Multi Klone @ 14 September 2010, Comments Off on Multi Klone Drum Brain

“Multi Klone by Honky Tonk / Analog Drum Brain

Honky Tonk Multi Klone Analog drum brain with trigger inputs. 5 channels, each with noise, filter sweep, tuning etc. Rare and curious drum synthesizer from around 1983-84. Each channel has it’s own input and output for connecting to drum pads. Each channel has it’s own sensitive on board trigger so the Multi Klone can be used as a stand alone unit (Not just connected to drum pads).

5-channel analogue drum synthesiser. Each channel on the drum synth has controls for:


There is also a general volume control and ‘noise quality’ setting. There is a main output, headphones and a seperate output for each of the 5 channels.

I bought this unit new at Gothenburg Drum store ‘Buller & Bång’ in Sweden back in about 1984. It has been standing in the attic for the last 20 years or so and the unit is sold ‘AS IS’. It was working fine, when put in storage and hasn’t been used or moved ever since.

Visually it’s also in very good condition with only a few small scratches in the paint. Please refer to the images and feel free to email me for additional views.”