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“This auction is for an Oberheim OB-8 analog synthesizer with MIDI. The OB-8 has its original cassette program tape, owners and service manuals. I did plug it in and it does work. Presets all seem to work as do all the led switches. The case does have a few light scratches, but there is nothing broken that I can see. The DSX is included and may not be in working condition. I do not have the cable to connect it to the OB-8 only the power cord and manuals are included. it does power up and the display reads 9 9 % 9 after flipping the power switch a few times.”

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“PHYSICAL CONDITION – Very Good. There are some light scratches and blemishes on the face plate. The bottom has a few heavy scratches in the paint. The wood edges have a few light nicks and scratches. The keys and knobs are in great condition. Overall, this unit is in very good condition. WORKING CONDITION – Excellent. Everything sounds phenomenal, all the outputs work, and the expression ports on the back are all functional. All settings and parameters operate flawlessly, making some incredible textures and patches very easy to access. A few of the knobs can be slightly sticky sometimes, but this marks the only minor flaw on this otherwise immaculate keyboard.” Link

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“DESCRIPTION : This listing is for a Oberheim OB-8 Analog 61 Note Keyboard Synthesizer.

This machine just came to us from Rosen Sound here in Burbank. It has been fully serviced, cleaned and prepared for flawless operation for years to come.

ACCESSORIES : Includes a power cord. Otherwise, this item comes only as seen on photos.

PHYSICAL CONDITION : Very Good. The wood side panels were just re-finished by Rosen Sound here in Burbank. So they are immaculate. This unit has light scratches and a bit of wear on the metal exterior, but all the text around for the parameters and the visual touches are in great shape. Sturdy and in fine condition overall!

WORKING CONDITION : Excellent. Works wonderfully! Phenomenal sound quality and stellar functionality across the board, whether playing rapid runs and arpeggios or droning textures. Lovely sound, smooth playability, and fantastic operation!” Link

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“Has tracked in many NYC AND L.A. studios through the years. Never toured studio use only. Reluctant sell due to move and I have the keyboard in (custom) rack format as well. A couple keys need cleaning due to only used through midi past 10 years. If you are looking at this auction you already know what this is and its unmistakable sound and earth shattering bass. If I track key bass, its this or mini moog period. Lush pads and each voice can be assigned a position in the stereo field so its huge!!!” Link

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“This auction is for an Oberheim system that includes an OB-8 analog synthesizer, an Oberheim DSX sequencer, and an Oberheim DX drum machine. All are in fine cosmetic and working condition. This version of the OB-8 has the page 2 features (if you ever wondered, those include things like legato portamento, equal linear time portamento, exponential portamento, invert LFO freq mod on VCO1, invert LFO pulse width modulation on VCO1, VCF tracked by pitch bend lever, and several other features). There is really nothing that sounds like an OB-8. Some of the patches on this synth are massively fat and the string sounds are to die for. This auction includes the OB-8, DSX, DX, three power cords, the 37 pin connecting cord for the DSX to OB-8, three operators manuals (one for each unit), a flight case for the OB-8, an heavy duty dust cover for the OB-8, and an “OB-8 factory stock patches” cassette dated “Jan 19, 1983.” I’ve never used or verified the contents of this cassette, but that’s what is printed on it. This is a rare opportunity to own a collection unmolested Oberheim gear from the classic era of polyphonic analog synths. ” Link

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obie8 “Features aftermarket Midi and page 2 functions for editing.” Link

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obie8 “Item is in good condition (See Pictures)
The product is fully functional and tested.” Link

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obi8 “The real deal, what a sweet synth ! 8 voices of pure Oberheim warmth and richness. I love this synthesizer
I hate to let it go, but im trying to consolidate my gear. I’d say its in very good cosmetic condition. Needs calibration to level out all voices, I checked the service manual and this is a simple procedure for a synth tech. Some buttons have to be pressed a little harder but all work, something you would expect from a 30+ year old synth. This OB-8 does have a minor issue with the highest keys from F# to A# , were you have to press them a bit harder to sound them
( not the case if you transmit the notes via midi ). I’m sure some cleaning would fix this, all in all the synth performs great with these hiccups and I’ve written many songs with it in this state.
Comes with midi which is such a great feature for a vintage synth, I’ve used this on many songs that I’ve synced with my computer. Has that classic Oberheim sound, think Van Halen, Rush, The Police and many more. Comes with power cable, manual, and casette tape ( backup ) ” Link

