# Sequential Circuits Pro One

Pro One, Sequential Circuits @ 11 January 2018

“I am reluctantly selling my Pro One. Between a friend and I we have had this classic for over 30 years.
Serial No 100- 4403
It has been in storage for several years and after plugging in to test, it has developed a couple of faults,

I want to be honest so I will list what the obvious defects as well as the good points to give everyone a good basis for decision

Cosmetically it is still In great condition for a big old monosynth from 1981
It will power up . the on/off switch on the back is stuck in “on”
The synth will work in drone mode , the keyboard does not appear to work.
The knobs and pots all seem to work ok, a few are a bit noisy , in drone mode you can hear the filters change, LFO etc
Both the pitch bend and modulation wheels work ok.
The keyboard has a few slightly wonky keys, but the last time it worked, all the keys worked fine.
There are scratch marks to the bottom of the casing from being on stands etc over time
The front panel is in very good condition with very few visible blemishes
The wooden end cases are also in good condition.
I have replaced the fuse holder and replaced the fuse, and I have downloaded a manual with the original 20 preset patches

I have taken the Pro One to a private keyboard repair centre, the guy seems to think it’s a voltage problem, but 35 year old mono synths were not his strongest point, but he said it would definitely be salvageable with the right knoweldge. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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