have had nearly a 100% success record reviving vintage electronic musical instruments like this, other tech’s skills vary and we therefore must make it clear that there are no guarantees. here are some basic initial notes we took on it several years back when we first acquired it, though these probably wont be too helpful: “missing 1 pad, missing 1 button, missing some knob caps, batteries leaked badly and acid damage has spread significantly beyond the batteries themselves, unit not functional so unable to assess further at this time. ” this unit may be a good choice for someone skilled at electronic repair or someone whos willing to invest in restoring this instrument to its original state.” Link

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“Here for sale is an original Linn 9000 serial #150206 with Original owners manual. This comes with software version 5.17. It is being sold AS IS. It is in working condition however the “Play” button in the bottom right hand corner is missing and would need to be replaced to be fully usable. The numbers on the key buttons are hard to read as well and there is a spot on the top hand corner where somebody wrote their name with a grease pencil. All sliders, pads and buttons work however a few of the slider rubber end caps are missing. I purchased it at a recording studio in Los Angeles with the intent on sending it to Bruce Forat for upgrades and modifications. I unfortunately have to let it go. I always loved the tuning on the drum sounds and it was one of my favorite machines to actually play. You can really get some fat 80’s sounds with this one. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Linn 9000 Drum machine. Turns on and some lcd display readout but this does not currently work so it is sold ‘as is’. No floppys but comes with a power cord and original manual and documentation. Several marks on some of the buttons but overall pretty clean inside and out. Last used for an album in ’92 and in storage ever since. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I purchased this Linn 9000 a few years back.. it was intermittent when I purchased it .. but I did get it working
for a short time. I know that it will need at least to have the batteries replaced inside.

Today, it powers up.. and the display lights up, but it doesn’t respond to any button/drum buttons.

It may be a simple fix.. I don’t know. Sold as is, where is. Comes with a road case, which needs the
foam replaced inside due to the age.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Linn 9000 Integrated Digital Drums/Midi Keyboard Recorder

This machine is in very good condition.

Serviced on 5-23-11 at Forat Electronics.

Forat electronics is the only Linn 9000 service center in the United States.

I have complete documentation of the servicing to the machine.

This item has always been stored in a climate controlled room.

It has been stored in a FFC / Anvil flight case that is included in the auction.

The foam inside of the case is in excellent condition and has not rotted or deteriorated.

The outside of the case shows normal wear.

The software in the Linn 9000 drum machine and midi sequencer is version 6.81.

Included, is the original owner’s manual

and all information regarding the software updates and updated power supply.

This version of software offers many extra features to the machine.

These include: display changes, midi drum changes, midi drum channels, SMPTE time code changes,

drum mix status, recording, and the sampling mod that lets you take different sounds or samples

and load them onto the drum pads from a sample or sound library.

Another feature is the custom Forat SMPTE / MIDI song position pointer and MIDI clock module.

Also the machine has also been modified with 3 variable filter sets.

One is on the back of the machine for the bass drum

and the other two are at the top of the machine, for the toms and conga drums.

There are many more features and updates that are explained in the manual.

There is a 17 disk sound library

with hundred of different custom sounds and Linn stock sounds that is included in the auction.

Also included are five individual contact pads with ¼” jacks.

These can plug into the trigger inputs to the drum machine

and the outputs can be brought back to a recording input or mixing console

for an added drum tone or effect.

There are some small scratches on the side of the machine.

This is just from normal use.

Everything functions and works however I cannot be responsible for any problems that may occur after the sale.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are bidding on a Vintage Linn 9000 Integrated Digital Drums/Midi Keyboard Recorder. The serial number is 150295. This machine is in USED condition and is pretty dirty. It has been setting in a garage for a long time. It was stored in a case but the inside of the case has dried out and the foam crumbled on the machine. It powers up and plays but some of the buttons don’t work. I have not checked all of the functions but I can say that most of the pads work and I was able to play a drum beat. This is being sold AS IS and I cannot be responsible for any problems that may occur after the sale. It would be a nice machine to clean up and restore. Please look at all of the pictures so you can see the wear and tear. The case is made by Anvil Cases and I included a picture of the inside of it also. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This Linn 9000 is not properly booting up. Last time I tested it, the unit would power on but not get past the initial booting process, where several of the onboard lights will show, but the machine will not fully initialize.

