Roland TB-303

” I bought this TB-303 a year ago from the original owner who had all the switches replaced by a reputable tech. Works great, all buttons and knobs function as they should, although the volume knob is a bit crackly when turned. Once you settle on a volume, it isn’t noisy.

The other obvious issue is the smiley stickers.. seems the original owner used an alcohol-based cleaner once and ended up discoloring the plastic. He covered it up with the stickers and I didn’t bother taking them off, so I have no idea what it looks like under there!

The rest of the unit is in good condition for it’s age, with all of the lettering intact, and a spotless battery compartment. I’m selling because I have another 303 with the Sequentix midi-bass mod, so it’s time for this one to find a new home. Thanks for looking!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303 Project Machine

“Roland Bassline TB-303 – Comes with original Roland Case.

Came with a job lot of gear – Doesn’t have power supply so unable to test.

Comes with original Roland Carry Case & Battery Compartment Cover (not in photos)

Photos show condition of unit and form part of the description. Opened the casing to take internal photos, does not look butchered or messed about with internally.”
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Roland TB-303

” Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer with Original Case & Cover – Mint – Like NEW!

This is your chance to own a Roland TB-303 as close to brand new as possible.
If your a collector or serious acid head, this is your chance to own a legend that looks like it just came out of the box yesterday.

Unit is completely unmodified and works and looks like it is completely brand new. You won’t find a unit in better condition.

Everything functions 100% and sounds incredible

Comes with:
Original Roland Carrying Case
Decksaver Cover
New Roland/Boss PSA Power Supply

Unit will be bubble wrapped and boxed with care for shipping.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“Roland Computer Controlled TB-303 Bass Line with Original Owner’s Manual and Carrying Case with shoulder strap. Condition Is Used.
I am the original owner and I am selling this unit AS IS, NO REFUNDS and NO RETURNS. I bought this unit shortly after they became available in music stores. I used this unit with the Roland TR-606 Drumatrix. I put it away after sequencers and sound modules became available. I recently placed batteries in it and turned it on (there was some slight static noise when I turned the unit on) and I did some basic programming and the unit worked fine. The unit has some slight abrasion on the front and back panels of the unit which I believe is from the carrying case. This unit was not checked out by a professional technician.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“Roland TB-303 Computer Controlled Bass Line with Owner’s Manual
You are bidding on
Roland TB-303 Computer Controlled Bass Line with Owner’s Manual


Up for auction is a Roland TB-303 Computer Controlled Bass Line with Owner’s Manual.
Item is pre-owned and in good condition.
Unable to fully test without cords, but the unit lights up when powered on with batteries. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“Roland TB 303 – Rare Quicksilver CPU.

Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class & courier tracked


TB303 with fitted quicksilver CPU Mega Rare to find the CPU and tough to find someone to fit these


TB303 great condition / no leaks / no wearing down of the pots – comes with manual & original CPU chipset – yes also plug Uk


Works beautifully


Kenton CV kit -also fitted


Midi fitted


Incredible silver box – ignore the re-issues and clones this is as good as 303s get.

Some say Devilfish is better but to be honest I prefer Quicksilver. Grab this before it goes to a new home never to be sold again !” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“Roland TB 303 Vintage Analog Synthesizer W/ Social Entropy Quicksilver Midi Mod and more. Mod, Proprietary Cables, & Orig. Power Supply All Included. Condition is Used. Note, there is one mildly scratchy pot that could use a cleaning or replacement but other than that she is good to go.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“Roland TB-303 Bassline Keyboard Synthesizer, original vintage. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
The TB-303 is in great condition and works perfectly. The only flay is some cosmetic damage to the bottom of the unit. Only visible when you turn it over (see photos). Comes with power supply.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

” Original Roland TB-303. Condition is used. A few scuffs here and there. Some buttons need a bit of a push to get a response but for a 30+ years old machine it’s to be expected.

Still in working condition and making those lovely squelchy bass lines. No box, manual or power lead supplied (DC 9V). ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606 and Roland TB-303

“TB-303 and TR-606, (tested working) both with original manual and a Boss ACA-120 power supply. Also including a “Roland Keyboards Vol 1″ instrument catalog that lists the TB-303 & TR-606.

TB-303 & TR-606 both are in excellent condition.
Cosmetically, they are great, with just a few marks from being stored in their original vinyl cases. (see photos – the 303 has a few more marks where the paint seems to have been marred by the vinyl case)

Both of these have seen very little use. Purchased new by my cousin. He used them lightly, and I never really used them other than a few tests. They’ve been stored in their cases on the shelf most of the last 30+ years.

all knobs, markings, labels look excellent.
Controls all work without noise. Tested them out and they work well and sound good. (I don’t really know how to use them, but I was able to coax some sweet sounds out of them anyway.) Battery contacts are like new. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“This classic and outstanding synthesizer is still in great condition. The bottom is scuffed heavily, but the sides and top are clean and look close to new. The connections have all been tested and it is free of corrosion. It is in great working condition. 4 C-cell batteries will be included. Please be sure to check out my other listings of vintage pro audio equipment. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Lot of 2 Roland TB-303s

“These legendary synths don’t need any introduction. If you came here, you know what they are. I have two (!) original Roland TB-303s just standing here collecting dust. They deserve to be used more than I’ve got time for.

