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Roland D-50

” Roland D-50 Synthesizer for sale. Warm analog sounds, all of the white and black keys work as well as the modulation wheel. There are a few patches of cosmetic scratches on the bottom. The battery should have plenty of juice in it as well. The card shown in the pictures comes with it and I’ve played through them to confirm they work, with this one caveat – keys 3 and 5 on the patch number row are currently not functioning. Seen overhead in the first picture, all of the “Patch Bank” buttons work, however, just to the right, the 3rd and 5th “Patch Number” buttons are not accessible. The fourth is good, but you might have to press on the right or left side just a bit. I’m not equipped to attempt a repair, but it seems possible to restore functionality if you or a technician can take a look at it, thereby opening up those sounds as well. Besides that it’s in great shape. All of the accessible sounds come through warm and clear. Playing through them is always fun and it’s a bummer to part with it. I have a Reverb shipping box prepared with plenty of bubble wrap to ensure safe shipping. Power cord included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay