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“Due to a non paying bidder, this item is being relisted.

This ARP Quadra was serviced a few years ago by MIKE Metz at Thesis Audio Service in Kansas. After I got it back from him, it was fully functional and beautiful.

It is still beautiful, just not fully functional anymore. I know that the sliders are all intact, the membrane switches all work, could only need just a little bit of money to get it running.

Since Mike worked on this last, I would recommend sending it to him for service.

This Quadra has a unique modification. The switch on the left side, which was professionally installed, allows you to take the chorus effect out of the mono signal which is pretty cool. An extra feature added that you do not see on any Quadras that I have seen.

I was told this Quadra was once owned by John Elefante of Kansas before he joined Kansas. I believe Mike even told me that he worked on this synth while he toured with Kansas at one point back in the day.

This unit comes with an anvil case for safe shipping, and a spare custom programmed CPU.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“No shipping – ARP 2463 SYNTHESIZER in untested condition ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“For sale is a vintage and rare ARP QUADRA. Cosmetically it’s in very good shape. SEE PHOTOS I think it looks absolutely amazing. The graphics are crisp and very little signs of use all around. There are some areas where the black paint is missing/scratched off along the top back edge where the hinge is. The sides have signs of wear along the edges but are mostly along the back edge. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS FOR CONDITION AND PAINT ISSUES. Functionally there are no known issues with the unit, however I am not an expert. The unit powers on, all keys trigger properly, only the sliders in the Phase Shifter / Output Mixer section have been replaced and do not have the knobs/tops on them. All other sliders and panel switches also appear to work properly. The two sliders in the Porta-Mento section are missing knobs/tops. All the touch switches and LEDS function properly. I have played it out the MONO OUT 1/4″ jack sound output however I have not played it out the other outputs. + owner’s manual”
Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Circumstances force the sale of my beloved Arp Quadra Synthesizer. If you are looking at this auction I probably dont need to go into detail about what a legendary piece of gear this is. I powered the unit on briefly but was unable to get any sound. Great overall condition but does have a few snapped sliders as seen in pics. I am selling as a parts machine. It does appear to be complete to me but I dont have a schematic to compare it to. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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arp quadra ” For sale is an Arp Quadra, one of the rare vintage analog synthesizers. It’s a super cool synth with very unique tone and layout. You hardly ever see these up for sale and if you’re reading this auction, you’ve probably been already been waiting a good number of years one of these. This particular unit has some issues and is sold as-is for parts/repairs. Please read below for a full description and additional pictures.

Cosmetically it’s in near mint shape. Looks absolutely amazing. The graphics are crisp and very little signs of use all around.

Functional it has some issues but it should be fixable in the right hands.
After extensive testing, here’s what’s working:
Powers on, all keys trigger properly, sound outputs from the main 1/4″ outs on the rear.
Moving from left to right on the panel:
Portamento working
Bass section: All sliders work, Elec Bass 16′ and 8′ work. The Strings bass 8′ works but only on occasion, and the 16′ does not seem to activate.
Strings section: all parts working
Hollow waveform: not responding when pressed
Poly synthesizer: 4′ is working, other parts of this section temperamental and not fully working
Phase Shifter/Output mixer: All sections appear to be working as they should
Lead Synthesizer: All sections appear to be working as they should
Programmable Voices: All buttons 1-16 respond with changing LEDs and changing sounds, though some patches do not sound as exciting as others, likely due to corresponding sections not being fully functional.

In general it could use a tuning/calibration and some sliders show scratchiness and are a little on the stiff side, but still easy enough to move. Any features not mentioned above have not be tested.

Considering there are some functional issues, this unit has to be sold as-is condition, for parts/repairs with no guarantees on its functional condition. It can be shipped with the included flight case or packed without the case into a very safe cardboard box with many layers of bubblewrap (which I personally recommend from experience as it cuts the weight down and keeps the synth extra protected). In any case I’ll do my best to pack it safely for the trip.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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arp_quadra “I have 2 of these amazing beasts. This one is intact, has one slider stem broken, (bass decay)
It needs full calibration. All the membranes are functioning. When lifting the top to service the bass 4ft and the hollow wave goes blank. Every other membrane is 100 percent” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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quadra “If you are looking at this add you already know what this synthesizer is. I bought this 3 years ago and performed with it on stage in my Genesis Tribute 3 times and did some recording with it as well.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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arp quadra “ARP QUADRA
GREAT PRICE AT $5500” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Condition:This synthesizer is in good cosmetic condition. All sliders are present and unbroken with the exception of the sustain slider on the envelope generator, which is present and workable, but broken off slightly higher than the panel. The audio mixer slide has wear on paint surrounding it. There is board tape residue on the panel above the keyboard and more residue on the chassis below the keyboard. The unit works, but has issues” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Vintage ARP Quadra.