The price I’ve put down is roughly what the have cost me, incl. some servicing and upgrades with complete 5 socket Kenton kits for both (CV, filter, gate, accent, slide). I have paid for getting all the services and the installation of the Kenton kits done professionally, but one of the synths was bought from Japan and a couple of lanes on one circuit board was cut to use the original CV/Gate outs as ins. I have got this corrected so that they have the original functionality back, but full control via the Kenton kit in addition. The other one is by me bought here in Norway, but I don’t know if it was bought here originally.

A Kenton Pro-2000 mk2 can follow the sale (midi-CV/gate converter which can also control accent, slide, filter). All leads to connect both synths to the controller will be included.

Sound wise the two synths are quite different. The one has a very nice sound, the other has way too long sustain and I have not been able to get this fixed. At the moment you can not make the classic 303 baselines with it. Hopefully someone with experience tinkering with 303s can get it fixed. All pots work, but they are a bit more loose and scratchy on the one of them. With midi control this is no problem, and I’m sure this can be fixed too. All the electrolytes have been replaced during my ownership, but it is a few years ago now. There should not be any dried out capacitors today, but things change with time of course. I have PSUs for both of them (euro plug), plus the original soft bags, one black and one silver.

This is an unique opportunity to own not just one, but two pieces of music history, even though they are not in mint condition after so many years. During my ownership I have maybe used them 10 hours in total during 10 years. I just need to realise I don’t have the time to use my studio more and they are better off with someone else. When you start playing with these and tweaking the knobs you get lost in time, the hours just fly by, but I don’t have that time. They are fantastic machines.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“Selling a TB-303 in beautiful condition. In original box with manual, minty with minimal wear and a few small scatches on under side. Please refer to pictures. It was in storage, barely used by original owner. Unmodified. Comes with Boss power supply.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“For sale is a Roland TB-303 Bassline Original Analog Synthesizer in good physical, and working condition. Comes with a Boss power adapter. Everything has been tested and is functional. Will run off batteries, or adapter. Back of unit shows wear on plastic from rubbing against the case.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“Original Roland TB-303 Bass Line , original owner. I had this synth refurbished in the last year by an authorized Roland dealer “This old synth”. In total working order no scratching on pots when played. There is a little cosmetic blemishes but nothing that effects it’s play abd this synth is quite old. I am original owner and it has been kept indoors in a cool environment it’s entire life.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“Up for auction is the Roland TB-303

The unit powers and all buttons and functionality works as expected….except the sound is very faint. You can the pattern following along with some noise but it is not outputting anything as you would expect.

I am not an engineer, technician or electronics expert by any means but I suspect it may be something easy to fix.

The unit is in good cosmetic condition however there is a slight crack on the rear of the unit and a small chip on one the of bottom corners.

I cannot find the adaptor for this synth but I tested it using batteries. The Roland PSA adaptor is very easy to find or you could also almost any 9v centre negative adapter.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“Roland TB-303 Bass Line Computer Controlled
This TB303 is in near mint condition. 100% fully functional.
Comes from original owner, hardly used, would be perfect cosmetic shape minus a few minor signs of wear. Everything working as it should. Battery compartment is clean. Sounds awesome. Includes power supply and original manual (excellent shape), along with original gig carry bag (bag shows some wear & stains). ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“This is the Holy Grail! This particular 303 is in very good condition for its age and construction. Everything works. The filter on this particular unit is excellent I’ve heard some wimpy ones and some buzzy ones but this sits right in between! No mods no touring the writing isn’t all rubbed off like the other 303s you see. This is an excellent example and doesn’t show signs of failure at all.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

“Highly sought-after and nearly immaculate original-owner vintage Roland TB-303 Bass Line synthesizer! All functions are operating correctly, a few keys can be slightly sticky at times, but do work well. This has been in my smoke-free possession since purchased new, and kept in a protective case. Includes the original quick reference card as well as the full operation manual. Also includes the original Boss 9V power supply. Battery compartment is very clean.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TB-303

” Here it is, the original Acid House machine! It is in mint condition as the pics show that the battery compartment is clean and with batteries installed it works. The unit will come with a current Roland power supply (not pictured) PSA-120. I am the original owner and this unit was used at DJ International Records as I was an artist with them in the 80’s. This unit has only been kept in a smoke free studio/environment and never taken out for a tour or rented.” Click here to visit listing on eBay