Cordovox, Midi Accordian @ 07 April 2009, Comments Off on Cordovox Accordion with MIDI

“Well here is an inxpensive way to get a midi accordion. This is an cordovox that was basically gutted of all the old tube style electronics original to it . The inside elctronics were replaced with the basic midi setup wiring

I have a midi foot controller that i will include to power up the midi in the accordion, you will still need midi module to produce the sounds you desire.

I have used this before with a midi set up for my concertina and the accordion worked great as midi.

I have listed this accordion at a lower rate because you will need to have a button looked at on the bass side when it is depressed it is out of tune.It has several of the keys on the piano side are slightly gouged which seemed typical for the Cordovoxes from that era… not sure if it was due to poor design in making the keys …or if the players should have trimmed their nails more!!! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.