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“Very rare vintage Crumar DS-2 analog/digital synth. In good cosmetic shape – all knobs and sliders are there and front panel looks good. Has some tape residue on the back. Does not have the lid.

**Has some major functional problems** – it will need work: Only one of the VCOs seems to work and the poly section is not outputing, many of the sliders and pots are scratchy, the VCF and filters seem to work correctly, all keys seem to work, the bender bar is hard to move, and the Pitch poly pot is a little warped. Still makes some cool weird sounds, but definitely not in normal working order.

Includes User and Service Manual – which include schematics, parts lists, etc…” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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ds-2“Vintage Crumar DS-2 Synthesizer SN A9 0005

I have had this synthesizer in my studio storage for years. It powers on and works as best as I know how to use it. I shot a quick video of myself demonstrating that it does function. I do not know how to properly use this, but to my knowledge it is in working condition I have a YouTube video of me demonstrating functionality that I can send if needed. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Crumar DS2
Rare Italian mono synth (with poly string section)
Digitally controlled analog signal path

So I cleared some space in my studio and tested it.
To my surprise, it basically works. Mono and poly sections sound, LFOs modulate, etc.
Some scratchy pots, that’s about the only problem (in the elements I tested).
Still… sold as is. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“VINTAGE Crumar DS-2 Analog Digitally Controlled Synthesizer, Very Rare, does have the lid” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Crumar DS-2 analog monosynth (with polyphonic section) from 1978
cosmetically 8/10, functioning 7/10
to be tip top shape you or a tech will need to give it a good tune up – here are the issues it has
some pots scratchy
missing 2 slider caps (both can be used still)
sliders could use some lube, however they are very useable as is
2 pitch knobs for either osc stiff but can be turned
2 dead keys, again most likely a case of needing to be cleaned
blemish near pitch bender
previous owner removed back hinges on top case(can have new ones put on easily)
every knob and slider works as far as i can tell
the glide sounds great, the poly section is very cool, the lfo mod on the poly section is nice as well” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” Okay, I am not a musician. This was found in attic, I did not even clean it up yet, but just dust, considering age it should clean nicely.
I managed to hook it up to home stereo receiver and get it to produce sound. All keys work, and all the knobs I messed with seemed to do something. There is a loose wire under the pitch bender I taped back to its home and that worked.

So it makes crazy sounds and has a lot of controls, It would be crazy hooked up to a monster amp with the deep tones it emits.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” Biete hier an , aus meinem Heimstudio und Sammlung , einen Crumar DS-2 Synthesizer

Der Synthesizer ist im über,über durchschnittlichen guten Zustand , um nicht zu sagen ………..dies ist der Beste DS2 welcher mir in den letzten 30
Jahren begegnet ist , sowohl optisch wie auch klanglich (und ich habe schon einige repariert/gesehen /gespielt !!! )

Oft klingen die DS2 doch sehr dünn …….warum auch immer (Bauteilealterung ? ) aber dieser hier … Fett .

Der orignal Kofferdeckel ist vorhanden , wie auch eine Anleitung und ein Schaltplan …alles wird mitgeliefert .

Ich habe (siehe auf dem Foto ,geöffnetes Gerät in der Tüte ) alle Elko’s erneuert , damit er auch die nächsten Jahre noch störungsfrei funktioniert !” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“I’m finally selling my 1978 Crumar DS2 after 10 years of use. It for the most part remains in the condition I purchased it in, in part because I haven’t really taken it out of the house at all. I’ll begin by outlining the major stuff. The LFOs both work intermittently, that is LFO 1 works 10% of the time and LFO 2 works 90% of the time. When they do work they sound awesome. The LFO’s mixer also works with this frequency, and I think there maybe something wrong with the OSC 2 pot (but it does produce sound). There are also 2 dead keys, and I haven’t gotten around to replacing the contacts, but it shouldn’t be difficult. The body of the instrument is missing a few screws, and the mounts to the lid are a bit beat up. Other than that, everything else works as it should. Both oscillators work and are full adjustable in terms of pitch, octave and volume. The glide, pitch bend, and polyphonic section all work fine as well (you can play mono and poly at the same time too). It comes with the original case and lid, which has a broken handle (its really heavy). So, if you don’t plan on picking it up, get it insured, I will help with whatever you need to make that happen.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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Absolutely rare synth to behold. This one had been looked over and fully restored by a analog specialist.
It’s analog and sounds super fat. It has a :
44 key poly section,
2 OSC’s
Crazy modulation functions
2 LFO’s (with delay)
Pink and White noise.
ADSR range,
Highpass and Lowpass filter on Poly Section
Gate in & out and many more functions.