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ob8 “Classic Oberheim OB-8. One of the top 5 polyphonic analog subtractive keyboard synthesizers ever made. 3000 were produced between 1983-85. This is an earlier model without the page 2 functions silk-screened on the front panel. Everything works on this beast. MIDI. Will be costly to ship but will do so to an address in the USA, although prefer to sell locally in Orange County, California USA. ” Link

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oberheim ob8 ” Oberheim OB8 with factory midi in excellent functional and cosmetic condition.The OB 8 comes with a travel case and original OB8 operating manual and patch cassette.

This unit has been modified in 3 ways. 1) The original problematic Panasonic keyboard has been replaced with a new custom Fatar keyboard. This keyboard has a built in aftertouch sensor and was installed by Retrolinear. 2) A sophisticated AT circuit was installed by New England Analog and includes a Pyxis controller and external pressure pad controller. Check out YouTube videos by New England Analog and the Pyxis control system.The Pyxis controller allows the AT to control the VCO, VCF, VCA, and LFO by intensity and speed. A series of toggle switches on the back of the synth allow a variety of AT combinations such as pitch bending up, down, or Osc 1 up and Osc 2 down. Do a search on NEA’s Pyxis controller and its capabilities and 3) bass boost which was done by replacing the 100k R505 and R506 resistors with 1M resistors(4) and building a network of 4x of 120K resistors and 0.0056 film caps in series and connecting the small network in parallel to the new 1M resistors.This modification helps create a better low end somewhere in between a standard OBX-A and an OB 8.

This particular unit was in great functional shape when purchased and I invested another $2500 with NEA and Retrolinear on the refurbishing and mods.The rebuild work done includes:

replaced capacitors in PSU
Repaired faulty envelope generator release control on upper four voices
Installed new 5V bridge rectifier
replaced 40109 chips and top voice board 3080 chips
Replaced calibration summing TL 071 Op amp and the two TL 072 output OP amps.
Installed Fatar keyboard with factory aftertouch sensor
Installed aftertouch circuitry and Pyxis AT controller and touch sensor pad
all 16 oscillators tuned and calibrated.
Loaded factory preset patches” Link

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The real deal, what a sweet synth ! 8 voices of pure Oberheim warmth and richness. I love this synthesizer
I hate to let it go, but im trying to consolidate my gear. I’d Say its in very good cosmetic condition. It is
Fully functioning, this OB-8 does have a minor hiccup with the highest keys from F# to A# , were you have to press them a bit harder to sound them ( not the case if you transmit the notes via midi ). I’m sure some cleaning would fix this. Comes with midi which is such a great feature for a vintage synth, I’ve used this on many songs that I’ve synced with my computer. Has that classic Oberheim sound, think Van Halen ,Rush , The Police and many more. Comes with power cable, manual, casette tape ( backup ) , and case. The case is rusted and has seen better days but it still protects the synth, sorry I have no pictures as its in my storage.” Link

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8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

The listing is for a Vintage OBERHEIM OB-8 8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Keyboard w/ MIDI. Hate to see this beautiful thing go but need some new gear. Was serviced before I bought about a year ago, it sounds stellar!” Link

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oberheim ob-8 “This auction features the mighty Oberheim OB-8 synthesizer. It’s in excellent cosmetic and working condition and sounds incredible without any issues whatsoever. I am the second owner of this unit and it has never left my home studio. It was recently professionally serviced in late 2013 (see invoice pic above) which included a replacement battery, full recalibration, and two mods. The first modification was a bass boost which makes the synth sound even more ballsy. The second was to increase resonance by about 20% on the filters. Both of these mods have the net effect of making this OB-8 sound closer in tone and attitude to the OB-Xa. I had a friend’s OB-Xa over to compare and they sound nearly identical with these mods on this OB-8. Of course, these mods are fully reversible and I’ll include all the documentation regarding what was done in case you want to reverse these mods to make it back to fully original. If you’re looking for an OB-Xa but don’t want all the hassle of maintaining one, I highly recommend you check this OB-8 out! I’m not 100% certain, but it’s rumored that Justin Bieber does not own an OB-8…so if you win this auction, you’ve got that going for you.

