Maxim @ 19 October 2010, Comments Off on Maxim MDS-100

“The Good:
100% Analog Drum Machine made in Japan. Built like a tank and highly flexible.
I am told it sounds like a Simmons SDSV (which are amazing) and a Roland TR 606.

Quote: “Appears to have SSM2044 per channel, and lots of other nice things. Quite solid in design, all balanced, had a 9 pin Molex on the back so you can hook up all your triggers in one easy connector”
Quote: “I have one of these in my collection. I would say it’s most probably the best analog drum brain there is. Identical sounds and programming to a Simmons SDSV but with much better build quality and routing.”

The Bad:
It powers up and all the lights on each drum channel come on. I can get sound from each drum bank but the pots are crackley and need a good service. Also the main output is a bit quiet. This will need someone that knows what they are doing. This is in need of some good TLC and is not as simple as plug in and play.
So this will be a project for you to discover. It in great condition inside but I don’t have the means to test it all.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.