Since this synth is fully restored I’m pretty sure It will be working for a long time.
The condition of the synth is v.good for it’s age (see pictures). It’s clean with only minor wear.
Buit in 1978.
Two minor issues:
the 1st modulation slider broke off (but its still movable and fully functional (see pictures)
Noise section works fine but has a bigger slope on 7-10 knob. You can still dial in your desired
amount of noise from min to max. The technician tested it but said that it seems like that’s how
the noise volume was designed. It has nothing to do with the functionality of the noise section.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Crumar DS-2 Synthesizer – Vintage Synthesizer von 1978;
44 Tasten;
2 DCOs;
2 LFOs;
LFO Fader rechts oben ist abgebrochen, lässt sich aber trotzdem verschieben und regeln (siehe Foto2)
Hat immer einwandfrei funktioniert. Jetzt nach langer Zeit kommt bei der Mono Funktion nur noch extrem leise ein Ton und die Fader rauschen. Kann eigentlich keine große Sache sein?
Der Poly-Modus funktioniert einwandfrei!
Zustand ist gut – dem Alter entsprechend. Der Original Deckel ist dabei aber nicht gut erhalten.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is an exceptionally rare and difficult to find Oberheim vintage sequencer which was bought years ago with an Arp 2500 synthesizor. As you can see from the pictures, the serial number is an unbelievably low 017! The body of the device is very clean and in great condition. As you can see it has a copy of the original factory manual. The device powers on but I really don’t know anything beyond that as to how well it works. I’m not a synthesizor player and I’m not an electronics tech, so for this reason I’m selling the sequencer as is.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Sie bieten auf einen Synthesizer, “DS 2″ von Crumar.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Its a faulty Crumar DS-2 for sale, 99p start and collection only from London, N1
I got given it by a friend never had time to fix it.

Turning on LFO ligths up, some sounds comes out but it needs a full ovehaul and repair.
Could either be fixed, used for parts, or just used for the strange broken sounds it’s already giving. So please do not expect this to work properly.

!!!! This is sold as seen and with no guarantee !!!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Achtung Sammler, Bastler und Synthieliebhaber !

Zum Verkauf steht ein sehr, sehr seltenes und äusserst interessantes Stück Synthesizergeschichte.

Der Crumar DS 2 war der erste Synthesizer überhaupt mit einer digitalen Steuerung der analogen Oszillatoren und damit stimmstabil.

Ausserdem ist er ein “Hybridgerät” welches sowohl eine sehr komplexe monofone Synthesizersektion, als auch eine komplette separate polyfone Stringsektion enthält.
Diese Kombination macht den DS 2 wirklich einmalig und somit zum must-have jedes Sammlers.

Bitte lest zu diesem Thema unbedingt den ausführlichen Test in Amazona von Falconi.
(Der Zuverlässigkeitsvergleich mit einem Fiat 127 ist ungerecht ! Mein Fiat 127 ist schon nach vier Monaten ausgefallen – der Crumar hat 33 Jahre gehalten !)

Der Crumar klingt im Grundsound irgendwo zwischen Moog Prodigy und Sequential Pro-One – sehr druckvoll und rotzig frech – hat aber mehr Modulationsmöglichkeiten.
Killerbässe und gefühlvolle Leads sind überhaupt kein Problem. Dazu noch eine tolle Stringsektion, die an einen Solina erinnert.

Zur Historie:

Das angebotene Exemplar stammt aus 1. Hand (eines Rentners) und hat seit seinem Kauf 1978 (Seriennummer A195) das NR-Wohn- / Arbeitszimmer nicht mehr verlassen.