All other mechanical parts of the Linn 9000 are in good working order, and the pads feel excellent & were always very responsive, so this could be a good purchase for someone looking for parts or a repair project.

This was upgraded by Bruce Forat at Forat Electronics & includes the latest OS & the A/D sampling option.

Comes with Forat manual & boot disk. This is a 110v” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” You don’t see these very often! This is the Linn 9000, packed with the high-quality sounds from the classic Linn drums but expanded to include a sequencer and some limited sampling capability. Only about 1000 were made, but they quickly were snatched up as THE drum machine of the 80s. Roger Linn took the concept of the Linn 9000 and it eventually was repackaged as the Akai MPC-60.

This particular 9000 comes in good shape and with a sturdy flight case. There were a few slightly different variations on the 9000. This one has the floppy drive in the front. It works well and you are able to load new samples into the 9000 via floppies. As you can see, the backlight on the display is working. The sounds out of this are great. Each one can be mixed, panned and even tuned live. Plus, the 9000 has the great feature of variable high-hat decay. I’m including a printout of the manual (actually very difficult to find) along with a utility program for transferring wave files to the floppy format used by the 9000. Overall, a great package.

The 9000 is built like a tank and it weighs like one! Together with the flight case, it’s going to be pretty hefty to ship.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The Linn 9000 is a powerhouse digital beat box. It is my favorite of the Linn series.

This 9000 was recently serviced by Switched On Music Electronics and is working perfectly. The cosmetic condition is good–a little wear and fading here and there. Comes with the Linn 9000 disk and a disk with some 808 samples.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Tested and working. Selling due to having bought to much vintage gear for my studio. This is a sweet drum machine. Has sounds already in it or you can sample your own. This Comes with the AD card installed and a midi to sympte external converter for syncing it to a computer, another drum machine or a arp / seq. The disk drive turns on and spins. Comes with one Original LINN disk but will not load. May be a bad disk or a bad drive. The last OS for 86 is installed 5.17 This has a new battery and may have a memory upgrade as the samples I created with it do not erase when I restart the machine. I’ll try to answer any and all questions I can. Thank you for looking …….. Again all buttons sliders work. It is missing one slider cap.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I haven’t fully tested this unit, only programmed a drum pattern. The hand clap is very quiet. All other sounds are nice and crispy. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are bidding on a rare vintage LINN 9000 drum machine/sampler/sequencer. This was a staple among pro users back in the day, and collectors are still grabbing them up! Just check it out online if you’re not familiar with it, as it’s the predecessor to the Akai MPC series and famous for its sound and feel.

This one was in storage for several years, and although it does power on, it doesn’t show anything in the display and is locked up functionally (no functions working when you press buttons, etc). They can be completely refurbished by Forat in CA, but we’re not getting into all that. The places that look like scuffs are actually foam residue from the Anvil case it was in. Selling it as-is for a very cheap price!

See the pictures below for the cards installed. It comes as pictured.

Again, these are Very Rare machines, and they sell for a LOT of money when fixed up. We’re selling it very cheap as-is, no returns, so you can have repairs done and be into a killer machine for a lot less than these commonly sell for!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Components included

Hardware: Linn 9000, power cord, remote, case

Soft- and Firmware: software v7.02 + sample card + 108k sample time + 43000 notes sequencing memory (these upgrades are offered today at 600 USD)

Testing and functional notes

This item sucessfully powers on and sound is generated when the velocity sensitive pads are hit. We are unable to test all functionality due to our lack of knowledge and therefore are selling this item without a guarantee. However, when I called Forat – the expert when it comes to the Linn 9000 ( – he took me through some menus to get more details on the installed hard- and firmware and everything seemed to be fully functional. The only thing that might be broken is the remote, but that might also be a setting. But all functions on the remote can be found on the Linn 9000 as well.

