# Moog Taurus II Project Machine

Moog, Taurus II @ 31 January 2011

“I’m putting up my Moog Taurus II pedals for auction. I’ve been planning on taking these in and having them brought back to life, but it’s just not going to happen so I’m selling them as is.

These were a fully functioning unit about 10 years ago, I’ve gigged them live and they worked well. They’ve been in the basement for the last 10 years or so just sitting collecting dust which is the worst thing you can do to these. I just sat down with them and went over what’s working and what’s not (pedals mostly). As far as the pedal board, all the notes except the high E work. The only problem is, they all play the same note. There are a couple missing wooden keys along with a couple plastic replacement keys as you can see in the pics. These weren’t broken, they were just used on a set of Taurus 1 pedals.

As far as the head unit, there’s no scratchiness or static when you move any of the dials or levers. I’ll go over each section on it’s own. Keep in mind, these were tested cold after approximately 10 years of being turned off.

Pitch/Mod wheels – work fine, no noise, smooth changes

Modulation – dial works smoothly, no noise, all switches seem to work okay.

Oscillator 1 – Osc1/Osc2 switch makes changes correctly. Octave switch, 8′ & 32′ work fine, 16′ is a little intermitent. Waveform switch works.

Oscillator 2 – Dial is loose. You have to push in on it a little to make sound changes, however, it makes changes from unison to octave smoothly. Some tape adhesive residue shown on picture, will come off with some acetone I’m sure.

Contour Generator – Maybe I just don’t remember how to manipulate this section, but to me everything seems a little intermitent here. Sustain switch seems okay. VCA switch seems to work as well, keyed and bypass work fine. The sliders seem a little off though, the decay slider is a little bent also.

Master volume – smooth and quiet.

Mixer sliders – (Osc1/Osc2/Noise) all work quietly.

Alot of the work on this unit is aesthetic. And I think with a little internal TLC, this will be a fully functioning set again. I just don’t have the time or money to put into it and the longer they sit, the worse they’ll be” Link

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