Included in the auction is the fully-serviced Oberheim OB-8 (modded to sound closer to the OB-Xa), original user manual, invoice from maintenance, documentation on mods, and power cord. This unit will be packed professionally. Please review my feedback record (100%!!!) and bid with confidence.

Auction includes:
• Oberheim OB-8
• Manuals
• Maintenance invoice
• Modifications docs
• Power cord”

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ob-8 “In good, fully working order, recently serviced and calibrated.
Cosmetically its not bad – has some light scratches and signs of wear and tear in keeping with a synth of this age.
It does have one shallow particular dent between the buttons on the modulation section, and in the interests of an honest sale, if your after a spotless example / museum piece, this OB8 might not be the one for you.
If you want a fully working beautiful sounding analog poly in good condition this is the one.” Link

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obie8 “Oberheim OB-8 in beautiful condition. This is the later version with factory midi and page 2 function graphics on the face panel. Everything is in perfect working order. It has just been pro serviced: recapped, new battery, recalibrated, and the recommended reinforcement mod that prevents flexing of circuit boards. Excellent cosmetic condition. The control surface looks pretty much as new. There are a couple of scratches on the front face below the keybed (see photos) and a little wear here and there on the edges of the wooden end cheeks.” Link

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oberheim ob8 “‘m selling my Vintage OB-8 Synthesizer. It must be one of the lowest serial numbers that have seen on Ebay. 025002

I bought this one new directly from the Oberheim in 1983.

While playing guitar for The Nina Hagen Band,

I used it for songwriting, and as a general inspiration tool.

It’s noises are all over the tracks on The Hagen Bands 1983 album “Fearless,” Including her crazy club hit “New York New York.”

I was tapped by Universal to write songs for a film called

“The Breakfast Club.”

We set up shop at Oasis Recording Studios for about six weeks

I used my new OB-8 nearly every day, writing songs for the film.

The main title was called “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

by Simple Minds.

So… It is upon this exact OB-8 Synthesizer the first whisps and golden threads of “Don’t You Forget About Me” slipped from the speakers, and into our ears to be nailed down for the record. There’s to the pedigree… Now as to it’s condition.

Factory Midi installed with original page two instructions still intact. (I reprinted a fresh copy of the users manual)

The synth has been well cared for, and is in perfect working order.

Plug it in, and it’s good to go. All original factory presets intact.

It has never been on tour or banged about on stage.

Strictly a studio piece.

It is clean, and has given very good service.

An honest to goodness piece of the music that made the 80s

the 80s.

And scratches be damned!

I have signed the inside. As a bonus, and to support the provenance of the thing, I will include a certificate from BMI, noting the enormous popularity”Don’t You” had achieved,

plus a Breakfast Club Soundtrack Gold Record Award

given to me by A&M Records at the time.

Many thanks,” Link

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obie8 “I bought this OB8 in Boston in 1992. It is in fantastic condition. I used it in my smoke free and clean recording studio only. It was checked and maintained professionally all these years.” Link

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For your consideration is an Oberheim OB-8 analog polyphonic synthesizer.
The synth has been used in our smoke free studio, and shows some minor cosmetic wear(see pics).
The OB-8 has been completely tested, serviced, and is fully functional.
The OB-8 has had a routine servicing which included replacing the old capacitors in the power supply and cleaning the keyboard contacts.
Included in the listing is the Oberheim OB-8 as pictured.” Link

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ob-8 “Thanks for looking at this vintage Oberheim OB8 eight-voice analog synthesizer. The unit is in very good condition consider it is over 30 years old. It is in extremely good playing condition and as far as I can tell everything is working correctly. All eight voices play in tune. It has the MIDI interface upgrade installed. Comes with road case. ” Link

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ob-8“The Oberheim OB 8 is one of the crown jewels of the synth world.

It’s a beautiful sounding synth and if you want your music to really stand apart sonically then you’re in the right place. But you know that already.

It’s in immaculate condition. There are no dents, dings or scratches and it works perfectly looks are show room spec a real classic and collectors dream machine the pictures alone do not do it justice.