Super rare and hard to find working!

I purchased this broken and restored it.

I spent countless hours bringing this back to life.. Pretty much every element to this synth was non working when I got it.


-All sections working
-All outputs working
-All membrane buttons work perfectly except the left “interval” button. This did not bother me as the right “interval” button works perfectly. ( there is no difference between the L&R interval)

The two things worth noting are that at some point in its life, the Quadra took a blow to the back left corner. You can see in the pics where the paint has lifted here.
(The paint could easily be touched up)

I’m only selling because I already have a Quadra. (that I also restored)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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+ has a total of 18 broken sliders
+ switchable from 115 – 230 volts
+ was serviced 10 years ago and working fine
+ was used for the last time 4 years ago
+ CURRENT STATUS: powers up – but makes NO sound
+ SOLD AS IS – if you buy it, you have take care of any & all problems yourself” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“String section is 100% functional. Phasor is 100% functional. The mono synth only works reliably on one oscillator and does not work on any C’s. Bass synth does not work. The membrane panel is flaky, of course. This is not a synth for the faint of heart. As-is – no warranty.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Here is an ARP Quadra synthesizer in near mint condition. It has lived its entire life in a private home with its original owner, and has spent most of that time safely stored in its Anvil case. It is in immaculate condition, has never been gigged, was used sparingly, and is as pristine an example as you will likely ever find. All four synth sections, keys, slide switches, membrane switches, LEDs, phase shifter, and arpeggiator work flawlessly. Most of the sliders are smooth and quiet, with an occasional crackle coming from a couple that should disappear with regular use. The aftertouch is working, but to my ears I’d say it only has a moderate effect on the sound. This may be normal, but I thought it should be mentioned. Otherwise, everything is working perfectly, and the synth is very reliable and sounds amazing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” For your consideration is an Arp Quadra in 60% working condition (carefully read description).

First off the presets/programmable voice read write functions are weird and I am not even sure I fully understand how they work. In pretty decent cosmetic condition and on a scale of 1-10 I would probably give it a 6.5 but that is also conservative (see pics), I have seen much worse but looks pretty good for its age.

Here’s the breakdown per synth section, from left to right,
Bass section – intermittent but is not currently working
String section – works, including hallow waveform
Poly synth – intermittent but is not currently working
Phase shifter/output mixer – works
Lead synth – works

Membrane switches work
Aftertouch works
About 5 scratchy sliders and theres 4 repaired sliders with slightly longer shafts, these don’t have the caps (see pics)

Also comes with the original manual. It also has a hardshell case but it is heavy and the foam is gone, isn’t really worth anything but is there to protect the synth. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“ARP Quadra
Fully Restored and 100% Functional

For sale is a vintage ARP Quadra synthesizer. These are rare synthesizers, and even more rare, are ones that work. The Quadra is loaded with sensitive logic circuits, CMOS parts, and tantalum capacitors that number in the hundreds. We have spent countless hours restoring this synthesizer to like new condition. Most boards in this synthesizers have had all chips, capacitors, and resistor arrays replaced. A custom 5 octave touch sensor was installed to give aftertouch capability over the entire range of the keyboard. We have also added mahogany sides to the case of the Quadra. This unit also includes a flight case with wheels. We often see people selling vintage synthesizers on Ebay at high prices while claiming that the item is “mint” or has been “gone through” by a tech because a problem was fixed on it five years ago. As these instruments age, and CMOS chips and capacitors start to fail in numbers, even an instrument that looks pristine is likely to need an overhaul. Quadras are very difficult synthesizers to restore and that process is likely to cost thousands. We have done the work to make this ARP a rare studio piece. It would be difficult to find a Quadra in better condition than this one.
All electrolytic capacitors replaced
All sliders cleaned and any bad ones replaced.
New custom mahogany end pieces.
All CMOS logic chips replaced
80% of analog IC chips replaced
New D/A converter
New RAM chip.
Brand new custom NEA touch sensor that spans entire 5 octave keyboard.
All J-wires and bus bars polished, All key bushings replaced./li>
4075 filters modified (late 70’s engineering revision to increase frequency response of filter.)
ATA flight case included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“The ARP Quadra synthesizer has four sections ( Bass, Strings, Polysynth, and Lead). It is basically a combination Omni II, Solus, and Odyssey. It has partial patch memory, and the ability to play a mixture of the sections.

