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The Harvestman / Industrial Music Electronics Iron Curtain Electronics System

“For sale is the complete Iron Curtain Electronics analog synthesizer system by The Harvestman/Industrial Music Electronics.
All eurorack modules are in very good condition. Includes original packaging. Powered skiff not included. Ships to lower continental U.S.

Manufacturer’s description:

The IRON CURTAIN ELECTRONICS system is a faithful recreation of the analog circuits from the famous POLIVOKS synthesizer. This project was completed in cooperation with the Polivoks designer Vladimir Kuzmin. The included modules represent the full Polivoks feature set, all-analog electronics with the use of original Russian components where appropriate. The authentic sonic character of the instrument is present and verified by the designer. It’s the antidote to the ordinary analog synthesizer sound, suitable for industrial applications.
This is a full synthesizer instrument ready for recording or performance. Just add a keyboard or sequencer.
Included modules:
2x Polivoks VCG saw-core oscillators (saw, tri, PWM outputs with octave switch and linear/expo FM. Tracks 1v/octave.)
1x Polivoks VCF (Distinctly aggressive 2-pole filter with low- and band-pass outputs. Thick bass distortion and screaming resonance.)
1x Polivoks modulator (Russian transistor noise source, utility LFO, sample-and-hold.)
2x Polivoks VCA/ADSR (Combination module with looping ADSR envelope and vintage-style VCA.)
1x Lider Suboctave (A unique octave effect that sounds like the original signal, not a square wave.)
1x King Slender mixer/slew

1x Malgorithm mkii (bonus module: voltage-controlled bitcrusher)”
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