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alphaSyntauri“Vintage RARE ALPHA SYNTAURI Synth Music Keyboard Synthesizer

ESTATE Find in Excellent Cosmetic Condition – Untested but previously working and rarely used when put into dry storage with the original packaging. (see pics)

These Syntauri Synths are very usable, extremely desirable and incredibly rare, but almost never complete. This is a tremendous opportunity to buy one complete and in amazing condition.

KEYBOARD – Excellent Cosmetic Condition with the Original Box! AND YES, the mega rare to find foot pedal too…

SOFTWARE – Complete, including disks, original operations manuals & folder. Even includes the purchase receipt for $1,795 (without the computer) in the 1980s.

INTERFACE CARDS – Mountain Computer System Sound Card and Syntauri Interface hardware is included with original packaging.

MISC – Amazing find. Included is an original promotional 7″ flexi-record with Syntauri music and sounds. Never removed from the promotional sleeve.

As mentioned above, the system is untested, but it is a 1-owner item that was stored away in excellent condition. You’ll need a 1980s Apple 2 II (Approx $400-600) to run the software and use the synth.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“The Alpha Syntauri was one of the earliest digital synthesisers alongside (and much cheaper than) the Fairlight and the Synclavier. I purchased this one from new in 1983. It was fully working when it was put into storage when my Apple IIe died a while ago. However I now have no means to test it and can give no guarantee that it is still fully functional.

The kit comprises the Alpha Syntauri keyboard, Apple II card keyboard driver, two connected Mountain Computer sound cards which provide the musical guts of the beast, a box of the six original software disks from AlphaSyntauri, and the full owner’s operation manual.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Vintage Keyboard – AlphaSyntauri. (Alpha Syntauri)

Very good, but not perfect condition. Some very minor scratches. All keys are intact and action feels right. No rattles or loose parts inside. Solidly built.

I don’t know if it works, as I don’t have have an Apple II Computer to test it with. I make no promises, but it looks to be solid and very little used. It sat in a box since the 1980’s.

This is for the Keyboard only. You’ll need an Interface card for it to work.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Here’s an Alpha Syntauri keyboard with interface card, pedals, cable and Mountain card. Item was aquired as surplus from a University. This appears to have been used very little and is in excellent cosmetic condtion. Haven’t tested it since I don’t have the computer to run it. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

“This is the synthesizer you have been waiting for…
The original ALPHASYNTAURI synthesizer system! This one includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED (except the Apple II, which I can add):

Alphasyntauri keyboard
Interface board and cable for Apple II series computers (This has been the elusive board to get)
Mountain Hardware MusicSystem boards (a rarity in themselves)
Software for Alphasyntauri and Mountain Hardware boards
Additional METATRACKS software
LIGHT PEN for Mountain Hardware boards
FULL DOCUMENTATION for both the Alphasyntauri and Mountain Hardware boards!!

You may have seen eBay ads for the Alphasyntauri before, but usually they are just the keyboard alone, which is almost useless without the Apple II interfaces software and Mountain Hardware MusicSystem.

The APPLE II Computer is NOT INCLUDED- but I have a couple if you need one. Add $200 for a good restored Apple II+ and Green Screen Monitor” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The alphaSyntauri holds a unique place in music history. It was the first electronic instrument based on a home computer. Designed in 19791, the Syntauri Corporation began producing the alphaSyntauri in 1980. Instead of using its own internal circuitry to control the various parts of the instrument, the alphaSyntauri used an Apple II home computer as its brains. Back when other digital synthesizers cost upwards of $40,000, the alphaSyntauri was able to come in at under $1,500 (not including the Apple II).

Arguably, the alphaSyntauri could also be considered the first commercially available “soft synth” (an electronic musical instrument implemented strictly in computer software). Aside from the alphaSyntauri keyboard, accompanying interface card, and commercially available sound generation card (such as the Mountain Computer Music System cards), most of the magic of the alphaSyntauri is embodied in the software driving the system. Written in a combination of Motorola 6502 (the CPU in the Apple II) assembly language and Apple BASIC, the software controls most of the synthesizer functions, including sound programming, keyboard action interpretation, and automated playback.1

Its abilities were formidable at the time. The alphaSyntauri could play 16 notes simultaneously, and some models of the keyboard could measure key velocity. Its included software allowed for real-time control of selected portions of the sound, a trait borrowed from analog synthesizers of the time. It’s software was not in a fixed form either, but could be customized and added onto as time went on. Find out more about the alphaSyntauri’s abilities in the Documents and Tech Gallery sections of this web site.

For a variety of reasons, Syntauri Corp. failed in 1984, after having sold “thousands” of units.2 For a time, Mimetics Corporation supported the alphaSyntauri until they too went under in 1988. But many alphaSyntauris have made the big time, being played by such keyboard luminaries as Keith Emerson (Yes) and Herbie Hancock. A handful of musicians still use this unusual instrument today, and you can visit some of them in the People Gallery.

The original box contains the keyboard with some visible cosmetic scratches and the PC cards. No software and no manuals. If interested, make me an offer. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.