Everything works and it is excellent cosmetic condition, and shows only very light wear. There are several important refurbishing improvements.
1. Rebuilt Power Supply, including Caps and, power transistors.
2. All tantalum and electrolytic caps have been replaced with new audio grade electrolytic capacitors.
3. Keyboard buss bars cleaned.
4. All sliders, cleaned and lubricated, so are smooth and noise free.
5. The synth is tuned and calibrated, per factory specs.

The custom stand is included with the buy-it-now price. It will ship in custom flight case. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“For sale is a set of mahogany end panels for the ARP Quadra synthesizer. Each set is hand made in our wood shop and has a glossy polyurethane finish. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Everything is working Perfect with this Arp. The Arp was a one owner and is in Mint condition. The Arp was Just serviced / calibrated by a professional audio technician. Comes shipped in a Anvil ATA Flight Case with Large Arp Logo on side. Absolutely no corrosion on circuitry. Also comes with 2 Arp foot pedals, manual, facsimile pad & a really cool old Arp brochure.

There are only 2 noticeable blemishes on this Arp, they are small!!

Unbelievable find !! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for a super clean ARP 2600P V1.0 vintage analog synthesizer with 3620 keyboard. The unit is 100% functional and was just fully serviced. All sliders were taken apart, cleaned and re-lubed and it was completely gone through/calibrated. The keyboard has all new bushings as well and play great. It has the following modules (4017 VCO’s, 4012 Filter, 4010 VCA’s, & 4016 Noise Source) It will come as shown below in the pics so take a peek” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Sie bieten hier auf einen seltenen, voll analogen und leider teilweise defektem Synthesizer der Firma Arp, dem ARP QUADRA.
Das Gerät wurde zwischen 1979 und 1981 gebaut. Insgesamt soll es nur 1000 Geräte weltweit geben.
Das Gerät hat einen tollen Klang und besteht aus einer Kombination von 4 Synths: Stringensemble, Monosynth, Bass Synth und Polyphonem Synth, die unterschiedlich kombiniert werden können. Hinzu gibt es eine Effektbank, wie z.B. einem Phase-Shifter, der einmalig bei analogen Synths ist.

Für mehr Informationen und Klangbeispielen schauen Sie bitte im Internet nach !

Zu diesem Gerät: Ich habe es 2002 für 800,- Euro erworben. Es war seitdem mehrmals in Reparatur, da diese Geräte sehr anfällig und fragil sind. Bei der letzten Reparatur wurde die Plastikbedienoberfläche, die nicht mehr funktioniert, durch einen externen exakt dafür gebauten Controller ersetzt. Damit kann man den Synth umstellen, die Lampen über den jeweiligen Funktionen leuchten auf, so daß man weiß, was man umstellt.
Zudem fehlt schon seit dem Kauf die Leiste unter der Tastatur, dort ist der Synth offen.

Folgendes ist DEFEKT: Ein paar Töne bleiben leider immer hängen. Das liegt daran, daß die Verbindungsdrähte von der Tastatur ausgeleiert sind.
Bei zwei Tasten kommt gar kein Ton raus.
Bei dem externen Controller funktionieren leider auch 7 Tasten nicht mehr.
Der Bass Synth ist defekt – dort kommt entweder kein Ton raus oder immer nur der Gleiche, egal welche Taste man in dem Bereich drückt.
Bei dem Lead Synth gibt es auch hin- und wieder Ausfälle.

Das Gerät ist daher an einen Bastler/ Elektriker abzugeben, der den Synth wieder fit machen kann. Falls jemand auch einen Arp Quadra hat, ist das Gerät natürlich als Ersatzteillager interessant.