Dementsprechend ist der optische Zustand makellos. Der Tolex, die Schalter, die Kanten sowie die Schaltfläche sind Kratzerfrei.
Allerdings ist ein Schalter der LFO->VCF Steuerung abgebrochen, wodurch die Funktion aber nicht beeinträchtigt wird.

Zur Technik:

Der Crumar ist defekt !
Nun – glaubt man den Gerüchten, ist das heute so gut wie jeder DS-2 – und ich bin geneigt, dem Glauben zu schenken, da – wie gesagt – dieses Exemplar keinerlei mechanischer Belastung unterworfen war, sondern die elektronischen Bauteile irgendwann einfach durchs Alter beeinträchtigt werden.

Bis vor vier Monaten hatte das Gerät noch einwandfrei funktioniert um dann urplötzlich während dem Spielen auszusetzen.

Das Gerät lässt sich problemlos einschalten – alle Lichter leuchten und alle Schalter rasten sauber ein und sind leichtgängig zu bedienen.
Gleiches gilt auch für die Schieberegler. Alle Ausgänge funktionieren. Die Tastatur lässt sich einwandfrei spielen.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Crumar DS 2 synth. Great analog tone (digitally controlled oscillators)Project, Sold as is. There is no way I can be sure this is working 100%, so I have decided to list it as Parts, non working.I have to do this because I do not have enough knowledge of old Italian Synths to give an accurate description of its performance. It does make many great sounds.I have loved using this for years.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Ihr bietet hier auf ein wunderschönen Analogsynthesizer Crumar DS-2





Routing Möglichkeiten.

Das Gerät hat noch den Deckel dabei. Der Deckel besitzt einen Schriftzug. An den Seiten hat sich Rost angesetzt. Also kein neues Gerät erwarten. Alle Fader und Karten (Platinen) sind noch vorhanden.

Wolte den Synth immer mal reparieren lassen. Kam aber nie dazu. Wegen Hobbyaufgabe muss er jetzt weg.

Das Gerät ist defekt. Es kommt kein Ton aus dem Gerät mehr heraus. Für Bastler und zum Restaurieren. Das Gerät ist sehr schwer und sollte abgeholt werden. Versand ist aber auch möglich. Ich übernehme aber dann keine Garantie auf Transportschäden. Verkauf als defekt.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Crumar DS 2 Digital synthesizer project made in Italy, Ser# A125, Model DS 2 this is a parts /project. Plugged in and one light on LFO2 section did blink (see pic) , and when I plugged a cord from main output to amp, and it did make weak type of synth tone when a key was pressed . No other lights lit up and knobs seemed to have little effect. Power switch has been eliminated and hard wired, at least 4 keys missing and rest are loose and out of line. screws missing to top panel. Does include original sturdy Crumar Box case, Old italian sythn, sold as/is maybe can be fixed or scraped for parts” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“A great Italian synth. Has a cigarette burn on keyboard. Several sliders have tips broken off, but still work. I am not a synth expert, but I would say this unit is working well. All of the controls seem to do something. This DS 2 can make some heavy, fat tones that is for sure. I think that one of the 1/4 inch outputs is not working. Some Pots may need cleaning etc. You should assume that this keyboard will need some work to be up to 100%.This is a circa 1978 board, and should be gone over by a qualified tech. That said it has served me well as it is right now.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“She’s spent a few years in my NYC basement and needs a good going-over. I was hoping that I’d get a larger place where I could set this baby up properly but that never materialized so I’d rather sell before her condition gets any worse.

She has a couple of broken-off sliders [ADSR, output top right which doesn’t seem to affect anything] and the keyboard doesn’t play all the right notes. There is crackling in some of the pots. The broken-off sliders move with ease so it’s more a cosmetic than a functional flaw.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“A few things, on the LFO mixer one of the pads on the faders is missing (just the pad not the fader) as seen in one of the pictures also due to the age of this thing there are some blemishes on the finish but as far as DS-2s Go this is immaculate.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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OTTIMO SUONO” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Very rare digital sequencer. One of the first ones made back in 1974! Turns on and works fine but have no way to thoroughly test the features.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.