ARP Quadra Project Machine

“I’m a guitar guy…..I know virtually nothing about keyboards. This was included with a bunch of guitars & amps that I purchased recently.
I do know that these sell for a lot of $$ restored.
This one turns on, but only a humming sound.
Some faders broken. Some touch pads work, some dont.
It was really dirty when I got it. Cleaned it a bit, but could probably look better.
So, this is being sold AS IS, FOR PARTS/ REPAIR. NO RETURNS. ”
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ARP Quadra

“This ARP Quadra has just been professionally overhauled by Synthchaser, the foremost expert on ARP Quadras! Work done included new red LED sliders (illumination can be dimmed or disabled by control of a knob mounted just inside the synth), recap of all tantalum and electrolytic capacitors, new touch sensor, keyboard refurbishment, new IC chips, and more reliability enhancements!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Quadra

“Arp Quadra Vintage Analogue Synthesizer plus New BSH Custom Flight Case.

I’ve owned the Quadra since 2012. I used it a lot with PETER HOOK AND THE LIGHT to recreate synth sounds of early New Order songs, for our LIVE shows.
It was fully overhauled by Andy Jury at Synth Prof late last year 2019.
The Overhaul included a full repair and service, plus a mod to the filter which corrected a design flaw with resonance range and also an external clock input for the arpeggiator.
I will include the full detailed service notes with the sale.

Fantastic oddball of a synth with lots of great features, including the phaser, which you can route any instrument thru, using the Quad outputs with an insert cable.
I’d love to keep the Quadra but it rarely gets used these days and deserves to be used to its full potential.
It had a slight ding to the left side, right next to the Kyb Trigger switch, it has just bent the metal slightly, only cosmetic. Not bad condition for its age, some scratches here and there to the paintwork, mainly underneath where it’s been sat on numerous keyboard stands throughout its life.
Thanks to the complete overhaul last year, it is now in perfect working condition and ready to go.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

ARP Quadra

“Vintage ARP Quadra 2463 Synthesizer – **Fully Serviced 2-15-20**

Fully serviced, tested and 100% functional, this ARP Quadra is one rare bird. Featuring excellent synthesis tones throughout and a brilliant colorful layout, there is nothing not to love about this board. Equipped with every bell and whistle you could ever want out of a vintage synth.

Overall the unit is in great shape showing minor wear throughout from play and handling. Please see all photos for notable wear.

The service work was done by Gerry Dahl, located in Minneapolis, MN.

– 126 capacitors as well as several logic chips were replaced.
– Memory switch was replaced.
– Slide pots were cleaned.
– Circuit board was cleaned.
– The unit was calibrated and fully tested.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

ARP Quadra Project Machine

“Due to a non paying bidder, this item is being relisted.

This ARP Quadra was serviced a few years ago by MIKE Metz at Thesis Audio Service in Kansas. After I got it back from him, it was fully functional and beautiful.

It is still beautiful, just not fully functional anymore. I know that the sliders are all intact, the membrane switches all work, could only need just a little bit of money to get it running.

Since Mike worked on this last, I would recommend sending it to him for service.

This Quadra has a unique modification. The switch on the left side, which was professionally installed, allows you to take the chorus effect out of the mono signal which is pretty cool. An extra feature added that you do not see on any Quadras that I have seen.

I was told this Quadra was once owned by John Elefante of Kansas before he joined Kansas. I believe Mike even told me that he worked on this synth while he toured with Kansas at one point back in the day.

This unit comes with an anvil case for safe shipping, and a spare custom programmed CPU.”
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ARP Quadra

“For sale is a vintage and rare ARP QUADRA. Cosmetically it’s in very good shape. SEE PHOTOS I think it looks absolutely amazing. The graphics are crisp and very little signs of use all around. There are some areas where the black paint is missing/scratched off along the top back edge where the hinge is. The sides have signs of wear along the edges but are mostly along the back edge. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS FOR CONDITION AND PAINT ISSUES. Functionally there are no known issues with the unit, however I am not an expert. The unit powers on, all keys trigger properly, only the sliders in the Phase Shifter / Output Mixer section have been replaced and do not have the knobs/tops on them. All other sliders and panel switches also appear to work properly. The two sliders in the Porta-Mento section are missing knobs/tops. All the touch switches and LEDS function properly. I have played it out the MONO OUT 1/4″ jack sound output however I have not played it out the other outputs. + owner’s manual”
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