Aufgrund der Seltenheit des Gerätes habe ich den Startpreis hoch angesetzt, zumal ich mich auch schwer von dem Gerät trennen kann, aber aus Platz- und Geldgründen muss der Synth gehen.
Am liebsten an Selbstabholer abzugeben, da der Transport mit DHL dem Gerät weiter schaden könnte.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Very rare, very hard to find, here is my ARP Quadra. In very good condition, 100% working condition guarantee! Checked by well known tech here in France. 220V. All the switches and sliders are smooth and easy to use. Sorry for the quality of the photos, I made them with my IPhone. You are welcome to come to my studio, see it and test it in details. Amaizing sound, great sound design possibilities and outstanding Phasing. Very unique, typical ARP sound! Don’t need to tell very much about it. You already know how rare and unique this synth is! I will ship it worldwide but you have to know that this instrument is fragile, as any 35 years old instrument. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Used arp quadra. It does NOT turn on but looks like it is really good condition otherwise. All the keys seem to be functional as well as all the sliders although a few of the ends of the sliders have broken. I opened up the keyboard as well and it looks really nice inside too. If you know anything about fixing keyboards this could be a score because these are extremely rare. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” This listing is for an ARP Odyssey MKIII 2823 Vintage Synthesizer. The unit is 100% functional and has recently been professionally serviced and tested. It is cosmetically in excellent condition! There are a few superficial scratches on the side panels. All contacts have been cleaned and de-oxidized, VCO’s, VCF’s and envelope has been realigned, and all pots have been cleaned and re-greased” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ARP Quadra

Mostly working. Needs some TLC.

All Membrane Switches work.

Phase Shifter works.

Lead section all works except Trill. The Trill slider still works to control the Sequencer (Arpeggiator) speed.

Poly section works.

String section works but, only when sent through the Phase Shifter which I think this is normal.

Bass & Bass Strings work but, need calibration. They are way out of tune and don’t scale right.

Seven Slider Shafts are broken. The previous owner rigged the broken ones with some type of wire and stuck the slider caps back on a couple of them. The others just have a wire sticking out to grab onto. One is broken off flush but, I can still move it with my fingernail. Missing some slider caps.
Sliders could use a cleaning and lube.

Keys all work but, need to be aligned and need new bushings. Low C has a crack.

Aftertouch doesn’t work.

Cosmetically very good shape. Looks almost mint! No dings or dents. Only a few small scratches around the edges…not on the face. There was an issue with some areas of fading on the black paint but, I put the slightest coat of oil on the faded areas and it brought back the shine.
Leather side panels are very nice.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ARP, Quadra @ 03 August 2011, Comments Off on ARP Quadra

“I have an ARP Quardra in great condition with optional flight case. It has spent many of the last years in that flight case due to space and family considerations. Everything looks and works great inside and out, except for the 2 issues below. See the photos. I also made a mini dvd at the end of April demonstrating just about every knob, slider and light in working order.

The 2 issues:

1) The Bass Synth section plays the same note for each key played across those 2 octaves. The Bass STRING Section is working fine, however, as are the String Synth and Lead Synth sections.

2) The LFO in the VCF Section does not seem to be working. The light for that function does not seem to work either.

NOTE: I forgot to check the aftertouch in my evaluation. I may do an update about that.

Other than that, it’s held up really well! This is my honest evaluation, obviously the unit is sold on an “as is” basis.

This is a classic vintage synth that has four synth sections that can be combined, including an arpeggiator ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You will probably NEVER get another chance to find one in this condition!

I bought this Quadra just over 6 years ago from Analogkeys in the USA, who specialise in selling and maintaining vintage synthesisers.
This synth is completely mint -totally unmarked – it is original and not restored.
As far as I am aware it sat in a studio and was never gigged.
It was serviced before shipping and has been sitting in pride of place on top of my Yamaha CP70B ever since.
I have probably played it a dozen times, which is a shame and is one of the reasons I want to sell it.
It has been carefully dusted regularly and has been kept in a cool, smoke free environment.
With the exception of the odd crackle due to dust, every switch and slider is fully operational.
This synth is perfect in every way, cosmetically and funtionally. The sounds are fat and fantastic – as good as it gets!

The sale includes a (copy ) user and (copy) maintenance manual.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ARP Quadra Keyboard Synth for sale. As far I know the item needs repair in order to function properly. Some light diodes illuminate when turned on. I had no speakers to test the keys. Some keys are broken as well as some slider controls. Over all condition is solid but does need repair to become fully operational.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction we have an Arp Quadra synthesizer that is in need of some TLC. I will try to describe it as best as I can, just keep in mind this is being sold AS-IS with no warranty or returns– but we are listing it no reserve!