It is fitted with walnut side panels which was done at Ross Lamond of Lamond design who makes bespoke synth cases

It has had the keybed cleaned and replaced a couple of years ago and It comes with the Encore midi kit installed as well to sweetin the deal I am throwing in the MRAM ram upgrade a spare VCO, EG and VCF CEM chips which is still brand new in the seal please see the picture.

It will also come with a very heavy duty flight case – please note this is a keyboard that has been cared for all it’s life. It’s not been gigged but has been part of my personal home collection. ” Link

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obe8 “Beautiful condition near mint OB8 in perfect working order with MIDI.

Was owned by a synth tech before me so has been well maintained and looked after.

Amazing synth, sad to see it go.” Link

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obie ob8 ” For sale is a vintage Oberheim OB-8 polyphonic analog synthesizer. I purchased this synth about 5 years ago from a vintage synth dealer/restorer here on ebay. It works and looks fantastic! All voices, keys, buttons, potentiometers, etc. work just fine. This model has the factory MIDI interface installed as well as the Page2 functions printed on the faceplate. This one is in great shape considering it is over 30 years old. I have only used it in my smoke free home studio since I bought it and it has never given me any problems. The OB-8 is one of the most ‘affordable’ classic VCO polysynths still available out there. Other comparable synths like the Prophet 5, Memory Moog, Jupiter 8, OB-X, etc. are selling for about half the price if not more of an OB-8. I’m also including a copy of the owner’s manual, power cable, dust cover, and a very large and very heavy Anvil flight case.” Link

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ob-8“I’m happy to be listing a beautiful Vintage Oberheim OB8 Synthesizer w/ MIDI. Serial # C32631

In storage for a number of years – prior to storage it was exclusively used in a smoke-free recording studio – never on the road and handled with care.

As you can see from the photos, it looks like a brand new instrument.

It’s ready to play and fully tested.

I had recently listed this OB8 on Ebay stating that it was in ‘Mint’ condition. However, upon doing some final, last minute testing, I discovered there is a slight hiss that intermittently appears when playing single notes on the 2 upper octaves of the keyboard. It may be a minor issue but I wanted to bring this to the attention of the buyer. Nevertheless, the OB8 sounds great and everything else is in perfect working condition.

After extensive testing, all the controls, knobs, switches, buttons, lights, voices, page 2 controls, levers, connections , mod/bend levers, arpeggiator controls and preset programs function perfectly . All 8 voices are in tune. All keyboard contacts were recently restored by a Pro synthesizer tech and are in excellent working order.

Everything is original, no parts have been replaced ; Factory MIDI; Rev B5 8/15/84 ; Original bound instruction manual. Includes some vintage OB8 literature.” Link

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obie8“Up for auction is an original Oberheim OB-8 synthesizer with road ready aluminum case. In good condition-but has minor scratches.

Keyboard comes with midi and page 2 function.

I previously purchased this board on eBay barely a year ago. It sat in my house. Never used it. ” Link

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obie8“selling my classic oberhiem ob8 synth…comes with flight case and owners manual..has factory midi,and little lite mod. works and sound great…will need to load in new patches as some of them are gone and i dont have tape, but you get them off ebay” Link

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ob-8“This keyboard is NOT working, but CAN EASILY BE RESTORED to like- new condition (repair estimate attached). NO GUESSWORK! The best Oberheim technicians in the U.S. have it on their bench, just inspected it, and have provided a written estimate to bring it to like-new working condition. (estimate included as one of the pictures). THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE MONEY and get a fully-restored, perfectly-functioning OB8 for someone willing to invest the up-front maintenance cost. Because of shipping and other costs, it is more sensible for me to sell it “as is” directly from the shop.

The keyboard is presently at one of the most highly-respected repair facilities in the country, Advanced Musical Electronics in Los Angeles. After checking with the Oberheim folks and some others, EVERYONE directed me to this same facility. Buyer can choose to have AME do the repair (it’s already there- save some shipping costs, and they are among the most-highly qualified and experienced with Oberheim), or choose to ship it elsewhere. I had a custom-made shipping box made to most-safely ship the keyboard to the repair facility. That custom box can be re-used for further shipping.

I am the original owner, and purchased this keyboard new @ 1983. In 1988, I “retired” the keyboard, in perfect working order, storing it in a road case in my home. Until I checked it out a month ago, the keyboard was untouched during this entire time. Recently, I became aware these were in demand, so, since I have no plan to ever play it again, I thought I’d sell it to help fund purchase of another keyboard. Bringing it out of storage, I was surprised and disappointed to find it wasn’t working.

