Roland MC-4

“Vintage Roland MC-4 MicroComposer CV/GATE digital sequencer for analog synths, modular synths. I own three MC-4’s so selling one to fund another purchase.


The blue screen is much brighter than it looks in the first 4 photos. Due to the smokey glass and reflections it was hard to capture the brightness of the screen. The last photo shows the correct brightness of the screen under normal lighting conditions. All segments are displaying properly. There are various scratches on the unit and some discoloration to the finish in spots as indicated in the photos.


Tested all 4 channels and CV1 and Gate were functioning properly. I did not test CV2 or MPX but no reason to expect these aren’t working. These sequencers are very reliable. All channels scale the voltages properly and the gate outputs properly trigger my Roland modular setup. Keep in mind this is a positive gate CV/GATE sequencer so it won’t trigger Moog or Korg units unless you have the proper cable made. All keypads on the front panel function (which is a rarity on these units). On the rare occasion if you don’t hit the number 2 key squarely in the middle it will occasionally double-trigger or you will need to press it again but that’s simply from lack of use. I’m confident it will clear up once it’s used more often. This sequencer has been in air conditioned storage for some time and I haven’t tested every single feature. I’ve tested the DIN sync input/output using a Garfield MiniDoc and it worked properly. I’ve not tested the cassette interface in/out but I have no reason to believe it isn’t working. Due to this being a vintage piece with a lot of older components, I’m listing it for parts or not working. I don’t want to deal with the hassle of returns so hopefully this will weed out the buyers that either try to scam sellers for rare parts or scam sellers for more money upon receipt (unfortunately I’ve dealt with many of these buyers before!).” Click here to visit listing on eBay