The keyboard does power on, and from what I can tell most of the membrane buttons seem to work or at least turn the LED on/off. Some may not be functioning or the LED is burnt out. It is hard to tell what is and is not working because there is a constant drone of cacophony when hooked up to an amp. This is probably because some of the keys are stuck down and/or broken, as you can tell from a side shot of the keys (pics #2 & #3). At least we know it does still output sound/noise!

I was able to get the highest octave or so to actually play some discernable notes on the lead synth section, and maybe a few on the bottom end; but the keys in the middle may need to be replaced entirely– I’m not sure and am not an expert in repair, which is why we are selling it as-is.

A handful of the slider tops have been broken off as you can see in the pics of each section (pics #4-#7). You could still move them with something small and pointy..

As you can see in the rest of the photos the body is beat up, scratched, and dirty. Also, there is a silver two-way switch above the portamento sliders that you can see in the last photo– I’m not 100% sure but I think this may be some sort of modification, not sure what the function is.

This synth is definately a project fixer-upper, but these are rare and hard to find. Maybe you can use it for parts for the Quadra you already have?” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“up for sale here is the fameos arpquadra in perfect working order. the cabinet is great showing a dent corner. shipping us I have an wooden foam padded hard case ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Legendary ARP Quadra Analog Synthesizer. 4 Synths in one. A Monster
Bass Synthesizer. Polyphonic Analog Synth, String Synthesizer, and 2 Oscillator MonoSynth. There is also an external input.
There are CV controls for the bass and lead synthesizers.
Take Note! All the buttons, and sliders on this synth work!
There are 15 broken sliders, and 2 slider caps missing from the non broken sliders. NOTE even though they are broken, they still work, and I can adjust all of the broken sliders with my finger. If you replaced the busted sliders, you would have a most excellent condition quadra.

All the featurs of this synth work great.
This synth could use some more love & constant playing to doctor and inspire her up to 100%. But love her, and she will love you back tennfold.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ARP, Quadra @ 04 August 2010, Comments Off on ARP Quadra

“Your bidding for a fantastic Arp Quadra…

Its conditions are mint… I think you could not find one Quadra like this, it looks fantastic.

It has been for its entire life in the studio of a collectors.
This is a piece for an enthusiast of this kind of synths or a collector.

To work perfectly it only needs a clean because this machine was not used for 2 months and it really fears the dust.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ARP, Quadra @ 26 May 2010, Comments Off on ARP Quadra

“1978 ARP Quadra Vintage Analog Synthesizer

-In Very Good (VG+) cosmetic condition, fair working condition

-As used by Genesis, Rush, Kansas, Pink Floyd, The Human League, John Carpenter and many others!

-One of the rarest and most exclusive analog synths of the 70’s and 80’s!

-Recently Serviced at a cost of nearly $900 by a professional synth tech. Receipt/service notes will be included.

This is an ARP Quadra, one of the most elusive and rare analog synths produced. This unit is in fantastic shape

and was recently serviced in the last couple of years. Cosmetic condition is very good. Besides a few scratches and

small paint blemishes on the corners its about as nice as they come. Look below at the high resolution pictures,

I apologize for the glare; it gives the paint a distorted look in some pics. It looks much better in real life. This

unit was working fine until recently. It has not been played in a while. It powers on and produces sound but there

is presence of noise, similar to a ‘latch’ or ‘hold’ feature found synths. Its pretty overpowering and I cannot find

a way to get rid of it. If you disengage all the instrument parameters it goes away, but then the instrument is

silent. It also goes away if ADSR is also disengaged, but this too makes the synth produce no sound. The keys

play, but are quite faint. All the sliders seem to work. The membrane switches engage first time, every time- no

dead led’s. Something that plagues nearly all Quadra’s is a non-functional Phase Shifter.The phase shifter on this
one works great. The battery and patch memory are fine, easily switching between the saved sounds. I’m not exactly

sure to what extent the Quadra needs To be worked on. I figure that since all of the expensive servicing has been

done, it could be as simple of a matter as dust build up. I’m not quite sure, therefore it is being sold as-is. This item

can be picked up from our studio in Southern California by the lucky bidder. Otherwise, shipping will be $75. This is

truly a rare piece that cannot be missed out on- a true collectors dream!’ Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ARP, Quadra @ 21 April 2010, Comments Off on ARP Quadra

