Roland Jupiter 6

“Recently serviced by Kent Spong, Includes dust cover and quality flight case. Euopa chip has a range of functionalities which includes: controls to be automated via midi messages and additional arpeggio / midi clock timings. More information can be obtained from the Synthcom website. Amazing analogue synthesizer with a range of sounds from huge bass sounds to warm pads.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Jupiter 6

“Classic vintage Roland Jupiter 6 Analogue Synthesizer.
Very good condition all round with only minor marking to panels, no dents or damage.
Upgraded with Europa version 2 software which adds tons of features.
All functions fully working.
Previously serviced with all sliders and capacitors replaced.
Reluctant sale due to downsizing studio space.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Jupiter 6

” ROLAND Jupiter 6 Vintage Synth JP-6 Clean w/ Flight Case. Refurbished and Tested. Fantastic condition for its age!

Here it is. If you’re like me, you’ve been lusting after this keyboard for years. I’ve been playing, buying and selling analog synths since the late ’90s and this has always been a “holy grail” instrument for me. Last year I went to Tokyo and made my dreams come true and picked this baby up! Seller had a retired Roland tech inspect and refurb it prior to my purchase. If/when you open it up, you’ll see the inspection sticker. Since its from Japan, its 110V not 120V by the way.

Since owning it, I have used it on several projects. Nothing sounds like it!! In June one of the voices died, so I replaced it w/ a NOS CEM3340 (see the last pick). Its all tested, setup, and ready to go. Synth is lovingly packed in a Gator Flight case and I will ship w/ insurance.

Why am I selling such a beast? Baby on the way, and I need the space and the funds :-(. And I honestly have a nice collection of 70s/80s Rolands, so I will survive.”
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Roland Jupiter 6

“Roland Jupiter-6 Classic Analog Polyphonic Japanese Synthesizer Pro Serviced.

Roland JUPITER-6 JUPITER 6 vintage classic analog polyphonic synthesizer synth

professionally serviced and 100% fully functional with the original hard copy owners manual

buyer will also receive the service receipt sent to their email

100% original no Europa modification

some marks here and there but in amazingly clean condition for a vintage classic Roland Jupiter

originally released as the more affordable Roland analog poly synth compared to the JUPITER-8 but the JUPITER-6 has many unique features on its own and it has MIDI which is pretty rare to find in the many classic Roland synths”
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Roland Jupiter 6

“tested and works; some keys have been replaced (indicated by red arrows in photos); scuffed and dented side panels; screws in side panels have been replaced; discoloration on plastic knobs/buttons; dented rear corner by power switch, rust where paint is chipped; all included items are shown in photos; missing original packaging” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Jupiter 6

“Super Clean Vintage Roland Synth. I have had it for several years, it is my second one, and have never had any issues. That said I have also not used it more than a few hours over the past year or so, thus why I am selling. Sold as is, tested before listing, all basic functions work. If you have questions or would like me to test something feel free to ask. These are wonderful synthesizers.

Comes with basically new from Guitar Center Gator TSA ATA Molded Case with wheels, cost over $300. It shipped new to my house and sat on a shelf until now. Never got to take it out. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Jupiter 6

“Fully functional Roland Jupiter 6 in excellent cosmetic for its age with minor nicks and bumps.
All voices are functioning perfectly and tune up perfectly.
Has just been serviced and cleaned up.
Service notes include: cleaning and lubing sliders, pots and cleaning key contacts and bus bar.
All keys, buttons, sliders, pots, and IO jacks work as they should.

Will ship packaged extremely well and fully insured.
Also available for local pickup in Los Angeles California.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 6 with Europa Mod

“Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer with high-end Gator flight case + Europa mod. Condition is Used.

Roland Jupiter 6 with high-end flight case

New house… smaller studio… gotta say goodbye to my beloved Jup-6.

9/10 cosmetically; fully functional; it have Europa mod installed .

Amazing Gator flight case with casters and locks.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 6

“Up for bid today is one of the best examples of the Jupiter-6 still around today! It was only used a few times in the previous owners house and then just sat and waited and now it’s up for sale for you! It has minor signs of wear as seen in the pics, but like previously mentioned, this thing is immaculate and sounds fantastic. All of the knobs, keys and faders are smooth and work without fail. It appears that there is a little piece of foam between the PWM faders which causes a little bit of a bumpy experience, but with a little air dusting or removing that, there will be absolutely nothing wrong with this unit. It’ll ship right away and ship insured. Due to the nature of this instrument and shipping, there will be no refunds, but for the quality, condition and amount of pics shown, you can rest easy and know that you’re getting a beautiful instrument.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 6

“Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer, purchased in 1985. Very good condition, only a few scratches on the top (shown in the images). Original owner, internal battery replaced in 2017. Everything works, plays great. This is a classic vintage keyboard, very rare. Comes with custom road case (pictured).” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 6

“I am the original owner of this Roland Jupiter 6 I purchased new in 1984, with a custom fitted Anvil Flight Case.

The condition is Very Good but is likely closer to Excellent. Used in my home studio to ’95 and local gigs. No heavy road use, but was shipped internationally a few times. Has been mostly stored in its case the last 20 years or so.

Recently refurbished. All sliders, pots, buttons, switches,lights and keys have been checked, cleaned, lubed, exercised or replaced where necessary, new battery installed, midi function checked and memory restored to stock factory presets. The Glide pot was replaced with correct value but doesn’t mount properly and wiggles a bit but works as it should.

The case has some surface rust and cracks in the black plastic but the plywood underneath is good, there is one small dent. All handles, latches, hinges, corners are solid, not loose and lock tight in place as they should. It is out being professionally refoamed now, so I will post a picture of the inside when returned.

The original manual that came with the unit is included and a new replacement power cable. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 6

“1983 Roland Jupiter 6 JP-6 keyboard synthesizer. S/N 322303
Excellent exterior, electronic, and mechanical condition.
Power cord, manual and a new internal battery are included.
All original sounds are loaded in the memory banks.

All of the synth’s parts are original except for a new, small, internal battery holder. This holder
eliminates the soldering the old, original Jupiter 6 design requires for battery replacement.

I tried to depict the worst top surface scratches in the ninth photo, above, and the typical rack/stand scuffs on the synth’s bottom in the tenth photo.”
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Roland Jupiter 6

“This will ship with insurance of the full price, and require signature. All included in the free shipping within the US.

Jupiter 6 with Europa mod comes with hard case, and power cord (might be original since it fits perfectly, unlike other 3rd party power cords)

I’m not the original owner. Bought this off of eBay back in April of 2006. Kept in a smoke-free and temperature controlled home studio.

Never played shows with it. Decided to let this go to make room for some new things. Front panel and all the graphics are pretty much

flawless for a synth this old. All buttons, sliders, knobs, keys, switches, pitch bender, MIDI, audio outputs, pedal inputs, and lights work

as they should. Haven’t checked the arpeggio clock in, and the tape load / save ports. No point since this has the Europa mod.

The tape load / save feature can be kinda sensitive if imported / exported at the wrong volume. Has all 4 rubber feet on the bottom.

Functional problem:

The 5th voice on VCO 2 is bad. Some patches it’s completely dead and other patches it sounds a little off from the other voice chips.

It was completely dead before so I replaced the amp, and voice chips.”
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Roland Jupiter 6

“Roland Jupiter 6 Keyboard Synthesizer. This one is in almost Mint condition. Has the Europa mod upgrade installed which allows for all kinds of modern functions on this vintage classic. I’ve taken care of this baby well over the years and it looks, feels, and plays better than most any other synth I’ve ever had. This will be a one day auction and i hate to let it go but I need the cash.”
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