Casio, SK-1, SK-60 @ 05 July 2011, Comments Off on Casio SK-1 and SK-60

“Up for auction I have a lot of two vintage sampling Casio keyboards. You get the SK-1 as well as the SK-60. The SK-1 comes with its original box. Both are in good working condition.

-Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard. Comes with original box which has some dents and creases and some slight wear but is overall pretty decent. Sampler was tested and works great. Keyboard is super loud. Missing battery compartment door. And it didn’t come with its original power supply so we tested it with batteries. Battery compartment is clean. There are some note stickers on some of the keys. Some light scuffs can be seen on the front. All the buttons, keys and sliders seem to work fine. Slider pots may need to be cleaned and may be a little dusty. Works amazing otherwise.

-Casio SK-60 Say & Play Keyboard. Works great. Has its battery cover. Comes with original power adapter. Missing rubber on/off switch. Some sticker residue by the Casio logo. Some light age wear but overall really nice and in good working condition.

The Casio SK-60 power adapter is to big for the Casio SK-1 and is not a match. Oh well. You at least get one of them.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Casio, SK-1, SK-10, SK-60 @ 05 January 2010, Comments Off on Casio SK-1, SK-10, SK-60 Lot

casiolot-16 “Casio SK-1+10 SK-60 Sampling Keyboard Syhnthesizer LOT. Includes all three. All three fully functional.

* Casio SK-1 in superb working condition with Manual and Power Supply. Clean overall, with some scuffs. Well cared for.
* Casio SK-10 in superb working condition. Very dust riddled, and will need a good cleaning. It does work flawlessly though. The sampling is relatively short compared to the SK-1, but it does work, effects work, etc. Battery door is a white casio replacement.
* Casio SK-60 in superb working condition. I am less familiar with this unit, and it is loaded with features that really make it unique. The sampling works from what I can tell. I can power on the keyboard, press and release sampling, and then get a 0.6 second sample, which then auto-assigns to the A button on the PAD section. You can assign other samples to other buttons. You can reverse, loop, change tempo etc on the samples. You can alter the record time to up to 2.4 seconds, which eats up all four memory sections, resulting in one sample. You can use the built-in magic voice, which is pretty sweet. This is an amazing instrument, and with some practice time would surely be a favorite.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.