“Up for auction is a rare 1978 Arp Quadra synthesizer with original locking flight case, power cable, and manuals. The Quadra is complete and original, powers up and makes sound but will need to be serviced. The Quadra’s case and keys are in very good condition. Noted issues: original battery cell is missing, one missing fader cap (phaser control, actual fader is still there; just missing the slider cap part). ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

ARP, Quadra @ 07 April 2010, Comments Off on ARP Quadra


ARP, Quadra @ 27 January 2010, Comments Off on ARP Quadra

arpquadra “This auction is for one vintage Arp Quadra synthesizer in very good cosmetic condition but it is in need of repair and is only partially functional. Auction includes synthesizer, power cord, flightcase, one original Arp footswitch, a few spare parts and .PDF copies of the owners and service manuals. With the service manual, any competent analog synth tech should be able to give it the repairs it needs. Unit is currently set to 117V US power so people in non-117V power countries will either need to adjust it (internal switch, possible fuse change) internally or use a power transformer. There is a piece of painter’s tape on the keyboard in the picture, it has been removed and there is no residue… I just forgot to remove it for the picture and didn’t want to retake it.

Since it needs a decent amount of work, I’m starting the auction at 99 cents with no reserve and will let the market sort it out. I’ve been watching Quadras on Ebay for the last year or 2 and have seen them sell for $1300-$2000 in completely non-working condition (no sound at all) and $2500-$3000-plus in functional condition. They’re pretty rare to come by these days in any condition, and usually they seem to be completely dead. One thing’s for sure, and that this is one of the most fun and best sounding synths ever made, definitely more than the sum of its parts. I always used to think that the old Power Corruption & Lies era New Order sound that I love so much was the sound of the Voyetra but it’s the Quadra they were relying on then, check old concert footage to see some great use in Temptation. There’s a nice review of it here:

Cosmetically it looks very nice with a few minor exceptions… three of the slider tips (Bass Decay, Lead Decay, Lead Release) are snapped off but the slider itself is fine and they can be changed with a fingertip, they function fine. One of the 1/8″ jacks on the back (lead synth CV in) was broken and I replaced it and it works, but the neck of the jack is shorter than the originals and does not lock onto the panel with a washer (too short) so care must be exercised when plugging/unplugging it as it’s only being held to the synth by the PC-mount legs of the jack. There are some minor scratches here and there but overall it looks nice.

Functionally it has a multitude of problems that I will describe in length but they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ve uploaded a demo video on Youtube (under username Siebenjager) that shows the problems… it would probably do you well to start by watching that. Here’s the verbal rundown:
—Phase shifter doesn’t work. It was working and died over the course of the last 2 years. I swapped it with the board in my working Quadra and discovered that it’s the board itself, not the routing to/from the board. It was being intermittent for a while before dying, so there’s probably an opamp or something on the board that needs replaced
—Bass and String Bass sections work fine, no issues
—Poly and String sections both have some issues, there are keys that don’t play at all and there are quite a few that have sour tuning. Most of them are in the middle 2 octaves
—There are 6 keys in the second octave (g flat, g, a flat, a, b flat, b) and 2 keys in the 3rd/4th octave that don’t seem to trigger any of the sounds
—The lead synth works well and scales well but the keys that don’t trigger anything don’t trigger this either
—The Touch Sensitivity feature is very, very weak, to the point of being barely noticeable
—all the membrane switches work fine but the metal case on the Quadra is prone to flexing when moved or with significant front panel pressure (all 3 Quadras I’ve owned have been like this) and when flexed the wrong way, the membrane switches can do funny things. They all work fine, but it’s not really a synth you would want to gig with or move around a lot and it usually requires a little bit of playing with to get them stable. Basically, it works better when the 4 front panel screws are removed and when it has problems the way to fix it is to hinge the lid up a bit and then set it back down, so I just leave the screws off. It’s difficult to describe, doesn’t act up much once set up in a stable environment (big flat surface), and easy to fix when acting up (I can walk you through it) but due to the case design and cables running everywhere internally, sometimes you will need to lift the lid and adjust it back down to get some of the membrane switches working. Again, all 3 Quadras I’ve owned have been like this but it took me a while to figure out what was happening and I’ll be happy to walk the buyer through what I’m talking about over the phone (or via email).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.