Cosmetic notes

The foam inside the case degraded over time and looks like it might start breaking into pieces, it’s also a little sticky. The Linn 9000 will be shipped inside its case but will be wrapped in plastic to avoid contact with the sticky foam. Overall the module is in good cosmetic condition with scuffs and scratches associated with normal use.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Linn 9000 @ 17 August 2010, Comments Off on Linn 9000

“For Sale here is the legendary Linn9000 drum machine/ sequencer/workstation. This Linn9000 is completely serviced/restored/updated by Bruce Forat at Forat Music Electronics in the US. ( This machine is an absolute must!! It has a few scratches but mechanically it is in top conditon!!
It sounds amazing! This machine blows every drum machine easily away. But that’s not all, it is a very elaborate sequencer and sampler!

The work Bruce Forat has done on this Linn9000 consisted of :

– replacing/adjusting all drum pads
– cleaning the in/outputs
– cleaning/replacing of the faders
– installing a new Nicad backup battery
– enlarge the sequencer capacity to 43,000 notes
– installing a new 240 V. power unit
– installing SMPTE reader and generator card (required for midi sync/clock in)
– Besides the 40 K.ram memory that was already available in this Linn9000, Bruce added a 68K static RAM memory expansion. I also transferred an other 128 K.ram card into the Linn9000 so now the total is 236 K. ram memory in total.
– installing the latest 7.09. software. Some of the many features are as follow:

On screen editing features such as Event and Global edit (note, velocity, duration, tuning, hi hat decay and erase), two types of punch (manual or programmable), recording all controllers such as MIDI volume etc., event chase, MIDI drum note assignment, copy individual tracks or drums, merge and replace, Time shift of notes and drum events, re-timing correction of individual drums or tracks after recording, 156 steps of drum tuning recordable during the sequence, MIDI System Exclusive recording for keyboard sounds, sample editing (truncate, reverse and fade), drum solo and mute, better and faster erase and many more.

Besides all these incredible features, the Linn9000 has an installed sampleboard (A/D converter) to load and record samples into the Linn9000. In this way you can load the recorded samples you want to use for your music project. Also 2 extra trigger input cards are installed!! So there are 12 trigger inputs you can use

The Linn9000 also comes with the latest 7.09 software manual to guide you through all the amazing features!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Linn 9000 @ 06 July 2010, Comments Off on Linn 9000

“What we have here is a vintage Sampler/Drum Machine made by Linn. This machine has has been upgraded by Forat Electronics. It has the latest software OS installed (7.09). This machine has just about every upgrade to it other than the the big face display screen and SMPTE card. Drum machine has immaculate dust-free insides (used in non-smoking enviornment). Casing is an 8.5 out of 10 with all silk screenig present…end caps are a little worn due to mobile usage. Ask any questions…they will be answered. This is a good working piece of gear that wont dissapoint. International bidding please contact prior to bidding. Bid only if you want to buy. Happy bidding.

As far as upgrades go for this machine they are as follows:

– New disk drive

– 7.09 OS (latest edition)

– 18 pad sampling

– Maxed out sample time (64k Memory mod)

– A/D card option for sampling input

– Tom Tom filter adj (later model)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Linn 9000 @ 29 June 2010, Comments Off on Linn 9000

“What we have here is a vintage Sampler/Drum Machine made by Linn. This machine has has been upgraded by Forat Electronics. It has the latest software OS installed (7.09). Also it has the A/D card for the sampling option, newer disk drive, adjustable tom tom sliders at the top and more. This drum machine has immaculate dust-free insides (used in non-smoking enviornment). Casing is an 8.5 out of 10 with all silk screenig present…end caps are a little worn due to mobile usage. Ask any questions…they will be answered. This is a good working piece of gear that wont dissapoint.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.