Electrocomp 101, EML @ 06 February 2018, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

“Amazing multifaceted synthesizer. Rare with some estimates being only 1200 ever produced hand wired Electrocomp semi modular analog synth in working order. Sounds great as is but could probably use a service to make it tip top” Link

Electrocomp 100, EML @ 02 January 2018, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 100

“The EML-100 is the rare blue faced precursor to the EML-101. Disassembled, cleaned inside and out, fully refurbished by a vintage synth specialist with decades of experience, systematically tested over a long period, working great and sounding incredible! This restoration process – an attempt to future-proof this instrument so it continues to work well into the future – took 30 hours of skilled labor. Few sellers invest the time, love and money we do in the preparation of our gear, and this is reflected our prices.”

Electrocomp 101, EML @ 06 June 2017, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

“Vintage EML ElectroComp 101 analog Synthesizer. Serial #138. Made in Vernon, Conn, USA, circa mid-1970’s

Rare to find an EML 101 in such good condition, they were often owned by educational institutions and were commonly played hard by students. This ElectroComp 101 was used for 18 years in a sound design studio in Hollywood and has been sampled/played extensively on many film soundtracks and TV commercials. A real workhorse that is often described as a poor-man’s Arp 2600 but that’s not really fair; it has a very unique sound that some describe as harsh, metallic, alien, machine-like, I think this comes from the fact that it has no onboard dynamics and really responds well to reverb, delay and other sweeteners. I seriously love this instrument and find it one of the most intriguing of the classic analogs (I’ve owned them all) and am selling reluctantly. I have found it a constant source of inspiration over the years and have turned to it often when no other synth was able to surprise me with something distinctive and unexpected.

The last work done was three years ago by the well-known tech Greg Montalbano in Oakland (and before that by the late Kevin Lightner). Greg replaced some caps in the power supply and installed a non-original on/off light that was intended to be a place holder until I found the correct light, but of course I never got around to it. I’m a purist about these things and always try to use original parts. The leather handle is also not original. Other than that #138 is in fantastic condition operationally and cosmetically. All the controls are working well and it has new keyboard bushings, and J-wires that were installed two years ago. EML’s four op-amp oscillators are remarkably stable. The scalable keyboard is a great feature as well as duophony and patchable modularity. You will not be disappointed, a real classic that is quite hard to find in any condition but rarely this well-preserved.” Link

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eml500 “I’ve owned this EML 500 Electrocomp synthesizer since 1981. I used it live for a couple of years then used it in the studio until about 1986 or so. It’s pretty much been in storage since. It worked when I checked it last about 10 years ago, but doesn’t now. Looks like it may have a fuse and cap missing from the back, but I’m not sure?
Needs some cleanup. Keys have yellowed over the years. Some of the slider caps are missing. Comes with a custom made wooden case. Will be professionally shipped by UPS. Sale is AS-IS, no refunds.”

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eml200 “This is a very rare and cool semi-modular synth from Electrocomp (EML). Usually they’re silver but this one is blue! A few minor cosmetic chips on the paint but overall it looks great (see picture) and sounds fantastic! Really fat analog synth. Note that EML’s voltage isn’t the standard 1volt per octave so it’s probably more useful for special effects than as an “in tune” instrument but you can use it for anything. Also note that no keyboard is included. It is just the synth in its original cabinet.” Link

Electrocomp 500, EML @ 30 August 2016, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 500

eml500 “In good working order, missing a few slider knobs, has had zero work done to it. I used to plug electric guitar into mic jack, made for great effects. I bought this thing in 1985 as is, I’ve been the second owner.” Link

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eml Original EML Electronic Music Lab SYNTHESIZER Lot…8 Original 1973 ERA Modules….ALL LOOK Excellent…Insides of all Modules are EXCELLENT…have not tested….RARE Vintage EML Synthesizer Module LOT for your collection…WILL NEVER SEE THESE again…VERY RARE…GOOD LUCK” Link

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eml200 ” Verkaufe eine EML 200 = Electrocomp 200 modular synthesizer aus der USA.
Sehr seltener modular synthesizer mit: 1x Master VCO(LFO aber geht in audio frequenz),2x VCO,Reverb,High und Low Pass Filter,S&H,2 Ringmodulators,Mic Amp,Switch,2 Mixers(jede 3 inputs,und 1 output),Envelope.
Funktioniert einwandfrei und sieht sehr gut aus.Netzteil ist 110V,aber Gratis ein Konverter nach 230V dabei.
Diese ist eine seltener Version daher es keine deckel und Griff hat,also ein echtes studio Modell,und keine Tour Model.” Link

Electrocomp 101, EML @ 10 November 2015, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

eml 101 ” VINTAGE EML Electrocomp Synthesizer Model 101. Out of Electronic Music Labs in Vernon Connecticut. This is number 431 out of 1000 made. I’ve ran it through my amp and tested the keys. They are all working and do not stick. I’ve also tested every knob, oscillator, envelope and filters and modulators, ALL of the knobs and switches work, and I’ve fooled around with it enough to make every switch and knob change the sound and frequencies. It’s all very well and in good working condition. There are some slight scratches on the wooden case (as seen in pictures). The leather strap handle has been replaced with rope and electrical tape (which works fine as a handle). There are two definitive defects. One being the side latch top being broken and a chunk of the wood was taken with it *pictures*. This does not really effect the case being closed fully. Its still fine to carry around and about without opening up, and also when you set the synthesizer up, the latch can still be clamped on both sides. The other defect is the input from the keyboard part to the main board. It’s plugged into it. But indefinitely. Someone has taken the liberty of drilling a hole next to the actual input and has it plugged in somehow behind the main display board. I have not taken it apart to look. It works fine the way it is. You just can’t take the two separate pieces too far from each other because they are attached by the input cord. *see pictures*. It should make for a pretty simple fix but there will be that new hole in the display/control board.” Link

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eml 500 “This Synth has been disassembled, cleaned and professionally restored by Jeff Blenkinsopp of The Analog Lab. The keyboard bushings have also been replaced. Cosmetically it looks good, with some scratches and wear on the wooden case and a slight yellowing on some of the keys, please look at the pictures. These models are hard to come by and have a unique sound., This one is in 100% working condition and ready to be played. It also comes with a cover, manual and two books on Synths, as in the picture.The synth is being sold as is with no warranty. The item will be professionally packed and fully insured when shipped.” Link

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eml200 ” Here is a very rare vintage analog modular synth from EML called the EML 200 Modular System. From the makers of the Electrocomp comes a more flexible unique sounding synth! The condition is very good with some minor chips in the paint that are barely noticeable from a distance. It’s a beautiful blue synth! Very few were made and even fewer were blue (most were silver/plain). Note this is not 1/volt per octave but EML’s own scaling and it does not include a keyboard so it’s more for processing and special effects (unless you can find an EML keyboard or some other trick with a CV to midi converter and scaling). Please only purchase if you know what it is and you really want one as it is sold with no returns as is. It is guaranteed to be functional. ” Link

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eml500“After many years of trying to decide to sell this…..here it is. #785 of 800 built
I bought this synthesizer new in 1974 direct from Electronic Music Labs (EML)
The unit is in near perfect condition cosmetically and has never left the studio However, there is an issue with the attack, decay section but the sustain seems ok, there is also a clicking sound when the keys are played (all the keys play and produce sound but need a good cleaning). With a little TLC this will be an extraordinary addition to any studio. (it still produces some crazy sounds every time it’s turned on) Included are the original manual and the full EML product line up brochure from that era including a brand new never played Flex disc record of the EML sounds! ” Link

Electrocomp 101, EML @ 14 July 2015, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

“EML Electrocomp 101 Analog Synthesizer

An extremely rare treat from the ongoing estate sale in South Florida

This is a unique one of kind item, I am not going to give you specs or who used this, you know what this is !

Unit is in very good condition

Manufacture date June 1974

Serial number 475

Original Owners Manual

Blown up copies of internal circuit diagrams from EML

Keyboard was opened and key contacts were cleaned, all keys work well, keyboard feels good.

There are three modifications done to the unit. See Pictures. I have researched them on line and found no match.

The unit was opened and the mods were inspected internally. They were all obviously done professionally , what they actually do is a mystery to me, but knowing this keyboard collectors reputation, they probably are a plus

I programmed some of the sounds from the users manual and they sound as intended.

The carrying handle is missing.

