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Roland MKS-30

“Roland MKS-30 with Kiwi-Technics-30 Mod already installed.

This is essentially a hybrid of a Roland JX3P (oscillators) and Juno 106 (envelopes and filter) in a 2U rack. Thanks to the Juno filters, it has a more refined sound than the JX3P, but it still retains the crucial features of 2 DCOs and 3 envelopes of the KIWI mod….putting into Jupiter 6 territory. Actually smoother than a Jupiter 6 (I had one next to it for comparison for a while). If you like the Juno 106 sound but wish it had more advanced features, this is your dream synth.

Also including 6 extra original Juno voice chips that I pulled from my 106 when I upgraded to Analog Renasiance chips. This unit still has the original chips but they have been refurbished, so with this unit you’ll have a total of 12 original Juno chips…plenty to last you if you’re a stickler for the original sound (as am I).

Upgrade performed by a pro-technician.” Click here to visit listing on eBay