AME was kind enough to provide the written estimate (attached as a picture); and the other photos you see. Basically, the keyboard, which has been sitting for 25 years, needs a “bath” and some old parts replaced. If you have AME do the work, they will also realign/calibrate all of the electronics and load the factory patches on. The end result will be a clean OB8 that functions as new.” Link

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ob-8“This listing is for a Pristine Oberheim OB8 Synthesizer Keyboard -It looks brand new and sounds great! A classic 80’s Synth. A really beautiful instrument.

The OB8 has been in storage for a number of years. It had always been exclusively used in a smoke-free recording studio.

All of it’s functions work perfectly, with one big exception – it can only be played via a MIDI keyboard.

The key contacts on most of the keys do not trigger. It seems that, with the passage of time, and without being played, many vintage synth keybeds have this issue.

After speaking with some knowledgeable synth repair techs, it appears that a good fix is to either clean the keybed contacts with denatured alcohol and a pencil eraser or use a “rubber contact paint” on the rubber contacts.

It has never been modified or repaired. All knobs, buttons, lights, voices, page 2 controls, levers, connections and preset sounds function perfectly. All 8 voices are in tune.

Contains the original Lithium battery; the factory kit MIDI ports; the last software revision ‘B5’ – 8/15/84 and software operation guide; original Instruction Manual ;MIDI documentation; some original OB8 literature will also be included .

Please note; the modulation lever engages when pushed toward the rear of synth not when pulled forward, but nevertheless still functions perfectly.


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ob-8 “I know I’m asking a lot for it.
This one was serviced twice and recently and had a lot of work and money put into it, from voice-board to keys 100% working.” Link

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Guaranteed to function as described & demo’d.
Otherwise, unit sold AS-IS due to its age (1984) ” Link

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obie 8“I’ve been selling my studio equipment to make room for the latest addition to my family.

I bought this OB8 from Paul Schreiber of synthtech.com in the early ’00s in the same condition it’s in today

Here a link to a video demonstrating its functionality:

as you can see some of the keys are working intermittently or not at all, fortunately the ones that don’t work are all in the same area, so most of the keyboard is usable and the sound and functionality of the keys that work is amazing. ” Link

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oberheimob8“Hello ebayers this listing is for a 100% proper working OB 8 analog synthesizer, with MIDI, 61 keys, and the original power cord. I also have a lot of vintage Oberheim literature, that will come with this OB 8 synth, including a huge original Oberheim operators manual for the OB 8, with all the actual Oberheim factory prersets on papers dating from I believe about 1983-84, as well as some other vintage Oberheim literature and ads, catalogs, etc. including one for the then soon to come Matrix 12 synth, which was not out on the market for sale yet in 1983. I am downsizing and listing several of my vintage synths, both analog and some digital. There are no broken knobs, keys or controls and this analog synth works as it should and all 6 voices are tuned and working proper and this synth sounds great. There are no stuck or missing voices or bad/broken keys, all keys sound. This synth is in very good condition not mint by any means– but very nice, and I believe this one has the later silk screened 2nd page functions on the synth top control panel, which the Oberheim factory added after the first units did not have this 2nd page option on the control panel top, which gives you a whole other set of modulation and control features, by using the 2nd page functions and controls on this OB 8. This is an awesome vintage analog synth, you can mix both oscillators 1 and 2 and Oberheim’s unique pitch bender dual controls work proper as well, one controls pitch, the other modulations, and the LFO, arpeggiator all work as well, and with the classic Oberheim filters and ADSR envelopes, this is pure 80’s analog awesomeness! ” Link

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obie8” For sale Oberheim OB8 with original road ready aluminum case.
In good condition, few scratches here and there – but nothing major.
With midi and page 2 function.
Never repaired.” Link

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oberheim ob8“My beloved OB8.
It tunes up nicely and everything functions as it should.
Some cosmetic wear but nothing that indicates abuse.

I installed aftermarket midi kit from Analog Synth Service – which I believe is a clone of the original Oberheim midi board.

The previous owner added p-touch labels for the page 2 settings.
It ain’t pretty but they are functional (and can be removed easily enough).” Link