I have tested this unit to the best of my abilities and it seems to be functioning as intended.” Link

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eml101“JIMJAMSVINTAGEMUSIC brings you this Electrocomp EML analog synthesizer model 101 serial number 273, A very early one. Very nice cosmetic condition, a few light scratches on the cabinet and alittle seperation on the edge joints but very solid. The face plate is excellent with no missing print and no discoloring from use. The knobs are all original as is the electronics. Item powers up and creates some interesting sounds. There is some pots that are scratchy and will need cleaned. I have had two arp 2600 repaired and sold in the last 6 months, I am going to leave the reapairs done by the buyer this time. The synth should be gone over by a tech because of age and is a wonderful candidate for restoration.” Link

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eml-200“For your consideration is the EML-200 modular, analog synthesizer module.
The unit has been used in my smoke free studio, and shows very minor cosmetic wear(see pics).
The EML-200 has been serviced within the past month, and is completely functional.
The synth is in amazing condition inside and out considering that it is over 40 years old!
Included in the listing is the EML-200 as pictured.” Link

Electrocomp 200, EML @ 10 March 2015, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 200

eml200“*Very* rare EML 200 module. Fully refurbished by Jeff Blenkinsopp at ‘The Analog Lab’ in NYC . Front case lid included.

Sounds superb.” Link

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eml polybo“:: Background

The EML Poly-Box is a rare and unique beast. Only 130 were ever built, much fewer in orange. Their primary function is to turn a monosynth into a polysynth, by simply plugging the monosynth through it’s loop. Then you can play chords with the monosynth sound. In addition it has 2 oscillators, pitch up & down 1 octave, nice phasing and a hold switch (to sustain notes). It sounds pretty cool on it’s own, and can make any monosynth much more versatile. DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh can be seen playing them live, back in the day.

:: Condition

This Poly-Box is from the late 70’s, and in great working & physical condition. There are a few minor scratches on it’s wood sides and a missing center hub on one of the knobs. The keys are slightly uneven, but for it’s age, it’s in very fine shape, and a super-funky piece of history.” Link

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eml 101“Electrocomp 101 synthesizer

Condition: no chips or dents, no scratches, all original, keys are even with no yellowing, all latches are rust free, handle in good shape

Shipping: will be wrapped and secured with styrofoam and multi boxes.” Link

Electrocomp 200, EML @ 03 February 2015, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 200

eml 200“This synth is in great condition. I just tested it and every section works, however the Reverb Mix, Filters, and Mixer section pots are dirty/scratchy due to it not being used for a while. Cosmetically it’s in good condition, but it does have some scuffs/scratches, a broken rubber foot, and two corners on the wooden case are damaged. ” Link

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eml100 “This is a real collector’s item. It is in very, very good shape for being approximately 45 years old and in working order. Compare the shape of the keys to the EML 101’s for sale.

Condition: Used (but very good condition considering it is approx. 45 yrs old)

Seller Notes: “VERY VERY RARE ..” (Much more rare than the EML 101)


Number of Keys: 44

Model: EML 100

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Type: Synthesizer

This EML 100 Synthesizer is vintage and very very rare. Less than 100 of them made in 1970/71. It is the predecessor to the EML 101. It is in good working condition. It comes with the User’s Manual, 2 original patch chords and the 33 1/2 LP provided at original purchase (The Sounds of E.M.L. Synthesizers). It also comes with a 13 page EML 101 electronic schematic and a 13 page Alignment Procedure of the EML 101 which was the mass produced version of the EML 100.

Patches shown in the User Manual have been setup and verified.

Very few blemishes. Slight corrosion on metal latches (not bad). Very few scratches on outer case. Keys in perfect shape. A couple pots could use some use or cleaning.” Link

Electrocomp 101, EML @ 23 September 2014, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

” Excellent condition Electrocomp 101 with factory CV/GATE mod. Mod has its own PCB.

Also including original operation manual, copied schematics, and the midi/cv converter in this listing.

Handle has separated at the stitching on ends. Handle is still sturdy and works but I would advise not to use it. Minor edge wear- please see photos

CV/GATE mod allows the included Kenton Pro-Solo to control 4 oscillators in perfect tune, and other cv function via MIDI. Hence, KB1 (and glide) pitch CV is disabled on the 101, to allow external control monophonically.

If used without the Kenton:
The 101’s keyboard does work monophonically on osc 3 and 4, scaling perfectly. There are additional keyboard outs added to the panel, and it appears as though when CM3 out is routed back into the CV jack it would control KB1 cv (and of course successive cv’s if selected), but I haven’t been able to make this work as scaling is off. (1.2 v/octave may play into this, as perhaps it was scaled to be controlled from a 1v/octave synth).
KB2 and all other functions are in working order, working monophonically from its own keyboard.

Once again, when controlled by midi, everything works as you would expect. The knobs added for the mod control pitch coarse and fine, with a switch for INTERNAL/EXTERNAL CV. Gate is triggered on both envelopes, or one if you want. Kenton adds glide and extra LFO frees up another oscillator for pitch. Route to OSCs and or filter CV, etc. This is a powerful combination..
As you may already know, this is a complex instrument and requires some degree of understanding.

My items are 100% as described- please see my seller ratings.
Kenton Pro-solo. all additional cords, original EML 101 operation manual with sound settings, etc. will ship in a second box. ” Link

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eml100 “Patches shown in the User Manual have been setup and verified.

Very few blemishes. Slight corrosion on metal latches (not bad). Very few scratches on outer case. Keys in perfect shape. A couple pots could use some use or cleaning.” Link

Electrocomp 101, EML @ 08 July 2014, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

This is the increasingly impossible to find, Electrocomp EML-101 Synthesizer. This specific one is of the cleanest specimens you’ll likely come across. All functions work as one would expect. This machine is stable, has been kept in a smoke-free studio environment. There are no yellowed keys, no pot issues, no patch point issues, and very little in terms of physical defects. There are but one or two surface scratches, and the handle is missing; it’s also got the engraving of the school this once was located.

The keybed is level, and 100% functional, all patch points work as expected, and all modules operate as expected. This machine has had no modifications performed.

It will be professionally packaged and shipped via insured carrier to your location.” Link

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Electrocomp 101, EML @ 15 April 2014, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

“verall, the synth is in superb cosmetic condition, as close to a mint example of this synth as you are likely to find.

The synth has been recently serviced, which included a keyboard clean and rebushing, a number of pots were disassembled and cleaned, the synth was tuned and calibrated to specs.

The front panel is in exceptional condition, with all printing clean and complete, chromework nice and bright and no wear to the panel around the pots. All pots move smoothly and are crackle free.

The wood veneered cabinet is in fabulous condition with minor marking only.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.

The length of the connector cable between the base and top units can be shortened by feeding this back into the base unit. The synth will be dispatched with the visible cable shorter than pictured.

This is a 110v model so is sold with a small wall plug style step down transformer.” Link

Electrocomp 500, EML @ 07 January 2014, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 500

“If your looking for a different sounding machine, THIS IS IT! A VERY RARE MONOSYNTH. You’ll be hard pressed to find one of these EVER again. #720 out of 800 produced.

Free shipping in 48 United States.

Sounds unlike any mono synth I’ve ever played. A true original sounding beast. Very Unique!!

It’s a heavy machine and made like a tank. Beautiful woodwork.
All keys play. In need of maintenance and a proper cleaning by a tech, I just don’t have the time. With a little TLC, this could any studios secret weapon! Plays good.

Because it needs work, I am selling as is. No complaints and no returns accepted. Sold as is. ” Link

Electrocomp 101, EML @ 19 November 2013, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

” Working condition, all keys active, patch cables for varied sounds, extreme sound out of this unit. Case has several scratches and missing handle. All latches work. I don’t know how to use this synth but what I did play was awesome!! I will post a video soon. If you are looking at this unit, you already know about it. Much info on the web for it. You know it’s a rare vintage find. Item sold as is.” Link

EML @ 12 November 2013, Comments Off on EML Synkey

“Up for auction is a SynKey 1500 by Electronic Music Laboratories (EML). This is a monophonic synthesizer with some very unique features. For starters, while it only has a single oscillator, it is continuously variable between pulse, saw, and square wave. And while it’s a monophonic synth, the SynKey allows the player to add overtones in musical intervals using the 12 button array in the VCO section. This makes it easy to play a chord using a single finger! The filter section features low pass, band pass and high pass. The keyboard also features after-touch that can be applied to the filter, LFO, or as a pitch bend.” Link

Electrocomp 101, EML @ 15 October 2013, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

“Allow me a moment to modulate my own horn about this synth before you read the specs and other drivel I copied from some boring on-line source to fill in the blank spaces. After all, if you know about the EML 101 and what it is capable of doing, who cares if Weezer uses it or not? The truth is this synth is da bomb! Totally unlike an ARP/MOOG/KORG or other analog beastie from back in the day. It’s also one of the few that hasn’t been re-synthesized into an algorithm of one’s and zero’s. Why is that? Maybe you just can’t duplicate the authentic sound of an EML? Or maybe you just have to hear it in person. And since there aren’t that many that come up on eBay that are in great sounding shape, this is your opportunity to own a piece of sound sculpting history. I would label the sound as “industrial meets laboratory equipment.” Not to mean the sound is clinical, but that it does have a unique voice that is very different than ARP or MOOG. The unit was last calibrated about 10 years ago and stays remarkably in tune. You need to tweak the VCO tuning with the keyboard scaling. But once set it will stay there for weeks on end. You can play one finger four note chords. Now how cool is that? ” Link

EML @ 15 October 2013, Comments Off on EML Synkey

” Hi

im selling my EML Synkey

cosmetic 8/10

functional 100%

no returns” Link

Electrocomp 200, EML @ 17 September 2013, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 200

“RARE Vintage Electronic Music Labs EML Electrocomp 200 Modular Analog Synthesizer

It wasn’t used this for a while so I just had it checked and serviced, some old capacitors were replaced so she’s had a checkup and sounds great . I’ve also checked it to the best of my abilitys and all the knobs alter the sound, with maybe 2 that have just a little scratchieness that got better with use.

It was made in Vernon CT in the 70’s for the public school market and has school name etched on one side. Condition is very good, has some scratches and small chips on the corners, nothing major, face graphics look very good. Awsome weird sound machine, if your looking im sure you know. ” Link

EML @ 18 June 2013, Comments Off on EML Poly Box

“The Poly Box was manufactured for a short time by Electronic Music Labs (EML) to produce a polophonic output from a monophonic source. Around 130 were made from 1977 to around 1982. This is serial number 96 and is fully working. It will track the input frequency and allow you to play chords etc based on the root note of the input.

I have used this for many years and the sound it produces is quite unique. You can also use it to track other audio sources, such as vocals, which opens up a totally new way of creating complex sounds.

All oscillators work perfectly and the box is excellent in every way. There is residue from stickers above the jack sockets but these can be removed. No scratches, crackly pots or poor keyboard contacts. The unit is 110v (they were never sold in the UK to my knowledge) and will come with a step down transformer if required. I can supply a PDF too of the operating manual.” Link

Electrocomp 101, EML @ 11 June 2013, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

“Hello! I’m selling my EML 101 which was serviced 3 months ago by Ed Miller of Synthesizer Repair here in Los Angeles. The synth works and sounds incredible. It’s one of the sickest and nastiest sounding analogs ever made. It does not disappoint anyone who uses it. I just gave the 101 a full test drive and it is 100% fully functional. The item is used and is being sold as is. There is some cosmetic wear and tear on the case as you can see, since it’s over 30 years old. I’ve keep the synth in pristine condition, and pampered it as much as possible. I’ve owned the unit for over 10 years now and when I purchased it, some of the plastic knobs are not original. This didn’t bother me, but I wanted to mention it. The 101 has been set to a 1volt per octave standard, instead of the original 1.2 volts per octave. This allows you to use it with other analog gear / CV converters. . Also, there is an common internal modification on the 101. That the gate input triggers both envelope generators, not just #1. This allows for greater flexibility when sequencing. And I’ll throw in the Kenton Pro Solo for free, so you’ll be able to sequence the 101. I hope this synth finds a great home where it will be cared for. ” Link

Electrocomp 101, EML @ 04 June 2013, Comments Off on EML Electrocomp 101

“Up for sale is a classic EML Electrocomp 101 semi-modular synthesizer. I will spare you too many details of the functionality of this particular model other than to say that it has more flexibility than an ARP 2600 which sold at a similar price point during the original manufacture although the ARP now commands a much higher price due to it’s name recognition. With the EML, you are getting a less utilized and therefore more unique sound palette, as well as more oscillators and modulation options.

All of the features of this particular unit are working properly, although I do believe it could use some servicing. All of the synthesizer functions seem to work although I am not sure if it is holding tune properly, and some of the pots could stand to be cleaned. I had planned to take more time learning to service this synthesizer, but money problems lead me to the necessity of liquidating items. You can see there is a bit of damage to the wood veneer, most notably on the right side. The handle is a bit worn and could stand to be refurbished, although the main weight on the handle is supported by a metal chain which seems to still be pretty solid.

Also included with the synth are a slew of documents, including sales material, patch templates, technical documents and schematics. This unit has had a couple of modifications made and these are outlined in the schematics.” Link